I think my back yard here has started to feel
the neglect and rebel against my taking care of the lawn at DMOHQ, because now it is just
full of weeds. Check it out! And because I’m looking at doing an overseeding
back here with in the first two weeks of September, I need to think long and hard about an herbicide
that’s not only going to give me post emergent control now, but give me a pre emergent barrier
right before I seed when fall rolls in. So what herbicide is good to do that? Let’s talk about Tenacity. So what’s up with Tenacity? What makes this so unique and different from
the other herbicides that are out there? So first of all, what’s really cool about
it is it’s a selective systemic herbicide that acts as both a pre and post emergent
for many broadleaf weeds for both cool and warm season grasses. And another really cool thing about it is
it can be applied on established or newly seeded turf. Grass types that you can apply Tenacity in
prior to seeding are going to include Kentucky Bluegrass, Perinnal Ryegrass, Tall Fescues
and Centipede grass. And a little side note, application at seeding
at fine fescues can be made if it’s less than 20% of the seed mixture. Another common question we get on this are
what grass types can you not use it in? So we don’t recommend that you use it in common
and Hybrid Bermuda Grasses, Zoysia Grass, Sea Shore Paspaylum…Paspalum, paspaulum,
that one! Or Kiku, kikua, ki, kikugrass, grass, kikugrass? I, I don’t know how to say that one either. When is Tenacity rainfast? It’s going to be rainfast within several hours
of the application under normal rainfall conditions. So if you’ve just got a monsoon rolling through,
I, I wouldn’t recommend it. Another popular question we get is can you
tank mix it with other herbicides? And the answer is yes! Ok, alright, for this section I couldn’t memorize
all of this so I had to turn to the trusty notebook write them all down so I didn’t forget
them. So, you can tank mix it with barricade, dicamba,
carfentrazone, triclopier, atrazine, cymazine, cyn, cym, cymazine? Why are these so hard to pronounce? Esmedachlor..bentazone and several three way
herbicides, so, this is, this is why I wasn’t a chemist. And the age old question that comes with a
lot of our herbicides is do you have to water Tenacity in? The simplest answer, yes and no. Let me explain. Remember, Tenacity is both a selective pre
emergent and post emergent for a lot of broadleaf weeds. When you apply it as a pre emergent, weeds
absorb Tenacity through the soil as they begin to emerge. Now if you have dry conditions during or after
the application that might reduce the pre emergent activity. Now if rainfall just hasn’t occured within
about ten days of the pre emergent application of Tenacity, you’re going to have to activate
it in the soil with about a quarter inch of irrigation. Now if you’re applying Tenacity as a Post
Emergent, systeable weeds are not only going to absorb it through foiliar contact but through
the soil as well. So conclusion, water it in if you’re using
Tenacity as a pre emergent but not if you’re using it as a post emergent. Alright so what is going to be the mix rate
for mine fescue in the back? Per the label it says I need to go one teaspoon
for every two gallons of water and three teaspoons of surfactant. So that means for my four gallon back pack
sprayer back here, I’m going to use two teaspoons of Tenacity with about six teaspoons of surfactant. So, let’s get to it! Also a quick note, one thing I really like
about Tenacity, when you buy it they send you this little syringe that marks off the
measurements for you. So one teaspoon right there for every two
gallons of water. So, that’s pretty cool. Don’t forget about your surfactant and please
wear your PPE. Go time! Done! Per the label I’ve got to wait two to three
weeks before I can make another application which I would like to do so that I can just
really knock the weeds out of here and get a protective barrier down before I overseed. So there’s Tenacity Herbicide! What did I leave out? Let me know, sound off in the comments below,
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