hi guys welcome back to my channel so the other day I was on Channel Nine’s today extra talking about shopping addiction and Halleck Cobert and a few people who saw me on the show have given me a bit of a hard time telling me that I need to lighten up and not be so serious and that shopping addictions aren’t really that bad in fact they’re quite funny and I have to admit there are a lot of TV shows and movies and even look social media that is glamorized and made fashionable and funny the problem of shopping so much so that you don’t even have enough money to pay for food however I’m here to tell you something very different I’m gonna be honest with you because I care shopping addictions create a lot of problems not only I use self sabotaging your current financial situation but you’re also creating a lot of hard work creating yourself a lot of disappointment for the future but it doesn’t have to be this way you need to acknowledge this is a very serious problem but I promise you it is fixable if you take it seriously now there are a lot of really negative feelings and emotions that come from shopping addictions feelings such as guilt shame embarrassment remorse even a form of loneliness and depression now not only you creating a lot of problems for yourself but you’re also putting a lot of stress and pressure on other areas of your life in particular your relationships people who love and care about you may be stressed and worried seeing you act and behave in this way you also may be putting a lot of stress and pressure on your mind and body that then causes health problems and of course you may be unintentionally backing yourself down an unwanted career path I have seen so many people that have been forced to accept jobs that they don’t like that they’re not passionate about all because it pays more money or they’ve had to increase their hours just to help get out of the debt or keep up with a lifestyle that they’ve created for themselves now if you’re watching this video I want you to take this seriously and think about yourself and think about other people that may benefit from watching this now here are the seven signs that I’m talking about they’re going to help you work out if you have a problem in the first place so sign number one is you never have enough money you’re always borrowing money you’re always reaching for a credit card to pay for things you never have any money in savings and you certainly don’t have any money set aside for an emergency and the idea of having investment portfolio or owning anything substantial like a property is just a distant dream that you’d ever never even think about that you could possibly achieve essentially what I’m trying to say is if you have nothing to show for what you spent all your money on other than materialistic goods well then this is a sign that you may need to fix or curb that shopping habit the second sign you have a shopping addiction is you are lying or hiding purchases now this may mean you may downplay how much something really cost or can lie about how often you shop or simply hiding those items that is a classic sign that you deep down know that you’re doing something wrong the third sign is that you buy new things before you even used or worn the previously purchased items so for example if you find that you go and buy dresses and then open up your wardrobe discover you’ve got four or five dresses still with the tags hanging on this is a definite signal that you need to do something about this problem the fourth sign is you’ve had friends and family confronts you and share with you their concerns about your shopping habits and what the way that you are managing your personal finances now this may make you angry or ashamed or a whole range of uncomfortable emotional feelings you’ve got to remember if these people are strong enough to tell you what they think and raise their concerns about you it’s coming from a good place and you need to respect that listen to it and understand that they are trying to guide you towards a better path and this is particularly important if they’re able to argue with evidence if they are able to show credit card statements with the cold hard truth or open up the closets with all these labels and tags hanging off that means this is really serious that it is actually in your face where you are choosing to bury your head in the sand with this problem the fifth sign is that you have a sense of anxiety when you don’t shop almost like that feeling of going out for the day leaving your mobile phone or water at home almost like a you feel miss naked without it and when you do put yourself on a shopping ban you quickly find that you retaliate and I guess get even and then spend or hop out of my buying stuff and undoing all the hard work you did through that period of not shopping the sixth sign is that you find yourself shopping purely out of a reaction to an uncommon or situation or feeling now I myself with experiences in the past I remember when I was had just given birth to Rocco and I was going through a period of postnatal depression and I found myself always shopping in particular shops and I realized it was because I was feeling a sense of loneliness and was feeling really quite uncomfortable I’d give him birth and I had a baby with reflux that was constantly vomiting on me and when I stepped into the shop the people knew my name they were really welcoming and they seem to understand my style and taste made me just feel accepted and I would have 25 35 minutes of shopping with no vomit on me and feeling normal again and when fortunately I was able to quickly stop this problem and catch on to it but that is a classic sign of what a lot of people experience themselves when they tend to do a lot of luxury shopping and to be honest is kind of a form of escapism and in the seventh sign of a shopping addiction is you tend to experience a euphoric high or rush or even a form of anxiety when you are actually shopping or you know you’re about to go shopping is this an intense explosion and excitement running through almost like a high and you know that you’re gonna have a great experience but it’s very short-lived and you do come crashing back down these are the classic signs that you have a shopping addiction and it’s time to curb them now if you identify with all of these or even a few of these and you’ve been honest with yourself that you do have a bit of a problem at times now is the time to step up and take ownership and I don’t want to make you feel bad about this problem I would empower you to make a better choice going forward I want you to feel really good about seeing savings in your bank account I want to make sure that you feel pride knowing that you are living within your means and you are able to create even more savings or even start investing I want you to feel great about that I want to feel that you’re stepping up and taking ownership in creating a healthier better financial future for yourself I want you to feel self-respect and self-work knowing you’ve stepped up and taken control of this problem that you are paying your bills on time and it feels good you are a responsible adult creating an amazing future and so here are seven really easy solutions to help you curb your shopping addiction solution number one is to have a budget know your true cost of living and when you know your expenses you can then prioritize what is important to you now everybody has different value systems some people value really nice handbags some people value really expensive memberships you need to put in your budget what’s important and it is not important and your budget running out running tight you need to cut or curb some of those expenses you need to find a way within your value system as to how you can fit there things are important to you within the budget now once you have done your budget you should also allow yourself some shopping but it should be within a financial boundary so for example you might allow yourself say X amount of dollars per month to be spent on clothes and once you’ve spent that money for the month that is it but at least it means you are allowing to do you know you’re allowing balance in your life you’re allowing yourself to do some shopping but it’s not going to create any financial damage to yourself you are still living within your means also when you’re doing your budget oh it’s cross-reference it against your diary so that you know if you’ve got any events or birthdays or bills coming in that are quite expensive you know if you can fit them into your bill for that month and there will be times where you need to make decisions as to what is a priority for example you may need to go without buying any clothes that month to ensure that you can pay your gas or electricity bill you need to know and be informed as to what your cash flow needs and requirements are and where those priorities fit solution number two is to start paying for as much as possible in cash so when I say cash physical cash and using a debit card so when you pay that gas or electricity bill you’re paying it from your savings account and when you’re getting coffee’s you’re picking up your dry-cleaning paying for the food at the grocery store try and pay as much as you possibly can in cash now this is actually been scientifically proven by a serbian neuropsychologist it’s called the flinch moment when you pay for things in cash literally physically hurts and therefore subconsciously we try and avoid pain and therefore in pain cash will actually end up spending a lot less so if possible pay for those things in cash and when there are times you do need to pay for large expensive things try and pay them for them through lay-by that means you have to slowly pay that item off over time and you’re not allowed to take it home until it’s paid for in full and every year payment you make towards that item is in cash so again you’re not creating any sort of debt in your life and also the benefit of this is delayed gratification you once you finally pay that item off and you take it home you’re going to appreciate it so much more solution number three is to get professional help if you have a serious shopping addiction and you have completely self-sabotage your finances the earlier you get help the better now there are all sorts of ranges of help but obviously professional help is the best doing cognitive behavioral therapy I’ve heard is amazing but also the other things that you can do for yourself like exercise meditation talking to a friend about your problem just sharing explaining what is causing you to do that behave in this type of way you never know that person you talk to you may have a fantastic solution to help you break through this habit solution number four is to change your habit we are all creatures of habit and if you find for example that you love to do late-night shopping on a Thursday evening stop going to the shopping mall instead go to the gym or instead go for a walk or catch up with a friend for a coffee replace that habit also if you find like myself I love to lie bed before I go to sleep and look on social media which often leads me down the garden path of a shopping website there are plenty of apps and software that you can download that will block particular websites we can block particular web Earth web sites during certain hours of the day also other great habits to replace the shopping addiction are going outside gates and fresh air reading a good book investing that money in serve things as mess them in experiences so go and get a massage or go and see a clairvoyant or go and do something completely fun and different you never done before and of course detox from temptation if you find that you often end up buying something as a result of seeing something on social media or looking at a particular person’s profile on Facebook that has this extravagant lifestyle just switch off the notifications and avoid spending your time on social media you will actually find that you can get so much more time back in your life and use that time to connect with people around you so that you don’t feel lonely solution number five is to shop more consciously before you head to the shopping mall before you jump online think about what you really need and make a list research what you’re going to buy shop around make sure that whatever you need to buy is perfect for you become a fussy shopper make sure the style that cut the quality the color the model the features the specifications exactly what you want are going to work and you’re going to use value and appreciate every single one of them that means when you do finally purchase those items or that particular item you’re going to appreciate it so much more and of course consider investing in quality over quantity solution number six is every time you shop you make a note either in your diary or in your phone as to what your purchased where from what month it was and how much it cost now this is something that I personally do we all conveniently forget or downplay in our mind how much money to really spend and how much shopping we really do and this is something that’s incredibly powerful for myself because I will go to go and buy something but before I shop I’ll have a quick look at that list and I will get a rude and disturbing shock as to how much I’ve actually spent and that will make me decide as to whether I want to head back to the shop and surround myself with temptation and he’s probably the most powerful thing that I do for myself because it puts things back into perspective I realized the true cost of living and I actually gives you the power to stop and decide as to whether I really need and want that particular item it’s incredibly grounding and again it helps me to shop consciously and in the seventh and final solution for curbing your shopping is to set powerful and meaningful financial goals for yourself set financial goals such as getting out of debt by a particular day set yourself a goal to create a certain amount of savings by by a particular date set yourself a goal to create a passive income of X amount of dollars per year by a particular time this means you are channeling your energy and focus towards something much more powerful and energy flows where attention goes so you were going to get so much back both emotionally and of course financially by doing this you’re getting a sense of perspective and value again you will realize that the feelings you get from seeing your savings account grow a much more meaningful and much better for your emotional well-being than going out and buying a new handbag or a new coat or a new dress when you do this on a regular basis if all these little bits add up and actually contribute to your own feeling of self-worth and happiness I promise and guarantee it so now that you’ve heard the seven signs of a shopping addiction and you’ve heard the seven solutions to help curb your shopping addiction if you know that deep down you have a little bit of a problem I am here to tell you enough Sanath now I don’t mean to be tough or mean or a bit of a bitch but I’m here to tell you because I care about you and I know how much power exists within you to and how capable you are of creating a better future for yourself I really want you to draw a line in the sand have a long hard cold honest conversation with yourself and make the changes that you need please use this video as a powerful and defining moment in your life where you wake up and realize that you do sick of living this life of Lies masks and deep down discomfort remember you deserve happiness you deserve self-control and you deserve opportunity so get out of debt create savings create investments achieve financial goals that you’re going to feel really good about yourself and I promise you not only you’re going to inspire yourself but you can inspire other people around you this is your defining moment for change and I really believe in a powerful change that you’re going to create yourself from the moment this video ends so I’m going to dare you to share with me your shopping addiction and what you’re going to do to fix it I want to hear from as many people as possible I want us to bond together as a community and share the things that we’re going to do to create a better future for all of us we’ll all burn and inspire each other and I hope by me sharing some of my personal story of having postnatal depression and what I did and how I tried to fix it inspires you to actually open up and come clean and I guess bare your soul if that doesn’t sound too dramatic so that we can actually accept each other for who we are but actually heal together as a community thanks guys for watching please feel free to share this video with anyone you know that may benefit from watching this and if you haven’t already please make sure you subscribe I’ll be doing more videos on on this and we’re also going to be doing a lot of videos around the spirituality and soul of money so please there as I said subscribe and let me know about any other video requests that you have ciao for now and I’ll see you later in a week