On the Build step, we begin selecting the photos to
upload to our Zenfolio account. First, locate the photos we will load into the
software, and then upload to Zenfolio. Click the Select Folder button. Navigate to the location of the photos, and click OK. Thumbnails of each photo will be generated. We can change how the photos are displayed by
clicking here, and selecting a different sort option. To view the images as thumbnails, or as a list of file
names, toggle between these two icons. As we load the images into the software, we can
click on the Add Category/Folders button if we
have pre-sorted the photos into category folders on our computer. We can Add Categories as we load our files into
Zenfolio. To select individual files, click on an image. The image will appear along the left side of the
window. Click the Add to Order button. To remove an image from the order, click on the
Remove button. Continue selecting the image files until the correct
images have been selected and ordered. Another option is to upload an entire folder of
images. Select the folder, load the photos, and click on the
Add All button to select all the images in the folder. A green check mark will identify the images to be
uploaded. Click on the Proofs Created tab, to see the file
name and path to the file’s location. Click on an image file to view the image. Use the Rotate pull-down menu to change the
image orientation, if necessary. Click the Remove All button to remove all photos
from the order. As we place the mouse cursor on the image, notice
the pop-up menu bar that appears. Click on the Curved Arrows to rotate the image. And finally, click on the Color pull-down menu to
specify the tone the image will be printed as, that is
Color, Black & White, or Sepia. Click on another photo, or file name, to display the
image. Or, click on the Arrow buttons at the bottom center
to move through the image files we have ordered
from. In the lower left corner is the file name of the photo. Below the file name is a link to open the photo in
Adobe® Photoshop®. To open the image, click on the Edit in Photoshop
link in the lower left corner of the page. Once we have selected our photos, we will then
click on step 4, the Review step, as we will see in
the next movie.