Hey guys welcome back to another video of my channel So, from this video onwards, there’s a new series starting named “musical.ly” No, That’s not tik tok That’s not tik tok That’s mine musical.ly In this basically, I will review music emitting gadgets and I will give my honest opinion after using that item for a long time What’s unboxing, It’s a preety boring thing So, it was today’s update So, let’s talk about our musical.ly episode By seeing the thumbnail and title It is obvious that today we have we have TG113 bluetooth speaker I am going to review this. It’s a bluetooth speaker I thought it was pretty good for me and I ordered this from amazon. So. further I will discuss all it’s pros and cons and points like battery backup and more Before entering the video, I want to tell you that if you have not followed me on INSTAGRAM my instagram id is flashing on your screen or you will get link in the description you can catch me up there So, let’s get straight to the video [music] So, firstly let’s talk about it’s design It deserves 10/10 on it’s design because the texture on it’s body is really of good quality and it gives a good feel when held in hand Besides that, it is also very portable and small If i’d talk about it’s size, it’s equal to my hand and now you’d ask me the size of my hand here’s a slap coming for haters they would know the size of my hand I’m sorry I am telling it’s actual size it’s approximately 15 cms Yes it’s of 15 cms and hence it’s quite portable and it’s made of pretty hard and durable plastic no problem would occur if you drop it from around 6 feet The next and important point and the reason for which we buy speakers That’s the sound quality First, let’s talk abour it’s loudness So, it’s manufacturer claims that there are two 5 watt speakers facing front and it’s total of 10 watt speaker but it becomes 10 watt and it becomes
quite higher but there can be two 4 watt speakers in the front cause it becomes 8 watt and it matches it’s loudness and we get a subwoofer at it’s rear which emits quite good bass So, it’s time to test it’s sound Hey Bittu, play some non- copyrighted music [music] not this one, play some ultimate music [music] [music] So, this was it’s sound quality test You could have decided on your own about it’s sound but yeah, bass was good according to it’s price but I expected more bass than this but I am somehow satisfied with it’s bass So, here comes the next point about it’s water resistance and yeah it’s actually splashproof The main reason is that when I was listening music on this then I decided to drink tea then by mistake I striked the tea cup and some of the tea made the speaker wet but it was still working only there are few dark patches of tea on the fabric maybe you can see them but they are not much visible So, it’s a good thing that the seller told truth that it’s splashproof and if you want to do some rain dance by playing some music in the speaker and there’s some water dropping on this speaker then there would be no problem but if this completely submerges in water, then The next point is it’s battery backup We get a 1200 mah battery and to be honest, I was satisfied with it’s battery backup and it can easily play for about 3 hours on full volume and then comes the warning of low battey and it still works 30 mins until completely dead So, it’s a pretty good thing that we get good battery backup in even a cheap speaker. Guys, I wanted to share a serious thing with you all that nowadays cold is extreme I am too wearing warm clothes but I am not getting warmness for defending ourselves from cold, we wear extra warm clothes, eat groundnuts just like that but we don’t get the proper warmness that we need we decided to sit around a bonfire then we get the proper warmness but that results in the usage of fuels So, instead of burning fuels there’s a simple and easy way There’s a channel on Youtube named Techit Simply subscribe that channel The red color subscribe button is just red like fire Then the heat which will come in your life You won’t feel to wear woolens So, hit the subscribe button The next point is about it’s functions and we get bluetooth and FM Radio in this. many of the people are confused how to use FM in their speaker So, I will explain you in this video My red one speaker is charging So, I will explain you with my black one So, firstly you need to turn it on. after turning it on, you need to press the MODE (M) button Okay I have finally turned the volume down after this you need to open the flap up and insert your micro USB end into the charging port similarly as you charge it after doing this, you have take your USB end and place it idle and press the pause/play button once if the light blinks fastly,it means it is searching radio station if nothing happens, then press it twice and if nothing happens, try holding the button for 2 seconds then it will definitely work. Otherwise, your FM doesn’t work anymore and you need to replace it. It’s finding station So, let’s wait till it’s finding station Okay, so it has found a station By using this trick, you can use FM in your TG113 So, first of all guys, I am really sorry for the copyrighted music played in FM Radio Station By using this trick, you can use FM in TG113 I hope you have understood my words that how to operate TG113 If you are enjoying the video till now here’s a like button below hit it so that your mobile’s screen won’t break that should become blue and the like aim for this video is 400 likes I hope you will complete it so, leave a like down below. So, we are going to discuss about it’s pricing It’s available for 300 INR (5$) in local market or the price could be a little higher too But the reason for me for purchasing this from amazon is that it wasn’t available in our local market So, I had to buy it from amazon But yeah, it’s quite worth for it’s money according to it’s specifications and other things and I preffered it So, today,s last point IS IT WORTH OR NOT? Then definitely, it’s worth for it’s money it’s a very good and budget speaker but it’s sound quality comes a little blur but you won’t feel it very much that you are using a cheap speaker Whatever, It’s a generic speaker so don’t expect too much from this speaker because it’s not branded and the chances for it to go bad. Previously, I bought a black one too but the reason for buying another one is it’s one of the speaker and subwoofer was damaged So, that was the reason for me to buy a new one But fortunately, It’s working fine till now it has been a month so far since I am using this. And there can be difference too in some speakers like battery, sound, bass etc. could differ But the speaker I received is of decent quality. Okay so that’s it for today guys, If you enjoyed the video, leave a like and comment down below So, good bye