meantime a brazen thief caught on camera stealing items from a Tucson store the woman took hundreds of dollars in clothing before the staff could notice it was gone news for Tucson Sally Shahid has our story you’ll see it only on 4 a shoplifter caught in the act at a Tucson boutique so blatant it’s unbelievable it’s like three pieces into the purse right in front of the camera it happened earlier this month at Saint Philip plazas live where love boutique owner Margaret layman says the woman also targeted another of her stores and she believes she’s the same person who stole from her boutique four years ago before she installed cameras contacted the sheriff and let him know we had no name to associate it with it and so we couldn’t help him from that direction but he suggested not just he but other people you know you could get some help from Facebook the video has been viewed more than 45,000 times and has over a thousand shares my whole staff just couldn’t quite believe how positive people were to try and help us with the situation Margaret has run boutiques in st. Philip’s Plaza for more than three decades while situations like this don’t happen all the time it certainly leaves an impact when they do small business owners know you know we operate on a tight budget and we try to really be supportive the community and everything like that unless what we’re able to give my hope is that the person is willing to return the merchandise and hopefully get some help Aliyah Shahid news 4 Tucson