what you say matters not saying enough saying the wrong words not knowing what to say it can all hurt you oh you're in real estate how's the market it's great what you say makes a difference that default stupid answer won't get you anywhere you have to say more every opportunity matters hi I live across the street you really think this house is gonna sell for 500 I hope so looking forward to sell your house I should have had that sale and I would have had the edge if I just responded with the right words and then other times I don't even know what to say another agent said they would charge me less so are you going to work with me on your rates if I hear someone asked me to lower my fees one more time I may just punch them in the face well think it over talk to a few more agents yeah it would be good to wear our options do more research I don't know what I'm doing wrong I cannot close a deal to save my life well the other agent said we could sell it for more we should just go at the other guy what do you say to that from profoundly stupid moments to those we use to maximize our edge life is teaching us lessons and it's with our words that we pass the test don't miss out on opportunities to sell yourself a 10 tom ferry sales edge presented by bill pipes join us at sails at well you will learn how to improve your sails confidence and know what to say to generate more yeses with your sphere an online lead a new prospect even a colder one you'll leave with a powerful buyer and seller presentation to generate more sales sign up today at tom ferry calm because knowing what to say matters