[jeSUS CHRIST HES SO FUCKING CUTE AAAAA] [I fucking love Kihyun b y e] KH: shUT THE F U C K UP. KH: Do you know where I was headed to? WH: Up your own ass? KH: Wonho, I’ll shove a Tide pod so far up your ass KH: it’ll reach your liver. WH: Kinky. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) MH: Shownu told you- KH: Why the fuck are you here? MH: Why am I here? MH: Listen here, you hormonal hamster. KH: I’m a shark. MH: Whatever centipede you are… KH: LISTEN– MH: Wonho was scrubbing his balls clean during a live broadcast. KH: …his balls? MH: The dangling things between his legs. MH: Therefore, we have to head to the nearest church for a priest to cleanse him. MH: Do you think I’m happy? MH: I’M FUCKING M O R T I F I E D. KH: We’ll first go to the supermarket to buy my greens. WH:But Shownu said– KH: I don’t give a piss about what your daddy told you, KH: I have to buy my avocados KH: before it hits 12 on the clock KH: or I will shit on your whole existence. MH: The baby girl is mad. 🙂 KH: WHO THE FUCK YOU CALLING A P U S S Y? WH: In my defense, I forgot the live was still ongoing. MH: bITC H– KH: And there goes his dignity. KH: It was nice while it lasted. 🙂 WH: at leAST I MANAGE TO SHOW MY MONBEBS I TAKE CARE OF MY HYGIENE.