It is Binky from Made In Chelsea and welcome
back to another episode of Binky’s Boutique on Video Jug. So this week I thought I’d share
with you one of my summer beauty favorites. First up, we have the Bareminerals Advanced
Protection Moisturizer. This is SPF 20. It is a really gentle moisturizer. As you can
see, it is like a tinted moisturizer, so it is great for the beach where you do not have
loads of make up on, it is going to protect your skin from the sun, and at the same time,
give you that really, all over healthy glow. So next up I have this Bareminerals Active
Cell Renewal Night Serum and it is really good for your skin. You only need a little
drop in your hand and then you just, rub it all in and put it all over your face. It smells
really nice and basically you just wake up the next morning and your skin feels amazing
and it looks amazing. It is supposed to revive your skin and boost the moisturizer levels
in your skin, so I suppose after a day on the beach and jumping in and out of the pool,
or of the sea, your skin is going to need a lot of extra moisturizer. Next we have Daniel Sandler Lip Gloss. It
is called Super Pomegranate. You always need a really lovely poppy lip for the beach and
with a little bit of color. It is a lip gloss but it is really high pigmented, so you get
a really great color. It is also great for a night out, so keep it in your bag and you
will be needing it quite a lot, I reckon. As you all know, I love a lash’s lash, but
these are Haute Coture eye lashes, and they are really light weight. With these, you have
quite a natural look, because they’re still quite thick but they are lightweight, so it
is quite a good one for a beach day look. And also, you can wear it for the night. Now I’ve got this Bareminserals Face and Body
Natural Powder. It is UVA and UVB protected and it is SPF 30. It comes in this really
cool packaging. You just have to turn this bit here and it comes up. If you look at my
hand, it gives you a really lovely, subtle matte finish and also a little color going
on, so it is perfect for the beach. It always hits the holiday with me because it is perfect
for making you look a little more matte and not shiny. The problem with sun creams and
oils is that it makes you have a greasy face which is not very attractive if you are trying
to put on a holiday. So this product is great for that. Right. Ultimate favorite tan St. Tropez Self
Tan Bronzing Lotion. This is, as you know, I’m a massive tan addict, and this is just
amazing. The way I apply my tan is by getting a mitt and if you have a mousse, just apply
it onto the mitt and just apply evenly to your skin. Always exfoliate before hand and
always moisturizing your knees, ankles, elbows, and wrists so when you do tan, it does not
stick to those areas which are quite dry the majority of the time. If you have a lotion
like this, you can get one of those plastic gloves and just apply it like you are applying
the mousse with the mitt onto your skin. Quick tip, if you shaved your legs and you want
to apply fake tan, run cold water over your legs so your pores close up so when put on
a tan, it does not stick into your pores. Never apply fake tan straight to your hands
because it will stain and you will not be able to get it off for quite a long time.
I have learnt that lesson myself. You can get tans that you put on and wash off the
next day, but this is a wear off. This will last up to five to ten days. Obviously, when
you do shower, bits of it will come off, so if you want to look darker, just keep applying
it. This is a Bareminerals Deep Skin Moisturizer.
So you have been out in the sun all day, you have probably salt everywhere because it’s
up in the sea, all the chlorine from the pool, and your skin will dry out. So this is a really
lovely, thick cream that smells really lovely. You need to moisturize your skin when you
are on holiday lots, so this a really cool little product and it is perfect size for
a hand bag. So after a day in the sun and I apply loads of this on my face, and you
can actually apply it all over your body if you want to. It does make you feel like you
are giving your skin a good drink after. This is a Guerlain BB Beauty Booster Cream.
This is a BB cream, it is lightweight, again it has a slight tint in it. Like the one before,
it is just good for the beach and you do not want too much make up, foundation, you do
not want to feel all clunked up in the face. It has protection in it, SPF 30. Cool little
packaging. It has a little pump, so it doesn’t run all over your bag. It is a really cool
little product. This is a St, Tropez Tan Booster. Basically,
will help prolong your real tan from the sun or, if you have a fake tan, it will help prolong
that for 3 days longer. It is lightweight, it smells good, you can not really go streaky
with a bit of moisturizer, and it has a little tint in it so it is automatic tan effect when
you do apply it straight away. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want their tan to last
longer? I love the Stila Blusher and Lip Balm. It
is called Fuchsia. It is perfect, you have two in one, you can put this on your cheeks,
or you can apply it straight to your lips. It is a really pretty pink color, it gives
you a summer pop lip. I prefer to use a cream for blush during the summer because it kind
of gives you that really lovely shine, glossy glow look. Whereas with powder, it is more
of a matte look that can make you sweat a little bit and it looks like you have sort
of a clunked up face. So this is perfect for the beach, and actually, I really like it
on the lips. So two in one. This is called Caudalie and it is refreshing
face mist. You are supposed to spray this on your face before you put on your moisturizer.
It smells really lovely. It has some mint in it so it makes you feel really fresh faced
or it will wake you up in the morning if you want to apply it before putting on your moisturizer
and make up. If you want to see more videos like this,
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