Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Thanks so much for clicking on this video if this is your first time here you’re welcome My name is Victoria Ajadi, a Nigerian lifestyle and business vlogger who currently lives in the United Kingdom, so I am documenting and sharing my experiences in Britain Earlier on I made a vlog about my shopping at Morrisons​ supermarket its like one of the biggest supermarkets here in the United Kingdom So today I’m going to a different supermarket. I’m going to Iceland supermarket I’ll be shopping at the iceland supermarket today. This is not my first time of shopping there I’ve actually been there like twice before yes, I’ve been there twice before so today I’ll be Taking you along with me and something I have noticed with supermarkets in the United Kingdom well Probably everywhere around the world but specifically in that There were big difference in the prices of items in different supermarket take for example Mercy supermarkets the first time I bought an egg there I bought like one egg for sixty pins and When I got to Iceland when I went to Iceland I it was for like 10 pins I don’t tell me that it’s bigger than the other is no bigger. It’s like the same size and One is 60 pence one is ten paise. So I found Iceland. I thought this mainly food and Grocery shop, so I think they are things are much cheaper Yes, much much cheaper than Morrison’s and I’m going to be short pain there today so if you live in the United Kingdom Alicia and any of these were markets before and Are you sure that others for marketer, you feel they unknown for cheaper prices for some particular? Category of products. Please share with me share with us in the comment section. Let’s learn from you I’ve actually hard about Lido but I have not been there. Oh, whatever I’m going there. Of course, I’ll take a look. It’s me I’m not really getting something much, but I’ll be taking you along with me. So you gotta subscribe. Please click on that subscribe button there we shall like this video share with your friends and Leave me a comment below In the comment below I’ll be so glad to read from you. Thank you guys for watching. Let’s go So I’m there The last time I don’t really like how The kingdom because We have been frozen for a while As in while cocaine they were bringing out float which I really didn’t like so only getting the chicken to do Let me try this So Christmas tales is out already I’m actually different like the same amount. I bought so the last time I hope is noisy and I don’t like all this She fell 1.8 to It was going to So I just came back and actually Went to an African shop. Also we had got some things I’ve been craving for these Buddha I decided to buy one today and let’s see What we’ll just like alright would be the same as the one in engineer Yeah, I don’t see em Also got some From Iceland I got this I Have been meaning to us, how do you pick will drink this Pepsi Max? I bought it yesterday and for the first time in history in my history, I’m drinking a 30 How many music is it? Okay, 500 muse of Pepsi for two days now two days and Counting. I’m still drinking. I bought it two days ago Since then I’ve been drinking it. I never finish them why I know What kind of test is this and how do people drink a Pepsi Max? Cherry? How do you drink it? Because Discount So thanks a lot guys for watching I will stop in this blog here I appreciate to you Yes, subscribe, please Click on the subscribe button below like the video share this video. Leave me a comment below and So next time I see you my next video. If you have any video forces, let me know in the comment section Thank you guys. Bye