What’s up guys it’s, me cold, skies welcome back to my channel if you have brand, new You should hit that subscribe button, down below become a member of the sky squad if you already subscribed on those notifications By, clicking the little bell right this is a subscribe button, that, way you never, miss another video like This one if you turned on those posts notifications i want you to comment down below Monster mud in the comment section down below so recently i went to five below And i also met a ton of sky squad there, which was surprising i was like whoa it’s up sky squad a five below So i’ve never actually been in five below, before but I will tell you i went in there and i absolutely loved it they had so much cool Stuff in there and everything’s $5 or below And that is insane it’s like, actually good price stuff? And there’s like cool Stuff in there was it was weird i bought a bunch of shirts there i think i’m just gonna keep going, five below And buy my shirts so we are going to be checking out These slimes i also, have, some other store-bought slimes and this, weird slimy goop, slime shooter we’re Gonna, be testing some store-bought products out primarily though from five below So let’s get right on into the video okay so i bought these from five below For only three dollars and what i didn’t know, was how actually, weird and gross the actual item itself Was ferry toots putty and it’s a ferry farting, and she’s going, oh my god? So interesting i guess it’s Cute because you put it in like something out maybe there’s a container in here and you have it make it fart So let’s see Let’s see what’s eating the bag, oh? oh Well it smells, weird let, me smell that Hmm it’s like it’s like, store box, slime with this scent okay Pull it out, what scent, is that i can’t even it smells like, you know, when you go trick-or-treating you have a howl your halloween candy in one bag that’s what this smells like if you just smell the bag all the candy that’s it and This, looks kind of creepy it looks like a smiley face do you see that see there’s two, eyes two nose holes and Smiley face alright, so here’s this lot Oh, that is actually very stretchy and it doesn’t even break? Look, at that this is like extremely stretchy slime i definitely could stretch it from the top of my, balcony To, the floor, okay, so that’s cool it is store-bought, slime so it’s not like a perfect texture it’s not very polka, bowl if i poke it too hard, my, nails like listen that noise i Like cut it open all right so i think i’m supposed, to put it in this container and make it art or in this case – How to use your – tube you and then you put your finger in there and it goes dude gross And then look at it has the another picture of the fairy having crazy diarrhea i don’t think that’s a tooth that looks like that looks like a number – Wow, well that is definitely? poutine all right You just want to put it back in its container how, am i even supposed to get that in there i’m like not just, like the – tube wow Nice all right let’s move on to our next lap, so the next slide, we are going to test out this Was, also $3 these are all three dollars Cyclops, not slimy sinus stuff boo that’s actually kind of gross scented creature curd crud i just said, curd curd groves and it looks like, there’s little pieces of snot stuff in there eu that is disgusting, okay Keep an eye out for a cyclops not for when he sneezes you’ll find a lot, but this yellow. Slimy sinus Does it mean the cyclops, is safe it merely, means you’ll have, some fun so when he sneezes no need To, run all right if i ever saw. A cyclops in real life i would, not play with his furs With eye, boogers there’s eye, boogers inside What is this scented like i don’t want to know, what this smells like, please probably smells like a harry potter bean Boozled jelly bean that Was its nut? Sounds like fun Whoa i thought this, was gonna be like sticky gross, goo, oh? My, gosh this, is the best jiggly, slime Uue look at those pieces of puke it doesn’t even look, like snot not supposed Weird now with this smell like Yeah, it smells like rubbing alcohol it doesn’t even smell scented it’s probably a good thing that i can’t smell whatever this Is scented like because Oh, that all the particles come out their little gross particles, what is this i feel like? This, is like rubber this is little pieces of rubber? Okay, let me do my test for jiggly, slime this is how i tell if a jiggly, slime is awesome dooley, slime or bad one? Not a good one see, what i do i drop it and if it automatically like morphs into the other big part of my Jiggly, slime then, i will consider that good jiggly, slime obviously it will morph but it’ll take, some time Well to be honest i literally if you look, down here i literally, had the detergent ready because i was gonna Face this because i thought it was gonna be extra sticky icky, like that one store-bought Slime i bought in a past video it was so gross it was so sticky i had to fix it literally with detergent i thought This, is what how? This, was gonna go and it’s not, so i’m pleasantly surprised all right let’s move on to our next lab So here is mermaid muck this one actually is not offensive to anyone? There’s no snot involved there’s no fairy farts, and ball knights with shells and fishies this is also scented interesting, whoo All right so this looks like, your basic. Jiggly, slime like, we just played with, but. Blue little rubber Seashells and fishies all right so pretty self-explanatory nice jiggly smell All right let’s move on to our next slide, oh wow i think i have some mermaid, nails cuz These, nails match This, line perfectly as for the scent on this one they all kind of smell the same it smells like i don’t know. Chemicals All right last but not least with the five below. Slime we have monster mud now i don’t think this is i Don’t know it’s hard to tell is this jiggly sign it probably is the nasty gooey sticky brown Muck makes monsters yell yeah and human screams yup, but, don’t be grossed out whatever. They, say a monster mud is just how the monsters play all right let’s check out this monster mud i can’t open it i this is mud, oh my god It smells like chocolate it smells like, chocolate that is so awesome? This is my favorite jiggly, slime ever Because like normally on a jiggly, slime you don’t have a, scent it just smells like Gross chemicals and like this one smells like chocolate i could, do without this the plastic Chunks, but i guess you got to give it some texture somehow Right dang i would play mud all day if they smelled Like this i look let’s try to make a mud bubble i don’t know. How, well this will work but, oh it’s gonna be impossible If i made a bubble you can Be able to see it anyways alright let’s move on For three dollars i am actually very pleasantly surprised with all of these i think that these were great very original And they were really fun to play with so shout out to the creators of these good jobs all right so i think we’re on? A, weird trend here this this, was not on purpose but, we have magic poo it’s the? Blank mold it it’s magical powers will amaze you i wonder what kind of magical powers this magic coupe has Congratulations you now, own a tub of magic poo use this mysterious poo to play pranks relieve stress entertain yourself your magic Poop will make any shape melt stretch and bounce it’s magic Magic sparkle is not included like that supposed to be sparkles alright, let’s see, what’s magic About this i’m actually really curious it’s not Sold out of slime so i don’t think that this is slime, oh? But it is whoa first of all i would never believe that this is poop Are you serious, oh? It breaks that is actually, some very good Slime first store-bought it’s not even marketed as slime that’s so weird and that’s not smart on their part This, package says nothing, about slime you’d have, no idea that it’s lime it melts what do you
mean it melts its slime i don’t whoever branded this needs to get fired i Really, enjoy the texture of this this is definitely very stressful leaving, wouldn’t say it looks like poo it’s just brown But does it bounce let’s find out Any, bouncing this Slime is the whole nine yards it just does everything alright overall i would say the texture on this one of the more better Slimes obviously, be pulled too hard it does rip but that’s like every store-bought, slime you can Ever buy i am extremely impressed with this and i might even just keep this in my purse About it i wish this, was scented chocolate though they couldn’t went the whole nine yards made this chocolate set okay, so it looks, like, this expires in 5:17 1031 alright so for next line, we’re going to test out is the slimy or? Turn – squeezing news – a place a condom declines that i don’t know What language that is but if you know comment in the comment section down below what i just said probably squeeze a news that’s what i just said anyways it has a syringe and you can collect all of the finger puppet things So these you can collect the lids Alright i’ve never tried anything relatively similar to this, so i’m super excited to see so, we have a. Super cool, syringe whoa, that was really hard to do and this slimy orb cube, no instructions on here except take the head off or twist the head i Don’t even know, how to do this, what do i do oh i see okay and look it looks like his mouth opens up a little bit i Wonder what texture of slime is going to be in this i think it’s, gonna be jiggly slime Again alright, so let’s try it with him fruit Nice and it is jiggly slime Alright so i guess if that’s what you’re into, well it definitely works that’s for sure Okay, now let’s put it in the syringe, okay, so it looks like There’s this thing right here and i’m supposed to just slide it up, oh my Gosh, that works so good alright so here is the syringe nice to, be honest it’s a little hard to squeeze with, your hands i Feel like a kid if they were trying to do this they would have a lot of difficulties pushing it out Well i think this is pretty fun i definitely if i was a kid i definitely? Would like that kid let’s see if i hold. His head on there will is eat? we’re going, to try the extreme slimy goop launcher and i know if you guys remember from, my past videos, where i made and tested Slime kits slimy goop is a huge, maker of slime kits so Yeah, make your own glow-in-the-dark, slimy gloop build, your, own slimy goop, gloop catapult, we have to build, this all right guys To, build this full-time constrictions, i will do this in another video actually if you Want to see this in another video give this video a big fat thumbs up if we get over? 15,000 likes i will be doing this in a future video i hope you enjoyed this video if you Did give it a, big fat thumbs up if you Made it this far in the video i want you to comment in the comment section down below Oh, my, god did you see the slime disappear from our hands that is going to confuse people they’re, gonna go oh, my gosh Way to the slime to sip a from your. Hands i’m so confused and they’re gonna see a bunch of comments Like homesick doubles are gonna go what where and then they’re Gonna, realize it’s because they didn’t make it to the end of the video anyways, guy, squad i love you Guys, so much thanks so much for watching This, video i’ll see you guys in my next video, bye go check out, my vlog channel link will be in description down below Also, follow, me on instagram and twitter and close guys, bye guys