hello world what’s up guys welcome back
to today’s video listen I just arrived in the parking lot of winners if you
live in the United States it’s also called TJ Maxx or if you live overseas
in Europe it is called TK Maxx so today we are heading in to winners in Canada
holy moly it is so windy I’m gonna turn this way we’re gonna head into winters
and we’re gonna see what we can find you guys know they carry luxuries
skincare products luxury beauty products oftentimes the products that you want to
try but they’re just too expensive so this is a good opportunity to find them
at a discounted price so let’s head inside see what kind of a luxury
skincare products are luxury and beauty products that we can find every day it’s
like a treasure hunt in there what am I going to find in here today you guys I
am so excited it’s literally like The Little Mermaid
like Princess Ariel look at this stuff isn’t it neat
what treasures that we’re going to find in here alright
can you believe easter is coming up let’s take a quick left and head into
the cosmetics section now I always start in the clearance section because that
kinda like determines my budget because sometimes I can get a bunch of clearance
items 20 bucks should say to perfect cleansing oil
should say those always here is on the Pierre beard oil how much is this five
bucks so I like to see what’s in here first and then I kind of go over to the
more expensive section afterwards 13 dollars like I said shisei dough always
here I feel like they have an exclusive like does winners or t.j.maxx have an
exclusive with shisei dough it’s like a staple product hmmm what is this body
slim I don’t believe any of that baloney what is down oh sunscreen I like that UV
protection stick foundation $12 but the thing here how would you ever know your
shade at winners it’s impossible to test things makes it very difficult pure clay
mask L’Oreal you guys know I love these clay masks they’re so affordable seven bucks oh now I do not recommend
any of these at home units no no I think I you I think I broke capillaries in my
skin using these things no no no I’m putting this back hello kitty
tea time sheet masks $6.99 adorable enjoy British tea time with this black
tea sheet mask rich with antioxidants that will give your face a soft touch to
hue they always have such an assortment of face masks if you’re a face mask
theme there are literally dozens if not hundreds of face masks bubble sheet
masks Oh what is charcoal nose strips you know what though guys when they say
that they also broke up hilary’s with that the poor vacuum and at home
machines i feel like years of using no strips may have also damaged broken
capillaries on my nose so I’m trying to stay away from them now but they’re so
satisfying a unicorn and now a holograph reflective she looks so she looks so
happy now on to the main section this part is always so overwhelming
everything is all mixed together more Shiseido like I said honestly a staple
so is Elizabeth Arden those two things and they’re always on the top shelf is
this a conspiracy creamy cleansing emulsion a gentle emulsion cleanser hmm
for all skin types I don’t know the fact that it’s always
here $24.99 deep cleansing clean and clear this is a great place to pick up
affordable a skin care affordable drugstore skin care guys it’s even
cheaper than when it’s at the drugstore I mean these prices look $5.99 of
foaming face wash clean and clear so basic if it breaks you out you don’t
even have to you can basically throw it in the garbage it’s so cheap so it’s a
great way to test and try new products especially these drugstore products goop
and Daisy coupe and desi goop and Daisy I was like what kind of name is that
oh you know what I saw this the last time I was here this is so cute this is
so kitsch I don’t think I would ever use it but I could totally collect the
pineapple facial cream that is adorable that is so novel it’s obviously $5.99
cute what is this a watermelon facial spray watermelon it’s like a jelly $6.99
I might have to get this more L’Oreal Paris pure sugar scrub brighten and
refresh right now refreshes fine fine sugars I don’t know why that was such a
tongue twister for me to get out Murad Age reform what’s down here Kate
Somerville Kate Somerville has such amazing packaging Somerville 360 tan Oh
typical I hate that everything is in these packages like can’t we do some
type of other loss prevention $99 shisei dough you know what I actually tried
that serum in there and it makes your skin so soft like shockingly soft you
guys would be shucks $197 value hmm Estee Lauder mmm these are all on the
bottom shelf I hate shopping at the bottom shelf my body is just not bent
not meant to bend it down I’m going to bend over like that now they always have
so many face mists here clarifying face mist rosewater hydrate with hyaluronic
acid mmm now these look just oh my God look it scoop and Daisy again they
looked just like drunk elephant drunk elephant has those same that same pop
top sleeping serum collagen rose oil extract and glycolic acid what is this
one C+ day serum hedonic acid and vitamin C enhance your skin’s natural
radiance hmm ooh what is this little bubble thing acai berry oh these are
there’s just so many things a toner hmm pomegranate I might have to
get this to what it Oh No the ingredients are nothing’s in English you
know what I’m just gonna go in the package I’m gonna get it
rosewater facial toner I can get down without I’ve seen this online actually
hydrating hyaluronic acid mmm and it smells so delicious and he thinks that
scented rose is so good should I get this 999 wait there’s a face spray here
rose water and glycerin hmm moisturizer you can trust harsh weather defense the fragrance section you guys is
looking abysmal there’s no sugarcoating that look there’s literally nothing here
guests dolce gabbana verse touch a body mists what is this what is that anyway
no I don’t do one no body mist okay okay the last one was here there was body
mist by pink like you know pink the singer I’m like what the heck is this
gasps ooh that feels I love the feeling of that tin OH
look someone’s garbage typical what’s in here Elizabeth Arden who is wearing
these these are not very good now am I the only one who is so grossed out by
this I can’t even I don’t even want to oh no I can’t even show a black one no
no mm-hmm I cannot be the only one I would never
use that but one of these I used to have one of these and when you exfoliate your
back with a back exfoliator it feels so soft what is around here Juicy Couture
so pillowcases on the ground oh look it’s like a pink little fake Clarisonic
she looks a little bit cross-eyed hmm I don’t think I need any of this stuff a
rolling pin oh that’s a pack roller whoo-hoo but this is shiny $12.99 mermaid I can glow in dark she looks
cute look at her her little red hair Paris Hilton alert
oh my god Paris Hilton look how glams she looks the Paris Hilton soft glam
palette now Paris spicy fresh sassy low-key calm definitely all Paris what
else is here I don’t see any other brand names these are all like I don’t know
medium level there’s literally nothing here what is this look at these little wispies eyelashes I
think are so cool eyelash extensions $9.99 hmm too cute oh look Asha Sato
beauty product literally the first luxury product we found here so far
today anyway guys I guess that’s where I’m gonna wrap up today’s video if you’d
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today’s video because I want it to be a surprise in a future video if you made
it to the end of this video I love and appreciate you so much this is gonna be
one of two videos posted this week so I’ll see you in a couple of days bye