Well, we’re here in ultra mega shopping for the big Christine super sorry celery store This is my life Become an expat. This is your life guys need it by the piggery. Are you getting sorry? Sorry. Sorry for your girlfriend I hope this doesn’t turn out to be the most boring video. You guys have ever seen go I can’t do nothing about it I’ll keep it short and sweet guys Simple short, this is Omega warehouse for all the sari-sari store owners here in the Philippines so This is what she does goes out and kills feels Her little needs and she can sell this to the neighbors All this stuff is pretty cheap, but it serves its purpose This is not even the biggest warehouse place here in the Philippines this is just one of the two or three different places here in the logs where we now live and so they have quite the selection but a lot of the stuff that’s just very cheap stuff You know because that’s what it’s about the Filipinos can you know? The poor families can afford they can’t afford high-end merchandise or high-end food items or hiding anything from a grocery store It’s high in and a high dollar. They wanted to go for most value they can get So this is how they replenish their sari-sari store And this store here we’re at is kind of like the worst one to go to because there’s so but It had to be said wait till you get to the checkout line that will be the test of all Olympics your selection up there guys we don’t have this at Albertson’s are safe wear your costume but there is some stuff here like orioles stuff like this There is some American stuff very slow Oh Jamaica And of course she don’t have a plan she’s just gonna wing it all over the store and she’ll forget We So let’s just give an idea here the yellow peas 1810, right 1810 that’s not even that’s 40 cents 36 ulis That’s 14 that’s 18 10 pesos or 80 pesos total That right now exchange rate is 50 point seven five for a one us a dollar But every block has like one or two sorry Sarge doors, I don’t know why they stay in business and how they stay in business But they manage And you now got to get rich on a sorry. Sorry sore, but For Cristina serves the purpose for her keeps her busy. She enjoys that she likes it You know, we’re not getting rich off this but she’s happy fine with it Now she’s gonna go back to the start So basically you get a big bag of this yellow peas and then you’ll will split them up and you’ll sell them individually and so And you’d be surprised how many people will come to your store because they don’t want to run into a regular grocery store to get the One little thing. They will just go to your sari-sari store in the neighborhood And you can you can find rice Alcohol anything liquor anything you need? You can find it Five minutes in this video. Does it get any better than this? So I am gonna end this video because I know the very end of the checkout point here Will take up a lot of time you will see how unorganized they are. Check out Huh? Well, cuz I’m getting up there I told him Once we do the checkout, that would be the fun that will be the meat and potatoes of this video Because they’re so slow Sometimes they have to go back and we can open the boxes and recount exactly what you have. Yeah him in the act like we’re You know, maybe they put one extra one in the box, but really that’s not the reason so This is Jamaica in the Philippines With the sorry, sorry star owners Here’s what I find you in eruption look at the size of these cans that you see here This is the baby food size Sometimes a family about four or five will split this hole can mix it with rice and This is all the way we eat right there They put this product here with the race and that’s what they will eat. So Thank you, the checkout process is begun, I’m not gonna film the whole thing Fifteen copy only got 200 300 in the mountain Well If I would’ve didn’t you the whole thing here would be 25 30 minutes and then enough to get to the very end They may come over and say we need to do a recount so their haunts have recount everything out and you just stand there and you gotta wait, so This is how it is at checkout Oh Wipe the sides on the outside and here comes our order the happy shopper is done