Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter
Diet book and on-line program, and today we’re going to talk about seven shopping traps that
you should be aware of as you try to cut your clutter calories [POP] going into the holiday
season. We have Black Friday and the heavy shopping
season upon us. This is my Sunday circulars from just one Sunday newspaper. This is only
the circulars, not the paper. Lots of stuff going on, lots of ways that you can spend
money. So let’s talk about some of these traps that are marketing ploys that might
cause you to spend more than you intended. First, the “one in every color” trap.
So if you find a white sweater that you want, maybe you decide you’d like to have that
in brown, too. And that’s great, but only if you really like that sweater and you really
need that other color. So make sure that that makes sense for you and that you’re not
just getting sucked in to being in the moment there in the store. And the next trap is related
to that, and it’s the one I call “collect them all.” So whether it’s figurines or
some other kind of collectible where there’s a set of something, you have this little tendency
sometimes to want to collect the whole set just for the sake of having the set in its
entirety. And what you want to do is focus on having only the items that you really like
and you really want and not just getting them all only because they’re a set. The third trap is the “free gift with purchase”
trap. And this is what we see, ladies, at the makeup counter. So you might buy that
one lipstick, and if you buy one more thing, you get the free gift, which is usually some
kind of makeup bag filled with sample products. What’s funny is most of the time you didn’t
need to have that second item, and [POP] you also end up not even liking the colors and
the other things that are in the sample pack. Maybe all you really like is the bag and you
probably already have five or 10 of those little bags in your closet. So think about
that before you take the plunge and move forward with that free gift. The next trap is “bigger is better.” So
this happens when you go to a warehouse store like Sam’s or Costco, and you go in there
and you need one can of black beans. And all they have is a flat, a case, of black beans,
and there are six or 12 cans there and you have to buy all of those to be able to get
what you need. So don’t do that if it doesn’t make sense, especially if this is an item
that can spoil in your pantry or your refrigerator. Think really hard and maybe it is worth that
other trip to the regular grocery store to get that one can instead. The fifth trap is the “free shipping”
trap. So you are shopping on-line and you know if you just spend $50, you can get free
shipping. So you end up buying that one extra item you didn’t need just because the shipping
was free. So that’s not really a bargain and sometimes if you even intended to buy
that item, it might not be the best price for that item and there’s a hidden cost
in there for that shipping. So be careful of that one too. Number six is the “it’s on sale” trap.
So just in general the idea that you’re going to buy something just because it’s
a bargain, and that you may be sucked in to the urgency of the moment or the fear of loss,
where you might not be able to get this deal again, it’s not a bargain if you never really
needed the item in the first place. And the seventh and final trap is what I call
the “Krispy Kreme” trap. It’s when you’re trying to cut your clutter calories and you
go to stores where you’re tempted to spend more than you need to spend. So if you are
trying to lose weight, you probably don’t want to go to Krispy Kreme because you know
you’re going to eat donuts there. So it’s the same thing. If you have temptations at
places like shoe stores, or flea markets, or garage sales, or used book stores, places
like that where you usually come out of there with more than you expected, you need to have
a strategy to either not go to those places or to go in there with a list, or go with
a friend. Don’t go alone, so that someone can talk you down out of some of those purchases
that create clutter in your life. If you’d like a little bit more help when
you’re out there shopping, we have this Wallet Reminder Sleeve that we have available
for free on our Free Tips page. You can see the link here. What you do is you print these
out and you fold them up and on the front are the five questions you should ask before
buying anything. You keep your favorite debit or credit card inside the sleeve and you tape
it up. And this is in your wallet all the time, so when you’re at the checkout you
can look at those five questions and see if you really needed to buy this item. Once again,
you can get that on our Free Tips page, http://www.clutterdiet.com/freetips. See you next time, and may you always be happy
and grateful for having more than enough.