See how much my total’s going to be Bought hecka stuff Alright So this is the place I’m staying at It’s a lovely place out here in Myeongdong I’m actually on my way to Daiso I saw it on my way up here It says it’s 8 floors So I’ma ’bout to find out right now it’s right across the street So let’s go Money exchange right across the way Ok let’s see There it is right there Oh you can see the (N Seoul) Tower from here That’s tight I didn’t notice that *RANDOM GUY* 8 stories tall “Grand Open” Alright 1st floor, here we go Wait for the elevator? No thanks They got masks Bandages *so cute* Black mask style Dang, they got hecka stuff They got (k-beauty Daiso face) masks Magic and oil control paper They have green tea Blotting paper You get 100 for $2 That’s hecka cheap * I loved the selection of Daiso’s nail stickers* Do they have a mirror? *accessory case 3 compartments* *for $1* I’ll get this one *so cute* I could turn this into an earring This one *so pretty* *big selection of Daiso Beauty products* *so many lashes* *You can get everything here* Macaron case *so cute. why didn’t I buy these? lol* Are these empty? *yes* They have scents How about linen laundry? Eww..gross This one smells good I wanna spray this one in my room They have a lot of stuff here, and this is only the 1st floor Kleenex with Kakao’s Ryan on it It’s like a big old pack of kleenex? I don’t even need it, but I want to buy it And I think I am going to buy it just because *so many options* *hand creams* *strawberry was very tempting* Alright So I’m going to the 2nd floor ’cause I’m not about to wait for no elevator Nothing but pink pink pink pink I love it, I love it Rose perfume *oil essence for rooms* But see I don’t even know how long it’s going to last and if it’s going to smell good *socks* Korean snacks how much are those chips? *too many snacks to choose from* I won’t get too much of them snacks I’ve never tried these so Might as well *I grabbed the famous honey butter chips* Ok. I believe this is the snack here, I’ve been looking for all these years I remember these little snacks *omg these Takoyaki puffs are the best!* $1 *I don’t even know what I’m saying lol* So this is the food and I guess home stuff I don’t want to go in every single aisle because I don’t wanna buy every single snack that I see One Piece seems to be popular here too I’m not interested in eating candy Going to the 3rd floor Ok *gasps* Hello Kitty Omg I’m already going to spend $100 in here I can already tell Mouse pads I don’t really see a pattern that I like Omg they have everything cute *down here⬇️* *there you go lol* I need to just get out of this store A mascot ballpoint pen Aww… this is cute *chickens!* *foam brick wall panels* *I grabbed the pink and mint brick panels in Daiso, but, I put them down somewhere. So I didn’t get to buy them 🙁 Let’s see how much my total’s going to be Yup $50 Daiso It keep going and going and going Does it end? *here’s what I bought from Daiso* *subscribe if this is your first time here* *don’t forget to check out my other videos and playlist*