Welcome fellow travelers today we are a
Red Mill burgers home of possibly Seattle’s best burger Red Mill burgers remains one of Seattle’s
more popular burger destinations and one Seattle Weekly’s Best of Seattle ten
years in a row Up on the wall the article from GQ which lists Red Mill burgers as one of the 20 Hamburgers you Must Eat Before you Die We’re going to
try the bacon deluxe burger which has a quarter pound beef patty lettuce tomato
American cheese and pepper bacon As well as a side of Babe’s onion rings Red Mill burgers was spotlighted on an episode of Man vs. Food We’re gonna give it a try The Red Mill has it’s very own mill
sauce which is a smoky mayo not a Thousand Islands sauce has a nice smoky flavor to it and mixes well with the American cheese and the pepper bacon
is amazing Yeah I’m just going to pull out a piece of this bacon
Here check out this bacon Let’s give one of the onion rings a try
Thick onion rings nice, crisp batter crunchy Good Onion Ring So bacon is indeed meat
candy and right here we have a lot of meat candy This is the third iteration of the Red
Mill diner up on the wall there’s a menu from the first one which existed
until 1967 and hiding in the corner there’s a
likeness of JP patches On a day like today there’s plenty of seating out front the Red Mill Burgers and right next door a Starbucks coffee because
we’re in Seattle so that was a tasty burger really enjoyed it lots of smoky flavor lots of cheese lots of grease it was quite delicious I can see why it was
up there for running as one of Seattle’s best burgers if you’re in the area drop
by give it a try Also very cool, right across from Red Mill burgers we can find
one of the original Cold War air-raid sirens these were built around 1954 and
continued to be tested until the 1970s These air-raid sirens were positioned
around the city and in case of an attack would have called out for miles around
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