Hey everyone. I’m sitting outside the
mall here shopping with my roommate Anya. She asked that I wait outside with
her bags because I was slowing her down. You know, because my legs are so short
and everything. Because she’s an aspiring model though she has to buy a lot of clothes to keep up with the trends. Poor thing. Anyhow , I’m really excited too because I got my first wave of letters in my P.O. Box and I
wanted to read one of them out loud. Joel from from St. Paul Minnesota writes: “Dear Bitcoin, I’ve herrrr.. Dear Bitcoin, I’ve heard of others like you
called Ethereum and XRP have you heard of these guys? I’m wondering if they’re
your friends or enemies. I’m sure you know that drug lords and pimps are
embracing you first and they’re making a big mess. I don’t mind though, I think you’re brilliant I’m buying as many of those little guys as I can. One thing I have learned about progress is that it feels very slow. Hang in there because, soon, will be a big happy family. Thanks for existing, Joel.” And then he
said, “P.S. why is it snowing in April can you fix the weather too?” Um, Joel, I’m not sure
if I can fix the weather. Boy do I wish um… Boy, do I sure wish I could but but maybe on episode two we’ll help you get through the weather. We will try to give everyone a date next week when we think we can finish it by. Um, but anyhow, thanks everyone
who wrote to me. Your sign nudes will be in the mail shortly.