All right what’s going on guys faze rug here and today I’m bringing guys a brand new video, and I hope you guys are all having a great Sunday today And behind me is my final wrapped Lamborghini and it came out beautiful. Thank you guys so much for all the support I honestly expected worst feedback that I got but you guys all killed it with support. Thank you guys so much I love it if you guys missed the reveal video basically a satin frozen chrome satin red chrome And then my favorite part on the side skirts we have to incorporate Gucci in there somewhere so come check it out this right here is my favorite part and look it matches my shoes This is the pattern right here Gucci Gucci also We got some red accents around the car over here Over there red calipers the back of it is super super clean with the red pinstripes Everything about this is super sick, and you guys all killed it with support So I appreciate that oh this view right here this view is so dope from the side in the Sun But basically for today’s video well, I’m gonna try to do is I’m gonna head over to the mall to the Gucci store And I’m gonna ask some Gucci workers to come react to my Gucci Lamborghini So Gucci is very very strict with like recording policies in the store and stuff So I’m hoping they’re able to at least come out of the Gucci store for one second Maybe one by one I know they’re not allowed to all leave the store and come react to like the Gucci on the side skirts And I think would be a cool video I think it’ll be cool to get their reaction, so I hope you guys do enjoy the video once again Please smash that like button for this Beautiful finish shout out to SD rap for killing it like I couldn’t be any happier I feel like if I chose any other color would still obviously look sick because it’s a Lamborghini But this you can’t go wrong with it. I feel like I’m not gonna get tired of it I love the red on the bumper right here This is one of my favorite parts as well everything about this car is my favorite Hope you guys enjoyed the video and let’s head over to the mall right now guys I convinced my brother to come with me to the mall Brandon I think this is your first time in the Lambo no except when I did the song oh Sure having said passenger yet. I’m gonna take you for a nice little spin I never told you I did this phone car Frank almost crunching almost. You know the little lion in the grass I was so scared no oh hey hey yeah, because I didn’t know how to put it in on a drive look Where’s drive where it’s the paddles right here exactly I didn’t know that the first time guys look I set up a little GoPro, maybe my brother gonna have a little fun on the road there Brian you’re scaring me Oh my god. This camera is huge, but how’d it go with one here. Just got a workout But guys we’re gonna head to the mall Hopefully that Gucci workers are lenient with like coming out just to check out the car of the wrap And hopefully they like it. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video and let’s Go Brandon. You ready. Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it, bro Are we live why can I see both of us? I think so the GoPro has like a wide lens Oh, yeah, should I turn this baby this more, huh? I took my mom in the Lambo once. I swear five minutes on the road she made me turn around really Let’s see how long I last you’re gonna have to last the whole ride Ah, okay now over a bond I Knight you And we have neighbors behind us driving so who knows it could be the ones that hate me So I got a drive safe drive slow. I love the red. Yeah, it’s nice, right There’s a house for sale there, no way complete someone’s like you’ve completed. They ready already know he’s gonna do it over here They do one. It’s rolled up Wally whoa Oh my god, I’ve warned Brian I get rowdy to this song all right We’re about to play a slapper that no other person in a Lamborghini would probably slide Except for me here we go Take the copyright for this song I know right Ryan beeping a cop wasn’t around right there God written. I make this next is only right What’s up man, how are you? Good you like the rap. Thank you, bro. I appreciate it. All right guys are gonna park my car in ballet Honestly, I don’t think we’re gonna get the gucci worker’s reaction. I don’t think so either. Oh my god. There’s a Bentley on The belly we’re gonna kill me he’s literally gonna kill me I see an open road I take look at this g-wagen wow there’s some pretty nice house cars here today wait around all right guys. We’re gonna get out I’m gonna transition the cameras to my real camera look how big it is show that where is it? He’ll let me a helping hand here oh Look at this. He’ll take good care of him Thank You Man I appreciate that what do you think of the rap I think the rap is a good choice I haven’t seen that fellow yet. It’s not too shiny. Yeah exactly I didn’t want to blind people fully you know Stan Bieber like oh the blue one Hunting about the Gucci side skirts, it’s a nice time you think that was a good call. Yeah, what’s up, man? How are you nice to meet you got wrap? Thank you, bro. I appreciate that look at the reactions We’re getting you like the Gucci. Thank you bro beauty from a beast from my distance Yo, you like the Lambo guys look at that G Wagen right there? I? Mean, I like G wagons, but not that color what I’ll never forget because he said he works at sags Where did we when did we come here after who came to your school? Drake Bell yeah, and all the press I remember that wait Brandon I don’t think I’m a lot to be here the last time I come here I had Anthony jump in that fountain over there. We got kicked out I knew Brian was literally begging me to come I knew there was a reason why you just want me to be in the trouble With you no really cuz I didn’t want to come alone all the security here hates me like it’s not that bad This camera’s not even that noticeable that I’m vlogging right now right it would be worse to do you with your phone Yin They’re lucky. It’s only this big camera. I mean small. Oh my god. We’re gonna go to Lucas right now Hey, you guys already know the recording policy. I’m scared to ask them I’ve worked a bunch of real jobs in my life, and I imagine if someone came up and said yo Can you leave your job and come yeah? They definitely are not gonna allow this they do then shout out to them, but guys. I’m not buying anything okay That’s why I brought you actually of all cameras you have at the house in both hats This is the one you choose to be alright guys. We’re here well It looks like we’re not getting any booty work history. I do it Lambo. We knew it damn it I feel like we came here for no reason there. Oh, you just got to do something else crazy right now may I jump in the fountain no maybe I’ll jump from the second You know founded a little safe. Yeah guys. They said like they could get in trouble by corporate Maybe get fired, but I really wanted them to see my lamb. We’ve done with the whole time We were driving on my vine wait is this really gonna work. Yeah, no, I mean you might as well Give it a shot. You know life is all about guys Why is everyone looking at me all crazy like they’ve never seen a vlogger with this giant camera in public don’t think so Chances are I don’t even know how to hold it doing this Literally I see how does your dog get sort Brendan? You ready to dip came here? We couldn’t get it done I know are you kidding me guys it smells like 40 minutes away and the exit Yeah, it’s like through that door. It’s okay. It’s understandable. Why they can’t like the car yeah here. I’ll let you take a picture I’ll let you take a picture. Do you see the Gucci part right here? That’s cool – coochy logo I’m in love with this for the house. It’s not yours now Hey guys here we go we’re out, but guys I’m gonna scare them hold on ready watch this I Love how you can see the Gucci reflection on the side skirts on the silver that makes it look so dope but yeah guys we Just got back from the mall It sucks that I couldn’t get their reaction like they’re super super strict on recording But I thought they were able to at least come out for a minute or two, but they said they could get fired So I’m not trying to have that happen of course who else can I have a react to my Lamborghini like I tried taking it? To Gucci doesn’t work, maybe I could go to another Gucci store cuz I really want to see their reactions I got a bunch of reactions from fans that were at the mall And it was honestly amazing everyone loves the rap and it was super cool meeting all of you guys I love meeting you guys in public. Please come up to me when you see me you guys already know I’m one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life, but yeah guys I attempted to take it to Gucci I told that maybe I could try another Gucci store cuz I really want that I’ll be such a banger haters up by three three Seconds first of all what’s gonna happen No Dennis and I had to shop the Spurs lost to the Pacers they provide Where’s my boy Benji? Where is he aw son buddy? How you doing Benji come here buddy come everybody come on guys. I am in love with this dog at first I didn’t like him because uh Look at all the pee stains around the room oh He pooped but guys I think I’m gonna end the video there. I hope you guys didn’t enjoy Please be sure to drop a like went to the mall with my brother We didn’t succeed as to what we wanted to do, but it’s all good Give me some ideas of who you want to react to my new Lamborghini may be gucci mane maybe a little pump because he has Like a Gucci logo tattooed on his chest. Hey guys. Thank you so much for watching Thank you so much for all the support lately you guys are killing it remember Hot new merch is out limited-edition three weeks left flying two fans out here to spend the day with me you guys get to meet My whole family And we’ll have a blast so check it out link in the description subscribe for our new to become a regret today you guys killed It with support on yesterday’s video as always and other than that it’s been rung, and I’m out good bye