(chalk scratching) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy. – Alright, just about
ready for another great day here at Toy School. I can’t wait for the students to arrive and have some fun with more toys. Oh, here they are now. Come on in students. Put your backpacks on the hooks please and please get out your
homework and put it on your desk so I can make sure it’s
all been completed. (upbeat music) – Okay, I’m almost done. All I have to do is put on the bow. – Okay, so your first homework assignment was to put together a new Lego set and play with it for
at least half an hour, so let me come by and inspect
everybody’s real quickly. Wow, it looks like you
did a wonderful job. I love the treats. Did you play with it for
at least half an hour? – [Maya] Yeah. – Good job. Alright, let’s check
this one out over here. And let’s see. Oh, yes, okay. Yep, it looks like you did a good job. Did you play with it for
at least half an hour? – Uh-huh. – Perfect. Now the second homework assignment you had was to eat at least one bag of candy. Do we have our candy wrappers? Oh, I see we have our Ring Pop bag. Do you have your candy wrapper? – We both had two ring pops. – Oh, you shared? I suppose that will do, but
next week I’d like you to eat a little bit more candy please. And our last assignment was
to fill our your YouTube log. Can you please pull those out? Let’s see, okay, you watched,
oh you only watched 12 minutes of Tic Tac Toy? You know, I need to
have you do at least 20 so if there’s ever a point today you don’t want to pay attention in class and would rather watch a video you go ahead and watch some Tic Tac Toy. Oh, let’s see what we have here. 34 minutes of Tic Tac Toy,
wonderful job on your homework. Alright, we’re gonna put
our homework away now and get on with our day, students. For our first activity today we are going to have something called DEAR time. Does anyone know what DEAR stands for? – I do, I do, I do. – [Lucy] What is it? – Dear stands for drop
everything and read. – That’s right, so this
morning we are going to drop everything and read. – Alright, let’s get out our books, Maya. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Oh, ah, just a moment please. – What? – Um, now I actually
supply the books for you because I do want to make
sure you’re all reading at the appropriate reading level that you have been tested into. So if you could just put those
books away for one moment and I’ll get the books that
you will be using in class. – Okay. – These are level-appropriate books. We have these fun My Busy Books. We have Elena of Avalor is one choice. Or we have Beauty and the Beast. Or we have Moana. – [Girls] Moana, Moana, Moana. – Shimmer and Shine.
– Shimmer and Shine. – Or The Lost Village.
– Moana. – Or Cars.
– Moana. – Oh, excuse me. Alright, Moana. How ’bout you take Shimmer and Shine. Perfect. – [Maya] Pop, pop, pop. – Here we are up on an island. – Excuse me, girls, what
do you think you’re doing? – Reading.
– Reading? You don’t actually read
the books during DEAR time. I think that would be so
silly to read at school. What silliness. I’m gonna get the play mat out and I’m gonna play. So Moana has an awesome play
mat where they’re at the beach and we have all those
figurines to play with. This is much more fun than
reading the actual book. And wow, Shimmer and Shine
Zahramay Falls here, how fun. – There’s no room for her now. – Here we go, we have
much more room out here. Have fun with all your
characters and I’m so glad to see you taking DEAR time
much more seriously now. (laughing)
(plastic tapping) – [Addy] Oh no, a shark’s in the water. Who are you? – And while you girls are
busy doing your DEAR work I’m going to grade
yesterday’s test real quickly. I’ll let you know the
results in just a minute. – Okay. – Oh Maya, what a wonderful
job she did on her test. She gets an Olaf and a rainbow and a heart, and a teddy bear, and a snow flake and a flower, and a balloon and a pencil and a fish. Wow Maya, great job on
your test yesterday. You are just excelling at school. (giggles) I’ll let you get back to DEAR time now. I gotta go on to Addy’s test.
– Okay. (upbeat music) – Oh, Addy did a wonderful job too. Oh, she gets that stamp and this one and this one and this one. – Oh my. – And a balloon and a teddy bear and a fish and a pencil. Wow, you girls both did
fabulously on your test. I can tell you studied hard. – You didn’t give me the teddy bear? – You got a teddy bear
too, I guarantee it. Wow, Katie, I can tell you
are doing a wonderful job reading over here. – My name is not Katie. – Oh, I’m sorry Susan.
– My name’s not Susan. – What are you doing over here? This is not a good use of time. We need to stay on task. You’re not actually reading words are you? That’s not what we do here at school. Come here, come here. Oh!
– Hey. – No, let’s get back to the play portion. Oh, you know what? You’re not gonna get a good
grade at DEAR time, I’m afraid. She’s actually reading the words. That is not what we’re here for. I will give you one more chance
to do some nice DEAR time for a surprise toy. (hands smacking) I think you’re on track for
a wonderful surprise toy. But this one over here I’m not so sure. – Addy, you better start playing if you want to get your surprise toy. – Okay, Maya. ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ – Well, I’m glad to see that
everybody is back on task and making good use of DARE time now. And for all of our wonderful reading time we get surprise toys.
– Yay. – Go ahead and pick one each. – I think these are
like (muffled speaking). – I want that one. – Okay. – Maya, let’s open mine
and see what I got first. It says Spider-Man Mashems Blast’Ems. (plastic crinkling) I got Venom. Yay. His head’s getting even bigger. – [Lucy] Wow, that is so cool,
it’s blowing up (laughs). Squoosh. Can I keep it?
– No. – No? – Maya, let’s see what LOL Girl you got. – Yeah. (upbeat music) (plastic crinkling) We have to give her a
bath to see a surprise. I think the color changes. – [Lucy] It does? Let’s see then, let’s get it open. – What’s all this stuff that’s inside? Let’s see the little sister. Aw, she’s so cute. So I think this hair color changes. – [Lucy] You think it
changes when we get it wet? – [Maya] Yeah, this side. – [Lucy] Wow, we’ll have to try. – [Maya] Let’s see her cute shoes. – [Lucy] You got shoes too? – [Maya] Yeah. – [Lucy] What are they? – [Maya] These are some. – [Lucy] Oh, they’re so teeny tiny. Itty bitty witty shoes. – There’s a little basket. What. It kind of reminds me of
the mermaid one of this. – [Lucy] What else do you have? I think there’s one more
bag to open, isn’t there? Or did we get ’em all? – This one. – [Lucy] Oh, let’s see what’s inside. – A key chain and a little bonbon. (upbeat music) – Little bon bon is so cute. Let’s test the water color changing now. Let’s see what changes. So here.
– I can do it. – [Lucy] So see what she looks like now. Okay, dunk her in the ice water. Oh, her hair already changed,
it got like hot pink. Wow, let’s see that again. Whoa. – [Maya] Wow, and her diaper
changes and there’s a. – [Lucy] There was a
little bow on her booty. Owp, look at that bright blue too. – [Addy] Oh my God. – This is super cool. Alright, well that was lots of fun, but I’m afraid it is time
to get to work now, class. – Okay. – So to be awesome toy
collectors and Play-Doh creators, one thing we have to make
sure we know are our colors. So we’re gonna give
you a little quiz today to make sure you know your colors and I will have whipped cream squirts for whoever knows their colors correctly. – Yummy. – Yummy. – Alright, it’s time for
your assessment first, Mary. Our first color is? – Pink, pink.
– Pink. – Pink, yay! Next one is for you, Kelly. What color is this?
– Gray. – Gray, yay! Next one is for your, Joanie. – Black.
– Black is correct. (cream squirting) Alright, going over to. Oh, what was your name again? – [Maya] Maya. – That’s right, Amanda. Okay.
– You mean Maya, not Amanda. – Next color for you. What color is the snowman? – White. – White is correct, bah. Alright, let’s move on. What color is the fruit? – [Addy] Orange.
– You are right. Perfect. And continuing on, what
color is the apple? – Red. – Wow, you guys are like color all stars. And next we have a leaf.
– Green. – Green is correct.
(cream squirting) And moving on, we have a bow that is? – Blue.
– Blue is right, rohw. (laughs) Okay, two more
are we ready for them? – [Addy] Uh-huh. – What color is the rubber ducky? – Yellow.
– Yellow’s right. And next one is the balloon. – Purple.
– Purple’s correct. You guys did awesome. Great job with your color practice, class, but now it is time for the color test. – Oh, I don’t like to test. – The gum ball color test, that is. – Uh, I think I’m gonna like this test. – Yes, our gum ball test is a good one. How it’s going to work is
I’m going to spin the spinner and gum balls are gonna swirl down. It is your job to be able
to identify the colors. And everyone that you
get right we getta eat. Alright, are we ready? – This is gonna be easy. – This is serious stuff, okay? – [Addy] This is gonna be fun. – I hope so. Here we go. (plastic clattering) – Orange.
– Blue. – Blue.
– Orange. – Yellow.
– Green. – Red.
– Red. – Pink.
– Pink. – Pink.
– Pink. – Orange.
– Orange. – White.
– White. – Green.
– Green. – Orange. – Red. – White. – Purple.
– Purple. – White.
– White. – White.
– White. – Red.
– Red. – Green.
– Green. – Green. Green. White.
– White. Yellow.
– Yellow. Yellow.
– Orange, – Orange. – Pink, yellow.
– Yellow. – Orange. – Wow girls, I think you passed the test. Congratulations, we get to
eat all the gum balls now. – Yay! – Yeah, who wants orange? – Yellow.
– Yellow, what’s next? Oh red, who wants red? Red? – Could we take more tests like this? – Absolutely. I love gum ball tests,
they’re the best kind. Um, let’s see who can blow
the best gum bubble now. – I can’t blow bubbles. – I can’t either, Maya. – Well, that’s okay
girls, we can always do a bubble gum blowing class later. Because you know what, it
is actually snack time now. Now I know we have some very
strict rules at our school about the types of snacks
that are allowed here, so what did you bring with you today? – [Girls] Apple slices. – Apple slices?
– Uh-huh. – What? Now we’ve talked about this before girls. We need to eat food that’s
going to give us energy and help us concentrate
so we can work really hard with our Play-Doh and
coloring and toy fun. So fruits and vegetables
aren’t allowed at this school. Only sugar. So I know we’ve had gum
balls and whipped cream and all of those are helping
us get that energy and focus, but I think it’s time to move on to some Shop Candy Lollipops. These will help us focus
the rest of the day. Which one would you like? How ’bout you? – An apple. – Alright.
– This. – Not two, only one. – Then. – Alright, we’ll save
these for later today when we feel like we need some more sugar. Alright, enjoy your snack, girls. – Okay. I can’t open it. Mm. – Maya, we had a lot of treats today. – Yeah, I know, this is awesome. – Uh-huh. (upbeat music) – Excuse me, Miss Lucy, are
we ever gonna learn stuff at this school? – Yeah, like real reading and real math. – Well, as a matter of fact we are. We’re going to have a fun
lesson on money coming up. You need to give me just a moment to go get something. Hang on. – I wonder what she’s up to? – Uh-huh. – Okay. Uh. – [Girls] What’s all that? – Well, for our money lesson
I am bringing Toys R Us to school today. I’ve got all sorts of fun toys and here’s the best part. You ready for it? I have 60 real dollars
for each of you to spend at Toys R Us today. Whoa, whoa, just one second. So we’re gonna practice our money today. All of our items have prices. We have Lego Ninjago for $30. We have a bubble gum machine for 10. We’ve got Emoji Gene for $10. Lego Friends. We have a cool game back here for $20. We have all sorts of
fun toys from Toys R Us and you each have $60 to spend. So we’re gonna practice
using our money today. Toys R Us is open for business. Who wants to make the first purchase? – Me.
– Me. – I love how you’re both shouting out. That’s the way to behave at school. Alright, I’ve heard Miss Angelina first. So we’re gonna give her the Paint Maker. That was $20. Can you find $20 for me, Angelina? – Owp, here’s the 20. Thank you. Paint Maker for you. Alright. – And by the way, my name
is Maya, not Angelina. – Oh, that’s right, sorry Sarah. Let’s go on to Amy. – My name’s not Sarah. – Oh, okay, I’m sorry. – The Lego Ninjago for Amy. Now this is $30, do you have 30? – Her name is not Amy. – It’s not Amy?
– My name’s Abby. – Oh, okay, I’m sorry Susan. $30?
– What? – 20 and a 10. There’s Lego Ninjago for you. – Wow, this is so cool. – It sure is cool. On to our next sale. Miss mm Melissa. – Maya.
– Maya. – Okay, Melissa, what
do you want to purchase? Oh, the Play-Doh set. I knew Kelly loved Play-Doh. – My name’s not Kelly.
– Okay. Alright, $20. Can you find a 20? Perfect, Play-Doh set for you. Yay. Next sale, what is it gonna be? – This, Cars. – Oh, the Busy Books from Cars Three? Awesome purchase, this is only
$10, do you have a $10 bill? – Uh-huh. You sure do, $10, Cars
Three Busy Book for you. In my cash register. And now on to the next purchase. You only have how much money left? – Um, two and a zero. – Two and a zero? $20, what do you want for $20? – Soggy Doggy Game.
– Soggy Doggy Game. Great choice. This is one of the
newest games at Toys R Us and it looks super, super fun. Alright, $20 for Soggy Doggy.
– Here. – Thank you and she is out of money. Alright, on to you, how
much money do you have left? – $15.
– $15, hmm, I don’t think we have anything for 15, but we have two items for 10. – I want the gum ball machine. – Gum ball machine, awesome choice. I will give you this,
you will give me $10. And you have $5 to keep for yourself. – [Addy] Oh no, actually I have $10. – You have 10 more dollars? – Yeah.
– You want the emoji too? – Yeah. – Alright, you get to keep Gene. Here ya’ go. He lights up, he’s from The Emoji Movie. Pretty cool. Alright, I’ve collected all my money and you have all these cool new toys. – Wow, do we actually get to keep these? – Well, of course we get to keep the toys. That’s the cool thing about Toy School. Now before you pack up, we
do have some homework, okay? – [Addy] Okay. – Can you handle homework tonight? – Yeah.
– Mm-hmm. – Okay, here’s what we have
to do, the same as last night. We ready for it? – [Addy] Yeah. – First item is one hour of play time. I upped it from last night’s half hour, so it’s a little bit more work. Second item, 30 minutes of YouTube time. Now which channels do I prefer? – Um, Tic Tac Toy. – And Tic Tac Toy Family. – You girls have got it. Third item, I would like you to eat at least three pieces of candy tonight. I know last night it was only two, but I think you could handle three. You’ve been doing so well this year. What do you think? – Yeah. – Alright then, pack up your
toys and school is dismissed. – Wow, I don’t even know if
I could carry all of this. – [Lucy] Have you subscribed
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