This video provides introduction to “SPAX for retailers”. SPAX is a flexible, end to end spatial analytics solution offered by Xinthe technologies. This video demonstrates how it can be used in a retail store. This video uses a medium sized store as example. The store has two sections. Store area and office. There are different zones in the store. Point of sale and security are located here. The store is covered with beacons. And beacons are placed at entrances, departments, turns, point of sale counters, security and exits. Rick, who is a marketing manager arrived at store and decided to create few advertisements. One location based advertisement for footwear section. And one time based advertisement for clothing which will be sent to all shoppers. Rick added those ads into the system using the staff mobile app which is powered by SPAX. A shopper arrives and enters footwear section and the footwear specific advertisement is sent to him. Now the shopper decides to find more details. Using the shopper app, he requests for assistance. Shop floor staff receives request and decides to approach the shopper. Shop floor staff can see the route to the shopper in his staff app and approaches the shopper. At this point of time a store level campaign on clothing is triggered. And all shoppers who have the SPAX powered shopper app can see the new offer. A shopper standing at footwear section decides to check the offer. This shopper uses the indoor navigation to reach the clothing zone. After deciding to make purchase, this shopper wants to avoid long queues at POS counter. Using the SPAX powered staff app, staff can accept payments then and there. A paperless bill is generated and stored in the system, which can be accessed by both shopper as well as staff. Shopper completes the purchase and arrives at security. The paperless bill automatically gets downloaded to the mobile device at security which can be crosschecked with the items carried by shopper. Shopper leaves store with saved time and a digital paperless bill.