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Congratulation Lisa for the comment of the day. PRAA Woman Reports Me For Not Helping Her At A
Store I Don’t Work At, To Yet Another Store I Don’t Work At XXXL Hey guys, first story! I’m also on mobile so sorry in advance for
the block formatting. Context: I work for a regional fast food chain. Where I live, they’re literally everywhere;
in fact, there’s two in just my hometown, not including several in the surrounding towns. I work at the restaurant that’s second closest
to my house just because I prefer the management there and the distance in travel from my house
is only like 3 minutes. After work at the beginning of the week, I
usually go grocery shopping. The store I shop at is walking distance from
the restaurant I don’t work at (important for later). One night, I stop by the store to pick up
some basic stuff. I have my earbuds in and I’m keeping to myself,
although there’s really not that many people around that late at night to begin with. An important thing to mention is that my earbuds
are actually one of those bluetooth wireless sets that hangs around the neck. People occasionally mistake me for being an
employee even when I’m not in uniform (polo, baseball hat and black slacks) just because
my earbuds look a lot like the headsets many retail supervisors wear. Anyway, as I’m grabbing some bread, a woman
in what appeared to be her mid-30s (no surprise) taps me on my shoulder. I take an earbud out and give her a questioning
look, slightly taken aback by the surprise contact. She asks me where she could find goldfish
crackers. At the time, I hadn’t realized she thought
I worked there. I just pointed towards the chip aisle and
went back to reaching for my bread without putting my earbud back in. A moment later, I hear her clear her throat
in annoyance. I turn around to see her giving me a slightly
disgusted look. “I thought you were going to show me.” At this point I’m just like, “Oookay, rude,
but whatever, I’ll just show her and be done with it so I can hurry up and get home.” I bring my shopping cart and show her where
the crackers are before saying I have to get going. Her face twists up in anger and she gasps
dramatically before saying, “How rude! You can’t talk to customers like that!” This is when I make the connection that she
probably thinks I work here. No surprise; as I said, I really do look like
someone who works in retail. “Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t actually work here. I work at (insert fast food chain). Sorry for the misunderstanding.” She cringes at me and starts to get reallyyy
antsy, responding with “I know, but you’re in uniform. You have to help me. It’s your job to help customers.” It’s then that I realize this was no mistake. She knows I don’t work here; she just doesn’t
care. I try to explain that even though I’m still
in uniform, I’m off the clock. I have a life and priorities outside of my
job. It’s not my responsibility to babysit every
customer on Earth, just the ones I’m paid to babysit. She gets irritated and all but stomps her
foot at me, grumbling “Well YOU’RE in UNIFORM. That means you’re REPRESENTING a COMPANY,
and you HAVE to HELP me.” I just shrug at her, saying “I’m sorry, but
I’m tired and I need to get home. Have a good night.” As I’m walking towards checkout she follows
me at my heels, sputtering about how horrible I am and how I deserve to not only be fired
but also never be allowed to work near people ever again. I literally couldn’t care any less so I speed
through self checkout and leave. About an hour later I get a phone call from
one of my managers. When I pick up, I hear him cracking up along
with someone else talking giddily in the background. The following conversation ensues:
Me=Me lol M=Night shift manager at the time B=Manager’s brother that happens to
also be a manager at the restaurant I don’t work at
Me: Yo, what’s up? M: Hey, did you just get in an argument with
someone at (insert grocery store chain)? Me: Uhh, kinda. Why? Did someone call? M: Yes! Well, no, not us. B just called saying someone barged into his
restaurant and made a complaint about you. Me: Really? How did they know it was about me? Turns out, Crazy Store Lady TM took a pic
of me as I was checking out to show the manager at the other restaurant. Luckily, he knows who I am and got a kick
out of it. The woman didn’t know I worked at the restaurant
on the opposite side of town and thought she could get me fired by reporting me to some
random night shift manager. Instead, she was informed that I don’t work
there either and, after she insisted he was lying to cover my ass, he told her to leave
if she wasn’t going to order anything. Wish I could’ve seen her walk out with her
tail between her legs like he said she did. I obviously wasn’t fired; I didn’t do anything
illegal or stupid, and I wasn’t even on the clock. It’s now a running joke, us teasing about
being sassy to strangers when we’re on break or going home. TL;DR Disgruntled lady gets mad that I won’t
help her find crackers in a store because I’m in my work uniform and calls a restaurant
I don’t even work at to report me for being rude while I’m not even on the clock. Edit: After reading the comments, I realize
the moral of the story is probably to never wear your uniform outside of work lmaooo. I actually did get reprimanded for it by the
GM since the lady called back to complain. I still didn’t do anything wrong, but it’s
just a precaution now. Yikessss. I work here but the lady you’re looking
for doesn’t… XXL Not sure if this belongs in this category
but here goes. Format, mobile, sorry folks! Tl:dr on the bottom. So I work in a hospital on a busy unit where
we have a high patient turnover rate. The patients are acute; either admitted with
a medical crisis that needs tending to NOW or has had a medical issue resolved and is
awaiting a bed on a ward or be discharged. This story pertains to the latter half of
our patient demographics. As noted, the day this incident occurred,
our unit is busy. The Unit Clerk is already on another line
when the phone rings. Being the closest to the nursing station,
I pick up the phone and answer it. On the other end of the line is a patient’s
wife calling to make plans for a patient’s discharge some days away and this is our phone
conversation. W=Wife, Me=Me. Me: “Hello! This is OneRaisedBrow’s work unit. OneRaisedBrow speaking. How may I help you?” W: “I need to speak with Susanna!” Me: “Okayyyy…do you happen to know Susanna’s
lastname? If you can tell me, I’ll know how I may
assist you…?” (We field plenty of phone calls from patient’s
family and friends and it’s not uncommon for them to forget that we have a lot of patients
here…some with the same name and most times, they ask for a patient by their first name. We usually have to ask for a surname to know
exactly who they’re requesting for before redirecting them accordingly.) W: “I don’t know…she never told me!” Me: “She…?” (Already dreading having to find an unoccupied
computer to log in and do a patient search to find this Susanna for this patient’s
acquaintance since I know we don’t happen to have one admitted to our ward.) W: “The manager! OneRaisedBrow’s manager name! She’s the one who told me Susanna works
there!” (It finally dawns on me that the person on
the phone is not looking for a particular patient but a staff member. Whew!) Me: “Well, you are correct in that that
is my manager’s name…but there is no Susanna working here. There is a Susanna working as a Charge Nurse
next door. Are you looking for Blank Unit?” ( My manager has a large portfolio which includes
other units, so it’s possible that my manager may have said the wrong thing?) W: “No, I was told by your manager that
Susanna is the Charge Nurse for OneRaisedBrow’s Unit. Now get her on the phone and let me speak
with her.” Me: “I can’t do that. If you’re wanting Susanna, I can transfer
the phone call over to Blank Unit and you can speak with that Charge Nurse, Susanna?” W: “I don’t want that unit! I want to speak to Susanna on your unit!” Me: “…” (Deep breath)
Me: “Was there something particular that you wanted to speak to Susanna about? Perhaps I can help…?” W: “You can’t help me. I need Susanna.” Me: “Do your inquires pertain to something
unit specific? Are you looking for this unit?” W: “Yes! Get Susanna on the line now!” Me: “If you’re wanting to talk to my Charge
Nurse whose name is Aida, she’s actually gone home for the day. She’ll be back tomorrow from 7am to 4pm. That’s Aida, our Charge Nurse, for this
ward. But if you’re wanting to speak with Susanna
still, you’re out of luck. She doesn’t work here.” Click
I assumed if it was an emergency, she would’ve spoken to me about her issues immediately
or would’ve called back right away to demand to speak with Susanna again. In the end, I heard from Aida, my Charge Nurse,
that the lady did call back the next day to inquire about a patient we had on the ward
and if the patient was getting discharged that day. Tl;dr: Lady called the unit I work on demanding
for someone that doesn’t work there. Me: and you’ll need new brake pads I presume? DQ: ARE YOU SCAMMING ME! WHAT KIND OF PIECE OF SHORT PLACE IS THIS! Me: no, you wanted the blinker fluid, and
if your brakes are this badly damaged, you’ll either need to go to a shop and have it done
there, or you’ll need all new components and do it yourself
NEVER WALK IN HERE at this point she grabs the “blinker fluid”
(its just water with a label on it) and walks out, she already put her card in and had it
all scanned, I ask Rob what to do and he says to take the rotors off the list and just charge
her for the water, and so I did. I somehow kept my cool through all that, mainly
not wanting to make the store look bad in front of the other 20 or so people there. I continued helping until it was back down
to a reasonable ammount for 3 people to work (5 or so) and I went back and grabbed my stuff
and rang it up, I went to get myself some mtn dew as I always do when I buy something
there and when I come back Rob has already finished checkout and started bagging stuff
Me: I still got this drink, and how did you do all that without my card? Rob: with that hell you helped us with, and
that one lady, I might as well help you out some myself, drink’s free too
Me: what? I was just being me, you don’t need to do
th- Rob: don’t worry about it, go finish your
car, i wanna see it next time you come back Give Me a Spring Break XL My boyfriend and I went to Key West with two
other friends for spring break. It was a blast, but it was busy, as I said,
it was spring break. We were sitting at an outdoor lounge area,
where I could be able to sit under one of those big umbrellas. I am the whitest of cave dwelling white boys,
and my bf and best friend could sit at the same table, but in the sun. They have plenty of melanin to make the sun
their friend. (Did I end up being a lobster anyway. Yes, I did. But that is another story.) Three of us stayed at the table, to make sure
nobody else grabbed it, and my bf went in to get our drinks. He’s always the one to take care of the
group when we’re out, and the server seemed to have her hands more than full with a larger
table. While he was gone, an elderly woman, large
sun hat, giant sunglasses, and actually more than one tote bag stuffed with this and that,
parked herself at the table next to ours. Our drinks were not small, and my bf had to
make two trips. On his first trip back, he set two drinks
down and informed us of the situation, “Right back with the other ones.” He turned right around and started to head
back in. At that point we heard a droning squawk, something
like a parrot getting ready to talk, and our heads all turned to the noise. The lady was waving her hand toward my boyfriend
in that palm up, come over here quick quick quick, gesture, but without even looking in
his direction. He stopped, with an inquisitive but polite
look on his face to see where this would lead. “Hold on there. Don’t be in such a rush. I’ll get an ice tea, lime, not lemon, three
sugars, and a straw.” the lady said. “There was no straw last time”. My bf had a grin on his face, but said nothing,
and just looked at us and raised his eyebrows in amusement. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, in no
way close to anything the server was wearing. It got better. She repeated herself with hand gestures. “…tea, (mimes drinking), …three (puts
up 3 fingers), tres sugars, por favor.” Oh no she didn’t. Yes she did. “That’s interesting,” my bf says to
the lady, and turns to go back into the restaurant. He returned with our other drinks, and the
lady was perked up and ready, when she didn’t see her ice tea. He didn’t even have time to sit down when
she said, “C’mon now, what kind of service is this. Comprendo or not? Just, I cannot believe this!” My bf answered her in kind, “Si, entiendo,
but r-slash-I don’t work here, lady.” She deflects, “really, if you’re going
to live in this country, please (at least she said please?) learn to speak English fluently…
[something something. I was too taken aback to remember past that
point.] “We’re from Canada, ma’am. We don’t live in your country,” he said
to her, “and straws are not healthy for sea life.” That was the last thing he said to her. She mumbled something like “getting them
from everywhere” and turned away from us. Lady, me and my queer, multicultural rainbow
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