You are fond of shopping activities or just hanging out in Kuta Bali; therefore, you should visit Beachwalk Bali, the largest shopping center in Kuta Bali. Furthermore, Beachwalk shopping mall Bali, one of Bali’s international standard Mall. Offer a unique design and offer a .different experience, which is very interesting to see. A perfect combination of water and lush garden green environment and the sea breeze. Therefore, forming a relaxing and free atmosphere which is different from other shopping malls that you find in other places. Beachwalk Kuta Shopping Mall offers plenty of things for traveler would love to shop. Also, located in the ideal location which is nearby to Kuta beach. Kuta Beachwalk occupies an area of approximately 3.7 hectares. Most people say it is the most extensive shopping mall in Bali. If this is true or not, I am not entirely sure. Beachwalk shopping center located just behind the shoreline of Kuta beach Bali. You only have to walk about 5 minutes then cross the road to get to the Kuta beach location from Beachwalk Kuta shopping mall, for a first timer will find the shopping mall layout quite confusing. Beachwalk Mall Kuta the address at Jalan Pantai Kuta Bali. The location of Kuta Beachwalk is very strategic, on the west side of the mall is the location of Grand Istana Rama hotel and on the east side of Beachwalk Kuta shopping mall is Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. Everyday beach walk shopping mall Kuta crowded with visitors. Therefore, road congestion happens every day, especially on holiday and weekend. Finding parking space is difficult during peak season in Bali, even though Kuta Beachwalk mall has a vast underground car park The underground car park can accommodate up to 1,000 vehicles. The moment you enter the Kuta Beachwalk mall, you will see a significant pond with lots of water-filled grooves. The mall design very neat, combining modern elements with a traditional green park. Beachwalk Mall Kuta Bali, very suitable for family and children. I am sure your kids would enjoy having a visit to Kuta Beachwalk Mall because there is a beautiful fountain at the front of the Mall. Also, on the 3rd floor of Kuta beach Beachwalk Bali, there is a playground for children, called Miniapolis Bali. Store, restaurants, Foodmart Gourmet Bali, a drug store, and other visitor facilities will be visible when you enter the Kuta Beachwalk Mall. Also, Most stores have large quantities of product. Most of the products at Beachwalk Bali, are branded goods and quite expensive. Famous brand products you can find in Kuta Beachwalk such as H & M, Armani Jeans, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Oakley, Lacoste, and Zara. There are many other products with famous brands also available at Kuta Beachwalk Mall. Also, some of the product names are not quite familiar to me as a local Balinese. Beside international product, you too can find a domestic brand product, so all budgets are catered. Besides store at Bali Beachwalk mall, there are many restaurants such as Eat & Eat restaurant which located on the 3rd floor. Eat & Eat restaurant offer plenty of choices of meals, ranging from Indonesian, Chinese food, and some Japanese cuisine. The food price range from IDR 50 K to IDR 100 K. To make payment for the meal, you need to get a card from the cashier and fill with balanced. You will use the card to make a payment for a drink and food. Let say there is some balance left you can get the balance in cash at the cashier. Also, several restaurants provide a lounge with Kuta beach views on the first floor, such as Cafe Sardinia. If you want to buy drinks such as tea or coffee, you can find Chatime or Starbucks coffee shop. Best way to visit Kuta Beachwalk Mall is by a meter taxi or use a car rental with a driver in Bali. This way, you will not think about finding a parking space. Beachwalk Kuta Mall is one of the most popular hangout places in Bali, especially for Indonesian from Jakarta. Therefore do not be surprised if most of the visitors are from Jakarta. If you like watching the latest box office movie, you can find Cineplex 21 with a digital format at Kuta Beachwalk shopping mall. Beachwalk Cineplex XXI, open on October 12, 2012, and located the 2nd floor, providing three studios.