Roselina: So Mario where’s Jeffy Mario: well he’s supposed to be getting ready for school for the teacher said he can’t be late anymore or he will get suspended. Jeffy: Heyy daddy Mario: Are you ready for sho- Je-JEFFY! Jeffy: What? Mario: Where is your shirt? Jeffy: OH! my shirt? I put it on a piggy daddy Mario: Wha?- a piggy? Rosalina: A real pig? Jeffy: Mmhm Mario: J-Jeffy why put your shirt on a pig! Jeffy: So i can f*ck around and be late for school Mario:Jeffy you’re not gonna be late for school my shirts want a fucking piggy daddy. I’m up for that shit Jeffy: My shirt is wanna f***king piggy daddy He love that sh*ts Mario: Jeffy’s where’s the pig in the backyard? Oh your shopback? Jeffy: In the backyard Mario: Huhhhhh we need your shirt back! Jeffy: Good luck for that daddy Mario: Hh-O My God Jeffy: HEY! Daddy how’s shirt thing coming on Mario: JEFFY! Your shirt there! inside a pig? Whelp, i cant go to school today! Ohhh! Jeffy your going to school Well daddy i cant go to school without my shirt I’m getting made fun for not having nipples. They’ll call me a no nipple having FREAK! OHH! Jeffy You’re gonna go to school with your shirt You’re gonna go with your shirt. Daddy that piggy is rolling around in mud, while wearing my shirt. I know it I’m gonna wash that shirt and you’re going to school with that shirt It has to be clean now, oh yeah, it’s clean Well mommy school starts at five minutes and I still don’t have my shirt, so looks like I don’t have to go OK! I got the Jeffy shirt Well f*ck Well Mario I can’t believe you got that stain out I know I can’t believe the stain came out eirher, ok Jeffy put your shirt on. Ok dedddy. All right daddy, I got my shirt on. Jeffy you put your shirt on right?. It is all right daddy’s always wearing my shirt No, Jeffy put on right. Why are you doing this?. I’m f**king around Daddy, so I can be late for school Wha. School starts in four minutes and there’s no way in fuck you’re getting me there on time.OH! you wanna bet Jeffy?, put the shirt in right All right, Jeffy you have your shirt on *Panic* DADDY! Where’s my name? ITS! NOT IN MY SHIRT! Mario Jeffy’s name must have washed off when you put in the washing machine. I mean it was wrote on there with marker DADDY! I dont know what my name is, its not write in my shirt anymore Jeffy you know your name is Jeffy your name is Jeffy!. Hoh, Daddy, I don’t know what my name is. Mario Jeffy gonna be late for school Ye-Yeah , Jeffy You just try to be late for school. You’re trying to miss go come on i will write your name shirt after school *Ring bell* Jeffy did you do the homework last night? Jeffy Jeffy? Jeffy?. Oh! ehh hey Junior Why won’t you answer me while I was calling your name?. Cuz I dont know my name Junior, its not writen on my shirt. Yeah, it’s not right now my shirt anymore Oh, yeah, your name is on your shirt anymore. Your name is Jeffy. No It’s not Junior.It Doesn’t say it on my shirt. Oh, you only know your name if it’s on your shirt. Yeah Oh, well, I know your name. Give me a shirt. I’ll write your name on You know my name? thanks Junior All right, there’s your name Poopy Butt. Poopy Butt?. Yep. Are you sure its my name Junior?. Yeah see it’s on your nametag, see that, Poopy Butt WELP! I Guess you’re right Junior Yeahhh Yeah *Little laugh* All right class, today. I am super Asian, my eyes are super slap today. I can’t see shit So when I call your name on the wrong sheet your answer here Cuz I can’t see you okay first name, Junior! here. Cody here. Joseph, here, Jeffy, Jeffy Class is Jeffy here today?. No Jeffy is not here, but there’s a new student Oh new student? Oh come up here do student introduce yourself to the class. But! Junior i’m not a new student?. Ye-iya You are, go on the board and introduce yourself Poopy Butt! Ohkay Junior * Hard little laugh* Hey class, my name is Poopy Butt. See it on my shirt, Poopy Butt *Phone Ring Jeffy’s teachers calling me Hello?. Hello. This is Jeffy teacher. I’m calling to write you a note. Jeffy is no come back at class today. So Jeffy is on BIG!!! Trouble BIIIIIIIGGGG TROUBLE Wa- Jeffy didnt come to school today? but i.. i Drop them off at school you didn’t see him? no.. I dont see his cross-eyed ass at all. I think he skip school I’m so sorry that he skipped But Jeffy is suspended! you tell him no more skip school Ohh, If Jeffy is really not in school today, Ima spank him, IMA SPANK HIM SO HARD! (Pretty gay) OH! My shoes Is untied, now ima figure out how to tie my shoe. (Bitting/Eating) Really, wish I could see over the steering wheel I’m sorry. I didn’t see you over the wheel of my enormous American vehicle I can’t fix my leg ( cant hear) Listen here peasnt. I will give you 1 million dollars if you promise not to tell anyone what happened here. A million dollars? Yes, what is your name son? Poopy Butt.POOPY BUTT, yes, i will make the check out to Poopy Butt OHHH when Jeffy gets home. I’m gonna beat them. Oh, I’m gonna beat him Hey daddy Wa- JEFFY! YOU SKIP SCHOOL TODAY JEFFY? JEFFY?! YOU SKIP SCHOOL? Why don’t you answer me Jeffy? You just keep quiet cuz you’re guilty?. Daddy Who are you talking to? I’m talking to you! Jeffy. My name is not Jeffy Daddy, its Poopy Butt See, it on my shirt, Poopy Butt JEFFY! JUST! because someone write Poopy Butt on your shirt and make your name Poopy Butt? your name is Jeffy Daddy i still don’t know who you’re talking to. okay, Poopy Butt you skip school today?. No i was in school the whole time daddy. Ok Jeffy just because Poopy Butt is on your shirt and make you a name You know what? I’m take your shirt off. I’m gonna wash it and im gonna write Jeffy on it. All right Jeffy I cleaned your shirt, and I wrote Jeff be honest see Yes, let’s put it on all right wait Jeffy boy, what’s this? Oh my god? I check from a king a check from a king yeah, hit me way struck 1 million dollars you Stop celebrating wine you gave them your name as poopy but Movie, but whoa Jimmy that’s not your name. Oh, no, it’s not my name is dumping Jimmy We can’t cast this check because he wrote it the poopy buck And there’s no what in this earth named poopy butt well dang just write poopy butt on my shirt Jimmy doesn’t count as your legal name is not on your birth certificate. It’s not on your driver’s license ID Except the short with poopy button on it. Oh, man No, no, no, there’s got your way around this i’ma call a lawyer i’ma call Lloyd Maybe what maybe we can just scratch name out and rain right Geoff yeah I’ll call my lawyer All right, Mario my fume soon as you called What seems to be the problem well today my son Jeffy got hit by a truck? Hold on horn hit by a truck this would get paid as fuck We’ll see you know he already got paid see he got hit by a king and he wrote him a million-dollar check a million dollar Check I don’t see a problem here. What’s the problem? Well you see the checks addressed to poopy, bud? Please tell me your son’s name is poopy butt well. No it’s not it see my son’s name is Jeffy Mario There’s no way you can cash this check now well unless your name is legally poopy butt or his name is legally poopy buck wait So we can’t cash this check. There’s no way we can like white Jeffy on it or anything like no Mario no Looks like a looks like this check is void what I’ll just have to take care of this boy out to put in my shredder Wait you is somebody with your truck man. Well you need to start watching where you’re going You don’t even give me any money forget you that oh, he’s like that Why are you crying Mario? Google today my son Geoffrey got hit by a truck, and he was given a million dollars. My daddy’s your son What is your dad a king yeah, my dad’s already man. He doesn’t give me any money Oh look at he musta hit my son and gave him a million dollar check well Why are you upset if you got a million dollars? Well, we can’t cash the check because when your dad was writing the check my son said his name was poopy butt poopy butt Yeah, poopy butt so our name isn’t legally poopy butt so we can’t cash the check so it’s a boy chick Oh wow, that sucks money? Oh, I know Whitley You know what? Why don’t I legally change my name to poopy butt and we hi I’ll catch the cheque for you You’ll do that. You’ll change your name to poopy butt million dollars Lu do it. Oh. Yeah, okay? I’ll give you the check you go check your native poopy butt we’ll catch it. Okay now. What is that? Check? Oh? Hold on there somewhere the door. I’ll be right back okay Hello, oh. Hey, Marv you hey. What are you doing here? I need to show you something may I come in uh Yeah, sure come on in is everything okay, Goodman Goodman. Yeah, that’s your name Goodman not anymore It’s not well check out my new drivers license wait wait. My name is poopy, bud Poopy, but would you change your name? Oh, yeah? Jack, I sure did and now I’m a million dollars richer Mario’s Wha?
See after you told me that you and your son wasn’t named poopy, but I ran down to the courthouse so fast I filled out the change name application I put fucking poopy butt on the application the lady called me up to the window. She said I’ll excuse me sir What would you like your new name to be I looked that bitch in her face and I said Poopy, but she said excuse me sir. I said booty but She changed my name, and I went straight to the DMV’s office see that picture Mario. I’m happiest fuck well I even took a picture with a check in my hand they don’t want to take the picture Mario, but they did it anyway names poopy bud So on the way over here, I stopped by the bank cash that check the teller said may I see photo ID please Poopy butt check clear as fuck now a million dollars, richer Mario. Thank you Thank you for the new name, and thank you for the million dollar check. We’re just fuck every day morning Oh I already got my name change these on my driver’s license put me back, or you could call me sup poopy but uh Mario where’s the tape I need ng whoo, I got it get me that Jack Mario ready to get with a chicken. I need at it. Oh yeah the chick I’m gonna go ahead and check it even chick. I gotta catch me. Oh man. I’m gonna be rich Rich that would be bud, Oh, give me that Jake Mario what will Jake? how do you take come on I need to check right that wait a Yeah, is it bad. Is that behind what a day? I know you got it. Go ahead. Give it up