Hi it’s Therese Lostinpaper and I’m
here for scrapbook boutique and today I have a quick tip for you I’m going to be
making a card as well and using these really cute Gerda steiner designs stamps
it’s called alien invasion and this is a new set of stamp for me they’re from
altenew and they’re called the halftime circles and my quick tip today
is how to prep a stamp and there’s lots of different ways that you can do it new
stamps act differently depending on the type of stamp the type of ink the type
of card stock everything can make a difference so it is just a matter of
playing so I’ve done nothing to these stamps just taken off the packaging out
of the ink and standing this is my normal cardstock and if you can see that
that’s my bamboo ink I probably didn’t pick the best tips to show this with but
you can see that it’s not actually got the best coverage it looks okay but if I
use that stamp a few more times it will probably be stamped heaps better
so here’s my tip use an eraser it’s just cheap everyday eraser nothing fancy
about this and I’m just kind of wiping it all lightly all over the stamp and if
you actually feel the stamp afterwards you can feel that it’s different now I’m
going to stamp it in the same color but I did decide to go for the bigger ink
pad because it was easier and I this stamp yeah I just dropped it and got ink
on my finger I’m sorry so I’m just am going to add a touch more over this side
otherwise it wouldn’t look right but anyway the only difference here is I’ve
actually prep the stamp with the eraser and can you see the difference it’s a
lot crisper result lots of different ways to prep stamps this is just one and
this is the one I might go to prepping stamp technique for the moment and it
seems to work the best out of any of the other options that I’ve tried like using
Versamark ink first stamping it a hundred times first
all those other options alright so now let’s get on with making the card I’m
actually working straight on the card front so it’s a top fold card and I’ve
got it opened up using the stamps that I’ve prepped earlier and three different
colors that I think go really well together they’re all two new inks that
sub bamboo orange cream and ocean waves and I’m just stamping out a basic
pattern in the lower left corner of the card front and keeping it very clean and
simple and this is going to be the background for my design I’ve stamped
out this little fella from the alien invasion set in some memento tuxedo
black and coloring with some kopecks today I hope he has rolls but I wanted
to have more rolls so what I’ve done is come in with my darkest marker first on
a second I did the light first so that I’ve got some highlight there but then I
decided to come in with the darkest marker and add some extra rolls and then
I can work backwards with my shading I’ll have it just saw the yg family here
and I’ll have the markers let’s list it off to the side so you can see which
colors I used but basically I just kept blending until I was sort of happy with
the design and the roll is me too I did actually probably remove a little
bit too much color at a couple of points so that was easy fix so I could just
come back in with the darker color and re-add the details there’s so many
really cute little creatures in this stamp set I’m going to have to do a
little scene I think it’s even got a spaceship I thought it’s an older stamp
set I think I’m not sure but it’s the first time I’ve ever used it so I did
prep my stamp with the eraser and it worked well but some stamps just stamp
well anyway it depends on your cardstock and what ink
using but if you are having trouble this is just one trick that I thought I’d
share that I learnt from some of the fabulous people on the Internet and
sorry I can’t remember who they were but you know who you are and I just want to say thank you very much it’s a game changer what else am I doing
here oh yeah I’m still coloring and I do fussy cut this little creature out as
well I don’t share that in today’s video because it was more about just prepping
Stamps and making a quick card there are a couple of really cute smiles in
the set as well but I decided just to use my black marker and actually add in
my own smile as well as just darken up the eyes because if you know memento
tuxedo black it’s not the blackest black – awesome ink but it doesn’t stamp as
black as I’d like sometimes the sentiment comes from the same set and
I’ve only got a big block that’s going to fit it so here’s a trick add a second
stamp to the block make sure it’s clean and then stamp and you’re less likely to
rock the image and get uh smudged up into sediment I’m going to die cut this
out with the MFT this is a rectangle word window frames and that’s a mouthful
and I’m just going to run that through my die cutting machine and this die
gives you the center portion as well as a window frame to the and there’s like
three and a set and they’re really cool so I cut it a second time with some
really cool MFT paper this is from the black and white basics pad I just had to
have this paper pad if you’ve seen it like it just has every kind of black and
white pattern that you could ever want I’m doubling up the design paper on some
cardstock because I’m going to just sort of hang it over the edge of the card and
it will just give it a little bit more support using my matte medium to do that
and then I decided to pop up the center sentiment so I cut it again in some fun
foam adding some matte medium again and then I can just pop that on top and
that way my sentiment is actually going to sit higher than the window frame and
I just thought that’d be fun I’m using my matte medium to adhere the
frame again to the front of the card I’m focusing everything down that lower left
corner like I said a real quick and easy and simple design I think this would
make a really great children’s or men’s card if you know a man that you think
would like an alien card I do have it some score tape to the back of the
popped up sentiment some fun foam no not fun fine some foam squares to the back
of my little alien and that’s my finished card for today
thanks so much for joining me I’ll have everything linked below in the
description or head over head on over to scrapbook boutique to find things more
till next time happy papercrafting bye