The D-50 is kind of a unique synthesizer because it used samples and more classic synthesis together. The D-50, even though it was a digital synthesizer, also has a very pure mellow tone, it’s a very warm sounding synthesizer. These two new functions, the sequencer
and the arpeggiator, weren’t on the original D-50. The great thing about the
sequencer is that it’s polyphonic; 64 patterns you can save in it and the maximum length of each sequence is 64 notes. The D-05 comes with all the extra sound patch cards that were made in the late 80s. Some of those cards are currently
quite rare to find so they put them all in there. The D-05 is a lot of fun, I just love it,
because it’s basically like a real Roland D-50, exactly the same but in a little
lightweight, portable “Boutique”. I hope we get to hear a little bit more
exotic and colorful sounds from this machine