ah! *sigh in relief* ah good day everyone! and welcome to todays video where i’m wearing yellow! um, i don’t think iv’e ever really worn a yellow shirt..in a video..or in real life but, i found this in my closet it’s Daniel’s, and it’s a smiley face! it reminds me of like Walmart. like a Walmart sticker Um so I’m giving you walmart realness today Uh so today I’m… not actually giving you walmart realness today I’m actually giving you 99 cent store realness So I had my boyfriend Daniel go and pick out a bunch of random stuff at the 99 cent store And I’m going to try out these products that he found And we’re gonna see what they’re all about So with our further damn-a-do, let’s dig in and find out what’s in this mysterious bag Ha ha, okay Oh my god theres a lot in here SO the first thing is the heck amazing play noodles What the heck are these join together with no water, no glue ooh this is kinda cool you can like build a house out of it and stuff and like little butterflies I’ve never seen these before Are these just like a knock-off of something? Ohhh there pretty. I kinda wanna eat them. Can I? Wait they actualy kind taste good Oh there made of corn-starch and wheat flour and are harmless to the human body Oh my gosh There like starting to decompose it kinda reminds me of a cheese puff ok get off my finger uhhh ok let’s just try this let’s just grab a whole bunch of them and just clump them up together there’re not sticking together. Look, they’re literally not. okay so it says, amazing noodle damp the sponge, wait you are supposed to damp it? I thought it says water is not included join together.. oh WITH water not without okay so that’s why they’re not sticking together uhm, okay well, lets try it, let’s just use our tongue let’s make a rainbow real quick red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple I don’t know, the rainbow honestly such satisfying such satisfying? That’s not a right way okay, so let’s lick the red it’s starting to decompose it’s so weird okay, these are just flying everywhere I’m falling, help okay, we’ll lick the orange stick together you are now one this is crazy, I’m actually kinda obsessed with these I feel like I can make a whole video just on these this is so crazy and they kinda taste good too I’m obsessed with these, GO 99 cents store This could honestly be a YouTube video Give this video a thumbs up with you want me to make this into a challenge and me and Daniel had to like make all these crazy things out of these This is so cool, LIVE! Oh my god! Living my rainbow life okay, obsessed with these, great purchase 99 cents store BATH FULL OF THOSE! Oh my gosh YES!! No? YES! YES! YES, kinda yes. Yes? Uhh? What do I even call? Amazing play noodles Oh my gosh! Okay, what is this? I see Blow Pops, four scented nail polish??? Scented nail polish? I didn’t even think that was even a thing Oh my god-stoppers! ..or Oh my blow pop! Oh wow! Okay, this is exciting I’m obviously going for the green one ..and it’s sour apple scented? Holy Crap! Okay, let’s give it a good old sniff this is.. This smells just like paint Doesn’t it just smell like paint? I know, you’re welcome. Okay, hold up So maybe that’s just the green one I’m gonna give 99 cents store the benefit of doubt and we’re gonna try the red one it’s supposed to be cherry i mean, i don’t think it’s supposed to smell no it’s the exact same as the green uhh, okay but if you think about it alot of these kids’ toys are not supposed to smell good because it would make kids want to eat it so let’s try the purple they literally all smell the same actually this one kinda smells, oh my gosh that one does have a grape smell okay, alright cool I’m not gonna try putting these on my nails because I can already tell it’s gonna be a disaster alright, let’s try the pink one okay, this one actually just start to make my mouth water I want to lick it but its definitely toxic Let’s see what else is in this great old bag of goodies this is exciting honestly, this is the best day of my life they have a Nerds flavor too?? Oh my gosh okay, we can’t get into this, they’re probably the same exact thing, so, what the heck? scented nail polish? that’s not actually scented candy powder filled plastic carrots What kinda powder is this? we’re gonna try it Let’s see Alright, is it literally just a carrot filled with sugar? I’m pretty sure that’s what it is okay, we’re just gonna unscrew this carrot What the heck is in here… I don’t know if I trust this is this like poison powder? just gonna give it a little lick oh my god…..! That is actually really freaking sour What the heck is this carrot thing??? I… alright, you know what, I’m just gonna go for it yup, ooooh Damm, that’s a sour carrot Alright, carrot from the dollar store That’s taking something healthy and turning it very unhealthy hmm, wouldn’t have expected that from the dollar store What the heck? OKE Aloe? Artificially peach flavored drink Artificially flavored? That’s their promo Artificially flavored, that’s really good for you Oh my.. eww, there’s chunks of something in here uhh, when does this expires? Let’s first look at that because that concerns me that there’s chunks hello? where’s your expiration date? Oh, it’s right here Wait, I’m really confused It says ‘expires 25th of Nov 2001 BC’ 2001 before Christ? WHAT!? That’s really confusing oh made 2016 Nov 03 I don’t know what this means expiration 25 Nov 2018 What the heck? okay I’m just gonna go for it Oh, you know what? It just taste like a peach ring like a candy peach ring It’s actually kinda good but it taste just like candy it taste like a candy drink This is not healthy definitely not healthy okay, honestly, theres alot more stuff in here that I definitely want to show but its all a bunch of girl products so if you guys wanna see another video of this of just like 99 cents store girl products give this video a thumbs up right now stop, pause, hit that thumbs up and if gets 30,000 likes I will do another one of these where I try these crazy freakin girl products because I need to try these! But I feel like theres not enough time because there’s still… *gasps* theres still this I wanna show you okay, it is a party popper we’re getting like POPPIN’ in here! Uhh, I’m actually super excited about this but it kinda scares me it’s only a dollar is my hand gonna fall off and explode? uhm, it could so let’s me careful okay, instructions.. remove and discard shrink wrap okay, uhm, point away from yourself which side is the right way? oh my gosh, okay uhm, twist bottom plastic piece then indicate direction until popper injects confetti oh my gosh, this is actually really scary oh my god! It’s a warning This is not a toy! Keep out of reach of children Always direct away from persons, animals, and objects never point towards your face and eyes okay, oh my gosh this is terrifying okay ah! owh.. owh.. cool okay, you know what we’re gonna point this at the camera this time I’m gonna stand back we’re gonna try it with the second one I don’t even know if you guys could see that because it literally went all with it that way so here, I’m gonna point it at you guys so ready one, two three! come on *gasps* oh that one was pretty! Wow! okay well, literally my floor is a complete mess right now so, I hope you guys enjoy today’s video If you did, please give it a big ol’thumbs up and yeah I’ll see you guys tomorrow good damn BYE!