My name is Amy and I am the shop manager here
in the Lisburn boutique. We are having the shop challenge today, we are linking up with
SERC Retail and Catering students, and they are just taking over the shop for the day.
We work really closely with them anyway by providing placements but this is just a really
fun day to get us all together and do a lot of fundraising for Action Cancer. This is
Lennord, hello my name is Lennord, I drive the big bus, last year we done 10,000 mammograms
and approximately 8 out of every 1000 women who have a mammogram are diagnosed with breast
cancer. This has a huge impact on people. All the money that is raise today goes to
fund our services, we don’t get any money from the government, or the NHS, or anywhere
else its purely 100% charity based, and it is just so great that the likes of SERC and
that can do this, and all the companies can do this to raise funds for us. The challenge
is to raise £2,000, we have ballot tickets for sale, we are doing a sponsored cycle,
we are selling bundles of baby clothes, and then just selling the merchandise within the
Action Cancer shop. All for a very good cause, we are hoping we have a very successful day.
The students have been working on this project for a couple of months now so they really
want to see a really good return for all their hard work they have put in.