Hi my name is Rosalind and welcome to my
YouTube channel. If you’re new to social media and you’re looking to learn
digital life skills you’re in the right place. In today’s video I’m talking about
safe Black Friday shopping. Are you like me when you shop online and someone asks
you for your credit card details and you think twice, you think do I really want to give
them my credit card information and my address and all the personal details
that they’re asking for just so that I can buy this one product. Well if you are
a bit skeptical there’s an option here that potentially might help you and it’s
called PayPal.com, and PayPal is a website and it offers varying different
services, it has a business account or you can have a personal account now here
today I’m just talking about a personal account so if you have a PayPal account
and you’ve ever used eBay you will probably be familiar with PayPal because
up until recently it was the only way that you could purchase things from eBay
Paypal offers varying different services on their website, you can transfer money
for example if you want to transfer money abroad or you can transfer money
within the UK, also if you’re a seller on eBay you can
set up your business account in PayPal so that all your receipts and all your
invoices and everything run through PayPal so you’re not actually having to
deal with taking down people’s addresses etc they’re just paying you via your
PayPal business account and then obviously the option we’re talking about
today is if you’re a purchaser and you go to a website and you want to buy
something and you want to use PayPal. So what PayPal basically is is it’s a
one-stop shop and it has a protection wall between you and the vendor so when
you go to their website to purchase something you pay PayPal and PayPal pay
them so PayPal are the only people with your personal details your credit card
information and your address and not only do I feel it’s a little more secure
from a purchasing point of view but it saves you a lot of time and effort so
when you’re buying something instead of having to set up an account with the new
website that you’re on, giving them all your personal
details you can just click you want to pay with paypal click the yes button and
you’re done. So since Black Friday is coming up and
it’s a good opportunity to do some shopping and hopefully get some bargains
for yourself online I thought it might be useful to give yourself a couple of
days to set up a PayPal account if that’s what you wanted to do. So all you
need to do is go to paypal.com and that’s their website and you’ll see all
the varying different options that they’re offering you, the business
account a personal account and what they offer in terms of transferring money and
how they regulate your personal information. So if you’re feeling
comfortable to set up an account just run through the wizard giving them all
the information that they need, now obviously every single website that you
go to purchase something from doesn’t offer you an option to pay by paypal, if
you want to buy something from the website that doesn’t offer paypal you’ll obviously have to put in your personal details if you want to purchase, but the
other day I have to say I was very surprised when I went to a Kwik-Fit
website, I was looking to book in my MOT on my car and they wanted payment
upfront for me to book it online, and when I went to checkout and pay it was
offering me PayPal so of course I clicked the pay by PayPal button one
click and I was done and it was paid so now I need to pay PayPal.
They also have invoicing and they will show you all your purchases who you paid
how much you paid them on your actual account on the PayPal.com. So now you’ve
got your account set up every time you shop online and somebody is offering you
the option to use the PayPal to pay then I would go for it, it will
save you a lot of time and effort no more filling in any more details keeping
your personal details still a bit personal to you without giving them to
every single vendor that you find online. So I hope you found this video
informative if you weren’t familiar with having a PayPal account before and hopefully
if you’re looking to do some shopping this Black Friday then you’ll be able to
find some good bargains and you’ll be able to pay with your PayPal
which just means clicking a button and keeping your personal details secure and
personal to you and protected behind the PayPal protection wall. So please make
sure you research the website and make sure what you’re signing up for and I
hope you find what you’re looking for at some discounted prices on Friday. If you
have any comments or any questions or queries please put them in the comment
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next time bye