– I know what you’re thinking, it takes so long to get
ready to look this glamorous, but it also takes almost just
as long to get out of it. Let’s go to bed. (upbeat music) So obviously I wear so
much makeup to do my job, whether it’s a show, a fashion moment, it’s a whole lotta makeup
and a lot of the times I will be on tour for days on end, months on end even, and I put my skin through it. Needless to say, I need
a lot to take it off, and oof, this hair is
getting all over the place, so let’s start with the basics, let’s knock the wig off. I’ll just give a tug on where I’ve done spirit gum on the lace. And voila, and voila. A mess, but at least the
wig’s not on anymore. My eyes get so dry sometimes between the contacts,
the makeup in general, so I love popping the lashes off and then getting my contacts out. So I just tear those off. I take a lot of time to make
all my lashes fun and custom, so I like to put them in
a safe little compartment to make sure that I can use them for longer than just one use because you know, reduce, reuse, recycle. A lot of the times when I do my makeup it pops a lot more when I
have a lighter eye color just because my eyes are
so dark to begin with. So I make sure to grab
those out and put those away before I start washing my face or else I’m gonna lose a contact
in the back of my eye and I don’t think I want to
figure out how to get that out. For me, I’ve had crazy skin all through… Not crazy skin but I’ve
had a different array of skin situations all throughout my life. When I was growing up I had
pretty decently bad acne, so I went on Accutane, so now my skin is definitely more on the dry,
almost even combinationy side. The quality of my skin
usually depends more on whether I’m doing drag a lot, whether I’m taking great care of my skin or not so great care of it. So my face, getting out of drag routine definitely varies a bit. So today I am going to just be using everything and anything that
I would bring with me on tour. I’ve been running around
doing shows for weeks, so I definitely need a
major cleanse moment. So first off, just to get the little bit of extra spirit gum off of
my sideburns or forehead or wherever I’m putting it, I’m just gonna grab a little bit of 90% or 99%, a very high percent of rubbing alcohol. Spray that on a towel and then just gently or vigorously try to
start scrubbing that away so that we don’t have glue on our ears because you will stick to your pillow or to your sweater when
you’re sleeping on a plane. Now one of my big makeup tips that a drag queen in the U.K. told me is the Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover. I honestly used to just use makeup wipes, but doing a layer of this before you go in with a makeup wipe makes everything, breaks it all down, it
makes it incredible, so pardon me real quick. (bottle spraying) You really don’t need too much of that, but it makes taking all
this off so much easier. I would say that is definitely one of the bigger, more important moments
of taking my makeup off. My makeup remover wipe of choice is the Neutrogena Hydrating ones. They’re pretty inexpensive,
you can get them almost everywhere, and I
like the hydrating version just because why not, like
why do the normal ones when you can hydrate as well? So after I’ve sprayed my
face with the Urban Decay and let that sit for a minute or so, I just go in and start from the bottom and try not to stretch
my skin out too much but I do like to get everything
off as quick as possible. So I’ll usually go around
kinda like the perimeter and then work my way in. I find that starting
with the eyes or whatever you end up getting all your
darks and your glitters all over your face and that
doesn’t make anything easy. Oh my goodness, I absolutely
never, ever, ever, ever, ever fall asleep with any makeup on. And I know that sounds really
snotty or snobby to say but it is like, don’t do that,
like why would you do that? It takes… You don’t even have to do all 25,000 steps to get out of drag, but
at least do a couple. You don’t want makeup on your pillow, you don’t want makeup on your man, you don’t want makeup anywhere
near you when you wake up, oh my gosh. I mean, unless you’re the type of girl, like maybe Beyonce wants to
wake up like that, but I don’t. Be extra careful with
being delicate on the eyes. I find that the, that Urban
Decay cleanser spray thing really helps break down the eye makeup too so that you don’t have to be
rubbing and scrubbing too much. I think it’s pretty universal for people to not want the old eyes, the
saggy eyes, the crow’s feet, whatever other type of
birds land on your eye, so we’re trying to minimize
that as much as possible. But I personally cover my eyebrows with Elmer’s Washable Glue Stick. For a while I thought that
what I had to do was just like really go in with a makeup wipe and just rub that ’til it’s dead, but actually it is a washable glue stick. What do you wash things with? Water. I can’t remember what drag
queen enlightened me to that but I was like, “Oh, makes good sense.” And my go to cleanser
is the Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel. It’s orange, I don’t know
quite who all is in this but I know she says she’s anti-aging and I’m young, but why not start now? (water running) So I’m going to gently pat my face dry. Oh my gosh, the hard part is already over. We are back to looking almost flawless. After I use a cleanser,
I like to go in with the Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Peeling Gel. It is like a chemical
exfoliator and I like it because it feels funny, it has a fun visual moment that makes you feel like every last inch of makeup, dirt, and debris is being peeled off of your skin. And you can see just
like the skin peeling up. I don’t know if it’s all dead skin, if some of it’s product,
I don’t care if it’s mixing all together, but
this is one of those things that your skin actually
feels like significantly more polished after. And now we’re gonna wash that off. (water running) That’s what I fully, no
joke, you can already, it just feels so much
better, it feels smoother, it feels extra, extra
clean, and I love that. I am a drag queen, and
certainly not a dermatologist. I know a lot about makeup,
a little bit about skincare, so for me I feel like when
I’m getting out of drag or just trying to treat
myself to a spa day I know what I’m doing with
some of these products and for some of them I’m
just havin’ a good time, havin’ fun, tryin’ out different things and seeing what works and what feels fun. Now I’m going in with
the Cucumber Gel Mask from Peter Thomas Roth. And this is super refreshing. My skin always feels very just moisturized and well taken care of after I use this. So we’re just going to apply a thin layer, and usually I will go watch
some TV, check Instagram, do something while this is sitting for about 15 to 20 minutes,
just let it soak in, enjoy the coolness of it. It is so relaxing and a good
way to start to wind down. I almost fell asleep there. It’s been about 15 to 20 minutes and now I’m going to rinse this all off. (water running) All right, now that I do
not have one dead skin cell left on my face, all of the
oil is snatched right out. I don’t know why I’m gaggin’. I’m going to go in with the
Lush Tee Tree Water Toner. I have
(bottle spraying) some friends all across
the states and stuff and internationally that work with Lush. It seems like anybody who works for Lush is a fan of the dolls. Anytime they’re at any of our shows they always come with
the goody bags and stuff, and I love it, so thank you, Lush, for the Tee Tree Water Toner. Sometimes I do lip changes
throughout the night, and even just with using liquid matte lipsticks I like to go in with a light exfoliator
before I apply a lip product, just to get rid of any crunchy nastiness. Today my lip scrub of
choice is the Lemon Sucker Velour Lip Scrub from
Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I think they’re pretty much all the same, just choose whichever
flavor you like honestly, ’cause it’s late, it’s after the club, the Seamless order might not be there, so if you get hungry, eat up. And this does make a mess, so make sure you’ve got a sink in front of you or a tongue ready, or someone
ready to just wipe this off. Today I have to use the sink. (water running) All right, so my favorite
chapstick of choice is the E-O-S, Eos, however
we’re gonna call it. I usually get one of the ones that sounds the most moisturizing. And just go in, in, in, in. I love using way too much chapstick. Make sure the lips are all juicy, whether you are going to
bed alone or with a man, or someone else, who knows. You wanna keep the lips
hydrated and at least ready for the next makeup application. So I love trying all types
of different sheet masks around the world. My fans think that it’s
cute to bring me some to the meet and greets and stuff, and I love all the crazy animals,
the Pokemon, the whatever. But a year or two maybe
ago, my good sister Kim Chi came out with a collaboration
with Patchology, a whole collection book of sheet masks inspired by her makeup looks. I have been holding onto this because I think it’s kind of limited edition. These are so, so, so gorgeous
and I’m scared to use them. But just for Bazaar, I’m
going to use one today. And I think they’re all moisturizing, which is exactly what I’m looking for after doing all of those steps. I’m going in with this
black and white sad mime. This is so cute. And this is extra gooey, which I love. So I don’t know if there’s ever a right or a wrong side to some of these. I know for some there might be. I’m putting the dark side
of the design on the outside so it looks even cuter and more realistic, like I came in with even
crazier makeup today. Oh my god, this is
actually so, so, so cute. I’ll rub the excess in on my neck because you know, I shave there,
I put makeup there, it’s good to take care
of your skin there too ’cause you don’t wanna be unsnatched when you get a little older. Basically I’m going to sit with this for quite a while and just let my skin eat up all of the moisture. I’m also probably gonna take a selfie because this is so cute and I wanna let everyone know that I
was using a Kim Chi mask. (upbeat music) So I know some people like to use like the rollers when they’re doing this stuff. I’m not against the gadgets,
but I just don’t have any. When Madonna sends me the little roller, I’ll start using it but until then, just rub everything in with my fingers. It’s been about 15 to 20 minutes again. I think everything has
soaked itself into my skin, and now’s the time for the big reveal. Still ugly. Now that we are done with all that, I can finally move on to my eye cream, my moisturizer, and some serums and oils. My current favorite eye cream is the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. And you don’t have to pay
the 2.79 or whatever extra to get the avocado in this. I’ll get like a kinda
decent amount of that on my ring finger and
pat that under my eye. So I like to apply a decent amount of that and just let that all rub in and soak in while I’m doing the other steps of my, I was gonna say makeup routine. Gosh, don’t mean to
scare myself like that. No, the rest of my skincare routine. Now, if I haven’t made it that obvious, I put my skin through a lot, from the makeup, the
rubbin’, the scrubbin’, the shaving, it’s a lot. So I like to go in with the
Barbara Sturm Calming Serum. And I usually focus most of
this in my shaving region. And this, I feel like
just really eliminates any last bit of redness or irritation caused from scraping my face with some metal blades every night. See, when you call shaving that, it makes it a lot more
serious and you wanna take better care of things. So I am going in with
the Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum. I don’t know everything about
Miss Hyaluron, Hyaluronic, but I know a lot of skincare has it, so we’re just gonna do
a couple drops of this. I think it helps the skin retain moisture or something like that, I don’t know, I am not a biochemist, I am a clown. Now I do have a couple
of favorite moisturizers, but I’ve been on tour for so long that I’ve actually run out of all the full sizes of everything. So I’m going to go in with a mix of the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic, oh, hyaluronic again, Cloud
Cream hydrating moisturizer. I’m gonna just do a little dab of that. And then I have the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-tox Bouncy Hydrating Gel. That sounds fun and it looks fun, so we’re just gonna mix these two today. I feel like instead of going
through products quickly, using a little bit of each makes it seem like they last longer. I don’t know, I probably
use way more than needed, but my skin, I feel like out
of most people in professions, probably needs the most care. Now that my skin is
finally back to normal, it is moisturized, we’ve
got a couple serums in there workin’ their magic,
I would normally go in and if I was having serious acne moments I would go in with a spot
treatment or something. But I do like going in with
the U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying acne treatment face oil if I do have any areas that are more
acne-licious than the rest. The perimeter of my head
isn’t looking so fly, so I’m almost to the bottom of this but I’m just gonna do a couple drops of that and just kinda smooth that into the areas where it looks like Mother Nature is letting me have it. The final couple products
I’ll be using today begins with the Nars Skin
Aqua Gel Luminous Mask. This is just another layer of
aqua, of gel, of moisturizing. Nothing is better than going
to bed with a gorgeous face, and the other better thing is waking up with a gorgeous face. Like if I hit a spot and
I’m going out with like acne treatment or one of
those acne stickers or stuff, I’m not like embarrassed by that because skin is a work in progress and I put so much effort into my profession and looking good when I’m in drag, so I don’t care if I’m looking like I’m recovering when I’m not in drag. I think another really important thing about your skincare is drinking the water, but also getting hopefully enough sleep. So I’ve gotta go hit the hay. Harper’s Bazaar, thank you so much for coming to see me, and
get the heck outta here. (calm music)