the following portion of daytime Blue Ridge is sponsored by [Music] it is time to complete our makeover for today we’re excited to welcome Diane speaks from she’s international boutique thanks so much for coming on thank you so first you have been giving a makeover to our friend Bonnie and she’s getting ready for a fashion show so let’s take a look at her before picture tell us a little bit about what she’s wearing here well she’s shopping at the store and she’s checking out our things so she can get something for Saturday night the shirt that Jefferson sent her I have to say your story you all are so helpful if somebody comes and says hey I’m trying to get ready for exactly that a fashion show or whatever you’re trying to do they can tell you so let’s take a look at Bonnie now Bonnie you look great honey it’s beautiful what she’s wearing her hair is done by Jessica day from semana Bob which is right down the street here on Church Avenue just a summer look and the makeup is beautiful for the summer her at her outfit is from Greece okay it’s very very comfortable the designer is mad that designer is Matt yeah okay nice and Jessica did her hair and makeup so quickly and she did such a lovely job she has like this very pretty shimmery like bronze eyeshadow and her her lips look great they’re a bright pink and then talk about her jewelry and her accessories the jewelry is from India and the purse you know the tulip bag our best seller in the store yeah so who can we get a comparison shot of these two because I mean she looks she looked so good before but now she looks like she is totally ready for a fashion show which we should talk about this fashion show because this is a real fashion show that’s happening July 21st tell us about it Saturday night Greg Addison from here to attitude salon puts this show on every couple of years a lot of people come usually about 500 to 700 people will come in it is a variety show is music and dancing there’ll be children there’ll be some good-looking guys in the show my favorite part yeah and singing in fashions okay and speaking of fashions you have a couple of other models I do let’s look at our first model here who do we have bris model is Miss Rebecca Baker okay and she’s wearing matte as well just beautiful nice summer colors and the purse is from Balaji and the jewelry is from Istanbul so sometimes really the time to like bring out your purses that are gonna add a huge pop of color is that right yeah okay and then I love that it’s a flower print and it’s very very flowy you look great okay who’s our second man our second model is miss Lori and Lori is just beautiful in this dress yes she just looks beautiful and this dress can be worn to a wedding with the pop of color up from the purse and with the shoes and her hair is beautiful and the makeup I mean the earrings are from she’s international okay yeah and the accessories and that’s a bull army bag as well yes that’s a Belushi bag and the dress is from link from Croatia okay well you guys look fantastic and then of course we have to talk about some of the jewelry that we have on our table here all very is it gold this is a bronze and brass mix okay so the same line as this the jewelry there’s a silver and pewter but bronze and brass and so none of it turns so it’s just really pretty it is so beautiful and they can find this of course over at she’s international and we’ll take a final look at all of our beautiful models here but definitely stop by she’s international she’s located right downtown so you got to go see her for these looks ladies thank you so much thank you Diane thank you