BigCommerce offers beautiful and responsive
themes to help storefronts captivate their shoppers. Our themes will enable you to create a dynamic
and engaging online store. Our theme framework is the only hosted solution
to offer flexible local theme development that allows your developer to use your storefront
assets, without disrupting your live store. To start browsing the Theme Marketplace, go
to Storefront, then Theme Marketplace. Here, you’ll have access to Stencil themes
that incorporate the latest best practices in technology, design standards, conversion,
and SEO. Within the marketplace you can browse both
free and paid themes and filter by Industry to find a theme targeted to your business. Premium themes will have the price of each
theme listed below it. To learn more about a theme click its thumbnail. Each theme comes with different variations
that can be applied in the Theme Editor. Scroll down and you’ll see a list of features
and links to support for this theme. You can see a demo by clicking on View Demo. If you want to see how your store will look
with the new theme prior to purchasing, click this button. The Theme Editor will open with a preview
of the theme applied your store. You can make adjustments on the preview to
change the look and feel of the theme. If you like how it looks and want to purchase
it, click the Buy button. Once you purchase a theme, you can choose
to apply it now or later. Every theme gives you access to the Theme
Editor so you can adjust it to fit your store’s unique brand. When you are ready, Buy or Apply a Theme. To see which theme you’re currently using
click on My Themes. You can see this store is using “Cornerstone
Light”. If you’re interested in adjusting your theme,
like changing colors or fonts, click the Customize button. The Theme details button will go to the Theme’s
detail page in the marketplace. The Advanced tab will allow you to download
and copy your theme’s files for a developer to make edits. To learn more about editing stencil theme
files, go to the Help Center. Let’s take a look at the Theme Editor. Here you can customize and manage storefront
attributes such as colors, fonts, and number of items displayed, with no coding required. To the left you’ll see the Style Customization
Panel. Depending on your theme, this may have different
panels than what are shown here. To the right, is the Preview Panel. This will allow for you to spot check your
store’s design so you can review the changes you have made in real time. Most marketplace themes have multiple variations
to choose from under Styles in the Customization Panel. If you click on the Bold style of the Cornerstone
theme you’ll see the Preview Panel to the right has changed. You’ll always know which variation you are
currently on by looking for this small checkmark in the thumbnail. Let’s make a few edits. Below Styles you’ll see more panels. For example, you can choose to adjust Button
colors. Enter the hex code or use the color picker
by clicking on the swatch and selecting your color. The carousel button will update in the preview
panel. A common request is how to change the color
of the Header Title or Store name. In this theme, You’ll want to expand your
Logo panel. Now remember, depending on what theme you’re
using this panel may show a different menu or be in a different order. “Text Color” will control the color of
the Header Title. If you know the 6 digit hex code of the color
you’d like to use, you can enter it into this field. Remember to use the number sign at the beginning
of your hex code. If you adjust anything in your customization
panel these changes will not go live on your storefront until you click Publish. If you’re in the middle of customizing your
store and you have to stop for any reason, just click the Save button, to save your work
until you come back later. You can also go back to an earlier edit by
choosing a previously applied session under History in the customization panel. Or you can reset your current edits and get
back to the default design by clicking on View Original Theme Settings. Another great feature of the Theme Editor
is the responsive views you can test out. You can click on the small mobile icon and
see your storefront in mobile view. Move over to the tablet icon and see your
store in tablet view. If you click on the device again, it will
change the orientation of the preview. Make sure you save your changes along the
way, and click Publish when you are ready for the changes to show on your storefront. You can build a stunning storefront to engage
with your shoppers and encourage more checkouts across any device. If you need support with your particular theme,
contact the developer of the theme. If you need help adjusting your design, The
BigCommerce Community is a great resource. To continue to learn more about storefront
design, watch our video on Carousel & Design Options.