ProJared: The Story You Never Knew

During the week of may 5th 2019 the internet
came together in a way never before seen for 1 single purpose: to instantly and mercilessly
burn a man’s career to the ground, this, is that story. Let us begin. In 2009 a young comedian and game enthusiast
from wisconsin moved to Texas to follow his dream and work in the new gaming media. He became a reviewer and and editor for one
of the then biggest online gaming entertainment sites of the time, Screw attack. This man’s name was jared lee knabenbauer
and a year later he released a review of a bad game called two worlds on youtube under
the name DMjared. At the same time, fellow screw attack content
creators austin hargrave and jon jafari were leaving to create their own hosting site and
group known as normal boots. The pair recruited jirard khalil and the group
Continue? to their team. Meanwhile DMjared’s video did so well that
he had to change his name to projared cause DMjared just wasn’t pro enough. He continued making reviews on classic games:
think avgn meets jontron with a side of dry humor and you have projared. It worked well. He also started one minute reviews for modern
games until youtube decided short videos were the devil, all the while amassing himself
a sizeable audience. In 2012 normal boots closed it’s doors and
went on hiatus and projared left screw attack to focus on his growing youtube channel. Two years later, in 2014, normal boots re-opened
with a new look, and new members including satchel drakes… and projared. This was also the year jared married heidi
O’ferral an award winning non-lewd cosplayer. Score bro, what a year! This was prime time gaming youtube, and normal
boots was at the top of the pile with funny and creative content providers, each with
their own spin on the “mega gamer review guy” formula. Jared stuck out from the rest as a relatable
nerd, he wore a goofy blue button up, he had a doofy hair style and face, and i mean, he
just looks like a doof alright, that’s objective okay i’m not shitting on the guy, he was just
born that way? However, out of all of the normal boots guys
projared was the one that spoke to the little people. He was often trailing behind the big three
(jontron, austin pbg, and jirard The Completionist) and chose to cover more obscure titles like
kid clown, and nerdier things like magic the gathering and dungeons and dragons later in
his career. Jared carved out a niche for himself on youtube. He worked with the game grumps, all of his
normal boots companions, appeared at more cons than you can count, paneled, streamed,
started a lets play channel with over 300k subs, he even filmed a short with god himself:
reggie fils-aime, (rest well sweet prince) he’s not dead he just left nintendo. and
even became a regular on dice camera action, a series on D&D’s official channel, with
his friend holly conrad: also a co-contributor to the series jared guest starred in on game
grumps. Together with the darling angel anna prosser
and natewantstobtl they became the waffle crew. However in 2018 something happened. After his yearly E3 reviews jared stopped
uploading on projaredl. At the time he had overtaken jirard the completionist
in subscribers and was close to 1 million, a dream for many including ourselves (so subscribe
and hit that bell). In the last 12 months jared has uploaded 3
videos to his main channel, a sponsored final fantasy 4 video in june, a dedicated sponsored
video on shin megami tensei mobile in july, and then nothing until december when he posted
1 single video for his yearly D&D december series. He left a community post promising more, but
nothing came. Then, on May 9th 2019 projared became the
#1 trending topic on twitter in america for three days, and lost everything. What happened? Well, Prepare yourself. This is the story of projared. The story you never knew. I want to preface this video with a disclaimer,
we’re covering this for a reason and we mean no offence to anyone affiliated with
projared. We have friends associated with normal boots
and for those we haven’t met, they are our respected peers. They are human beings who have been dealt
a blow to their business, but more importantly their lives and hearts. Our best wishes are with them in these trying
times. We’re covering this topic because of the overwhelming
drama trash and misinformation on this subject. So we’d like to cover it with… style and
grace. Something we can’t always promise
Despite jared being absent from his own accomplished channel in 2019 he was still consistently
uploading to his let’s play channel and making regular appearances on the new normal
boots flagship show madness. He previously announced he had been having
some mental health issues but seemed to be recovering smoothly… until may 8th at 11:45
pm eastern. That night Jared left “A STATEMENT” on
his twitter, declaring that he and his wife heidi were getting a divorce. He claimed that after both couples and personal
therapy the two had come to this decision, that there will be rumors and speculation,
He claimed his highest priority is Heidi’s privacy and mental wellbeing. I was saddened by the news as a fan of both
parties. So was jared’s wafflecrew teammate holly
conrad, AKA commanderHolly who stated as such, and promised to be there for jared whenever
he needed her. Then, oh man, THEN the bomb dropped, like
KERPLOW man, nuked, friggen rocket launcher at the hooverdam, blown UP! Heidi O’ferral popped on twitter at 12:13
AM may 9th and revealed to the world that her husband projared had been cheating on
her for MONTHS with…Holly Conrad. Like full penetraysh cheating, that’s how
you say it gracefully. Also that he blocked her, so heidi had no
idea what he had announced to the public… publicly. She continued to explain that she had proof
of him cheating, naughty pictures like the ones I send to Ryan, and explicit conversations. Also that he had been lying. According to Heidi, Jared was telling her
that he was trying to fix their marriage while promising Holly he was leaving his wife. Meanwhile he was going around to his famous
friends and spinning heidi to be the cause of his distress, of course leaving out his
cheating. The alleged proof dates back to the fall of
2018, almost immediately following the public divorce of holly conrad and her husband ross
o’donovan. Ross is a talented animator and artist as
well as a game grumps. Regardless, not a great year for the irish
it seems. Speaking of Ms O’ferral She had been slowly
excluded from her’s and jared’s mutual friend group BY JARED and isolated. She also claims to be gaslit by him, a manipulation
tactic which makes the abused call into question their own sanity. It’s unfortunately quite common, an example
of gaslighting would be someone comes to you and says “why did you do this?” and you
say, “but i didn’t!” (cause you really didnt) and then they say “yes you did, i
saw you do it” That is gaslighting. Get someone alone and do it enough, it’ll
corrode their view on reality. There’s only two of you in the situation,
so you can’t prove you didn’t do it, there’s no one to help you or corroborate your story. Its abuse. Though proof has not been made public, heidi’s
reaction, her initial tweets stood as proof enough for me. Her reaction was angry, but also eloquent,
detailed, and articulate. It came off as the words from someone who
had suffered and was finally free. Who was scared but needed to tell the truth. Its important to note that while well known,
heidi is not at the same level of fame and influence as jared or holly, her occupation
is niche and arguably inflated by her marriage to jared. She stood to lose not only her marriage to
an abuser but also her career. Her clout. Her livelihood. She feared that the public would turn on her
and it would be pushed by jared, holly, and jareds manipulated friends with a combined
force of ruffly 7 million fans. This fear was brought on by a preemptive strike
at her credibility she couldn’t even see: Jareds “STATEMENT.” -What she didn’t expect was the support. Also she fired a nuke at holly that was like,
WHOAH! I’ve been in a hazmat suit for days. To step back for a sec, i’d like to point
out that treesicle is a 4 man team, we have members who have suffered similar circumstances
to heidi, we KNOW what it’s like to be in a similar situation, though not within the
public eye, that’s a whole new level. There was something viceral about heidi’s
words that struck a chord with us and many others. It couldn’t be ignored. I don’t think anyone was expecting what came
next. Almost immediately i saw jared’s weiner. And so did everyone else. I’d give it a five or a six, but those angles
man, i’d rate them a broken marriage out of ten. Yeah, it turns out that jared was doing a
little bit more than cheating. Well. lets say a LOT a bit more. Apparently before tumblr got lame and puritan,
jared had run a few blogs here and there, one in which he had asked his fans for -them
birthday suit pics. You know, it was one of those “body positivity
blogs” aka legit bate material for 85% of the population. Allegedly, some of these pics were from…people
below the age of consent. Heres a few their testimonials, feel free
to pause and read. Basically, according to their accounts they
were manipulated and groomed at 16 by jared to engage in not legal and super nekked conduct. Here’s the thing. Anyone can make one of those blogs, or could
at the time, but jared wasn’t just anyone. He was a public figure and arguably one with
a young audience. This fact allegedly didn’t bother him at
all…allegedly. Turns out the guy not only had this original
blog, but SEVERAL others and at least one “super secret shh shh dont tell your mom
and dad or you’ll get in trouble” blog called sinjared. Yeah. Jared also had a secret snapchat where, like
in his blogs, he communicated explicitly with his fans and has solicited and sent some o’
those, mm’ spicy pics. many unwanted. All of them unwanted by me, thanks twitter,
i need some unsee juice. Again, hard proof hasn’t come forward yet,
but there are images, texts, i mean, the bad looks are piling up and there’s a whoooole
lot of them. It’s been spilled from all over the internet,
like people were just waiting for a crack so they could slip through. Know that unless this goes to court, Jared
will not be held responsible for these manipulative actions. But what we do have is via screenshots and
first person testimonials is damning. So, what happened next? Well, The whole internet caught fire. Holly immediately fled at 12:39 am may 9th
leaving a manipulative and deceptive tweet in her wake, telling people not to believe
heidi cause they don’t know her, but to trust in holly because they DO know her. That’s called a character lie, it’s manipulating
people into believing words based on outward appearances as well as social status in her
case. Most people don’t know this, but heidi and
holly were close. Her and jared stayed with holly and ross for
two months after jared’s house was flooded two years ago. Big oof, big oofs all around. As of recording of this video holly has not
returned to social media. Her youtube channel, twitter and instagram
have been stormed by haters armed with the dankest memes. Her career and reputation has taken a huge
hit to say the least. it should also be noted that she has privated
her twitter and instagram, which is what i would do if i was innocent, you know meee. As for Jared, he broke records losing over
10% of his audience on youtube in one day, about 100+ thousand subs and has since continued
to decline, soon to drop under 800k from over 1mill. The record is in percent of your audience
lost, not subscriber numbers, even James Charles only lost 8% of his subs the next day. His fans turned on him, and then the world
turned on him. His manipulative affair and abuse coupled
with accusations by minors made #1 trending on Twitter in america and stayed there for
multiple days. Like commanderholly, all of his social media
and his youtube channel have been burned to the ground by the fireyest memes we’ve seen
in a long time. Its truly been an unprecedented experience. I have never seen the internet completely
come together to universally hate on something like this before. It’s honestly a little frightening, and
it must really suck to be projared or commander holly right now. Big ol sucks to suck right there. So let’s talk about responses. At first jared’s friends austin and forrest
came to his defense. This triggered a nasty lashback from onlookers,
but it’s important to remember the manipulative nature of this situation. His friends and The normal boots team only
knew what Jared had told them. They didn’t know the other side. If something similar happened to one of us
we would have done the same instantly. Despite the initial nastiness, open apologies
have been made and heidi has forgiven everyone, i think she expected the hate more than the
apologies. After a silence, the official normal boots
twitter divulged that jared had been let go as of 6:35pm may 9th. The allegations of his predatory behavior
outside his relationship had been sent to their office on april 4th 2019 and a silent
investigation had been going on unbeknownst to the entire crew; besides their manager
jacque khalil, jirards brother. When the lid blew off the secret, a statement
had to be made. Side note, It’s no secret that Jon jafari
better known as jontron left normal boots on bad terms a few years back after revealing
he had some…controversial opinions. Show jontron meme “black people are bad
blah blah” He was then attacked and ostracized by the group including by jared. Needless to say jafari’s fans have revelled
in the whole projared situation. It should also be noted that again, if we
here were to suffer the same issue as normal boots, we too would’ve made the same choice
to let the accused party go, nobody wants to work with a kiddler diddler. Just ask Jared. Jared has made one tweet since “THE STATEMENT”
on may 10th 3:42pm explaining that he won’t be making a con and that he hopes everyone
who does go has a good time, the tweet was immediately burned to the ground by almost
6,000 spicy memeballs. Then, not long after. Another pivotal moment occurred. At 12:35 pm may 12th stachel “satchbag”
drakes announced he would be leaving normal boots, not wishing to be affiliated with the
name any longer. The break seems to be amicable. Btw his content is amazing you should check
it out. This is all the current information available
publicly. So let’s unpack this. Despite a relative lack of hard, public evidence
and a large amount of hard pubelic evidence, a man’s career has ended. He’s almost universally despised at the
national level. Heidi’s story has been corroborated by many
friends on twitter who where previously aware of the situation. Many people have come forward testifying accusations
against jared, including his victims as well as manipulated co mods for his sassy seductive
blogs. His longtime friends have publicly abandoned
him and neither he nor his alleged mistress have made any attempt to deny anything. Even jared’s subreddit had a coup and has
since been burned to the ground by its own mods and contributors and made into a giant
meme pile and will be archived. Judging by jareds manipulative preemptive
strike on his wife aka “THE STATEMENT,” along with holly’s flight to her secret
birds nest after dropping some hot character lies on our collective windshields, the cheating
scandal is pretty much confirmed. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a little weirdness
on heidi’s side, she was aware of at least SOME of the side stuff jared was doing. She knew about the “body positivity blogs”
but stated that she asked for them to be dropped in 2017, she was unaware that they continued
in secret As well as his bone tastic snapchat. It ALWAYS takes two to tango so we aren’t
saying heidi is perfect, however, at this moment in time there is no evidence to the
contrary. This is an issue on a much larger scale than
some hot tea and a dirty child lover getting what he deserved, and also a child lover loverer
getting what she deserved. That being, said we don’t know if Holly
knew about Jared’s (alleged) extra curricular activities. What we do know is, this fiasco is an abuse
of power, abuse of platform, and manipulation on a level rarely revealed to the public,
unless you’re a president, talking about Nixon, of course… The reason jared has been turned on is because
of kids, haha, phrasing am i right? no i mean the reason the public turned on
jared is because he APPEARED to be one of us, not a youtuber, but a dork. A funny looking dork who managed to get it
all. He had the dream, fame, money, married to
a beautiful talented wife, very cool friends, an awesome career, respect. Just for doing the things we did with our
friends in the basement. And by that i mean playing D&D, whats wrong
with you? But he USED that power to hurt people. He hurt his wife, he hurt his friends, he
hurt his fans, he hurt CHILDREN, and he hurt gaming and youtube. This is bad. It looks bad, and it left a lot of people
sitting around being sore at a guy who had it all and deserved none of it. (allegedly). You think this won’t have deeper repercussions
than two dead careers and possible jail time? Just wait, this will backfire on all of youtube. And on a personal note, jared hurt us, we
were fans too. As for Holly, she’s always been an advocate
for mental health and women’s health. I personally was a fan, even had a crush on
her. I almost bought one of her backpacks. But there she was, knowingly hurting her friend
behind her back. Basically being a giant alleged hypocrite.The
cheating debacle was deliberate and mean spirited on both parties, the CP and manipulation of
fans is unforgivable on jared’s part. As people in the public eye it is our duty,
our OBLIGATION, to be good, to be role models. I stand by that. We like to make horrible jokes, cause it’s
funny. Just ask your mom i had her up all night in
stitches. But seriously, it’s a rare and special thing
to have a platform. To be able to reach millions of people. To use that for something as petty as bate
material? To use that to manipulate the people who look
up to you and trust you, who CARE about you, to use it to take advantage of impressionable
teenagers? Well there’s no words. We try to leave our audience with some insight,
and some positivity to get through their week, but we also give that to each other. Simply acting the right way means nothing,
you have to BE that way, because if you’re not, if you’re FAKING it, you’ll get caught. It’s 2019, everything you do leaves a trail,
you WILL be caught, and every skeleton you have in your closet will come out, just like
jared’s. We were fans. Now we’re just disgusted. On a lighter note, it seems that heidi is
doing okay, at least outwardly. She says she is safe in her own place. The support in her direction has been a beacon
of hope and let’s not forget that jirard the completionist has set up a charity effort
in the name of this debacle, i recommend you check out his twitter or community page and
donate if you have the means. And If you need a laugh after this i suggest
jared’s instagram… there’s a lot of clowns there. Thats the story of projared. The story you never knew.

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