(playful music) – [Narrator] Tic Tac Toy! (spring bounce) – This video is sponsored by Zuru. (upbeat guitar music) Oh, I’m so glad I got these
new Series 2 Rainbocorns in stock today because they are going to make me a lot of money when they fly off the shelves today. I’m digging the new teal egg too! This will add a nice pop
of color to my store. I just might have to find a way to hatch one of these new babies myself. Mm-hmm, these sparkle heart surprises look a little intriguing too! Mm-hmm, while I open for business today, I’m gonna hatch a conniving
little plan to make sure I get to open some Series
2 Rainbocorns myself! – Wow, Addy! Where did you get these brand
new Series 2 Rainbocorns? – They were the last two
in the Toy Hotel gift shop. I had to grab them, because I heard that the new
ones had 10 layers to hatch! – Sweet, I heard that there’s
13 new characters to collect. Can we open them now? – Of course! (packages opening) – [Addy] Look, there’s a hatching hint. – Mine says, I love Zs. What animal likes to sleep a lot, Addy? – I don’t know! Do unicorns like to sleep a lot? – Maybe so, what does your hint say? – I love music. I don’t know what type
of animals like music. – Well, let’s hatch ’em and find out! – My character must
love to play the guitar. – And mine loves to eat bamboo! I bet I got a Pandacorn! – [Both] Whoa! – I got the purple Llamacorn! – And I got a Pandacorn! – There, I got your sequin heart back on. – Look how glittery and
sparkly my Panda ears are! – Yeah, check out my Llamacorn’s wings! They are sparkly. – Let’s see what other
surprises are in our eggs! Whoa, check out these stickers! So sparkly! And I bet these are some
of the other Rainbocorns you can collect. Oh, look, there’s your Llamacorn, Addy! – Yeah, and I got stickers too! – O-M-G, did you see
there’s Rainbocorn poop? – Awesome! (package opening) These feel amazing! (laughing) – And let’s see what else is inside. What do you think’s inside these? – Only one way to find out! It’s a bracelet hair tie
with a Boo-Boocorn charm. – [Avery] And mine has my Pandacorn on it! – And we still have to
open our Boo-Boocorns! It’s a Boo-Boo llama! – And there’s 50 to collect! Look, I got a Boo-Boo panda. And I love its colors! – Are those Series 2 Rainbocorns? I heard Twins and Toys made these. – Really?
I heard it was Fam Jam. – Where did you get these? Because I have to have one! – I got them in the Toy Hotel gift shop, but I’m afraid these were the last two. – That’s so not fair! – Well, I heard you can find them in a local Toys R Us store too, Maya. – Then I will go there right away! – Okay, we can take you, but let’s check out the
collector’s guide first to see what other characters we can get. – There’s Unicorn, Owlcorn, and Pandacorn. And, Lioncorns, Llamacorns,
and Flamingocorns! – And wow, a rare golden Flamingocorn? I’ve got to have that! – Me too! – Me three! – Then let’s all head to Toys R Us! – Yeah! (upbeat music) – Toys R Us, open for business! Come on by! Toys R Us! Oh, here come my first
unsuspecting customers. I think I’ll have a little fun with that little one. She’ll be the ticket to my very own Rainbocorn
Series 2 collection. – Hi there, we’re shopping for
Series 2 Rainbocorns today. – Oh, it looks like you
have quite a few over there. – Sure do, and to kick off their launch, I’m going to sell them for
only 20 toy dollars today. – Sounds like a bargain! I’ll take the one with
the silver sequin heart. – And I’ll go with the one
with the gold sequin heart! – And I’ll go for the one
with that white sequin heart. – All wonderful choices! I’ll just need 20 toy dollars
from each of you, please. – [All] Here you go! – Thank you, thank you,
and thank you. (chuckling) (cash register opening) And, if you girls will just
hand me your Rainbocorns, I’ll get them all bagged up for you. – Okay, great, here you go. – Thank you! Now for my plan. – I can’t wait to see
what I got this time! – Oh, me neither! – One, Two, Good, they’re not paying any attention. – I really hope I find that
rare golden Flamingocorn, but I’ll be happy with whatever I get. – For sure, they’re all super cool. – Okay, girls! I have your Rainbocorns all bagged up! – Oh, great! – Here is yours, and here is yours, and for the little one, there is yours! – Thank you! – Now, just make sure you
girls don’t upon your bags until you get back home. All the way back home. – Okay! – That was a little odd, wasn’t it. – Yeah, but at least we
have our Rainbocorns. – Let’s go to the Rainbocorn
lounge to open them! (upbeat techno music) – Okay, girls, it’s Rainbocorn time! – Can’t wait to see who’s inside! – Me neither! – What in the world? I got an old stinky shoe in my bag! – What?
That can’t be right! I guess it is right. – This is so not fair! You two have two Rainbocorns now, and all I have is this old stinky shoe. (playful music) – I bet that little one
is just now discovering that she didn’t make it
home with her Rainbocorn! (laughing) I have it, and it’s time to hatch! (package opening) Who am I gonna get? I’ve always wanted to
flip the sequin hearts! It loves rainbow poop? And horseshoes. I bet I got the unicorn! (gasping) I did! It’s strawberry scented, and oh so cute! Let me put my sequin heart back on. Time to see what other surprises I got! Wow, Rainbocorn poop? Colorful stickers? What’s inside here? (package opening) A bracelet with a charm! I’ll put this on before
I open my Boo-Boocorn. Aw, what a cute Boo-Boo unicorn! And let’s see what your name is. (gasping) You’re Jazz! The purple unicorn. Ooh, I can collect the white unicorn, too? And its name is Flash?
Mm-hmm. I wanna collect all 13 of you guys! Yeah, I need to find a way
to add some more Rainbocorns to my collection. Mm-hmm, you smell good! (upbeat music) – I must have a tropical Rainbocorn. Mine likes pineapple drinks. – Wow, I got a shooting star! I wonder what type of
Rainbocorn it would be? – This is just unbelievable. You two are happily hatching away when I have a stinky shoe over here. – I’m sorry, Maya. Why don’t you march right
back to that toy store and demand an exchange? – You bet I will! This is inexcusable! – Okay, Avery, time to hatch! – Hug to hatch! (gasping) A Flamingocorn! – O-M-G, that’s adorable. – Isn’t it?
Now what did you get, Addy? – Let’s hug to hatch! An Owlcorn, simply amazing. It looks like I got
Poppy the Flamingocorn. – What’s the name of my Owlcorn? – It looks like her name is Luna! – Let’s sniff them and
see what scents they are. – Definitely strawberry. – Mine’s ice cream scented! – And check out the bracelet I’m adding to my new collection! – So cute, and we got some more stickers! – And now it’s Boo-Boocorn time. Aw, check out my Boo-Boo flamingo! – Let’s see mine, aw. You know you can use these
as pencil toppers too, Avery? – No way! – Time to open the Rainbocorn poop. – Mm-hmm, I just love my new
Boo-Boocorn pencil topper. Toys R Us store, come on by! Toys R Us, open for business! (upbeat music) Uh-oh, here comes trouble. – Excuse me, lady, but you
have some explaining to do. – Welcome to Toys R Us! How may I help you? I bought a Series 2 Rainbocorn from you. But it had this stinky shoe in my bag. No Rainbocorn. (growling) – Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, but you didn’t buy that here. I remember every face
that comes by my store, and I cannot remember your face at all. – Are you kidding me? I bought a Rainbocorn here 15 minutes ago! You gave me this bag with
the stinky shoe in it. – Uh-uh, wasn’t me. – I demand a refund. – Do you have a receipt? I only give refunds with
a proof of purchase. – No, you didn’t give me a receipt! – Well, it wasn’t me then. I always give my customers receipts. – I can’t believe this is happening. – If you’d still like a
Series 2 Rainbocorn, I have a couple leftover here. And, to celebrate their launch, I’m selling them for only– – 20 toy dollars, I know. You told me this last time I was here. – If I were you, I’d get
one before I’m all sold out. – I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I really want one. I’ll take this one with
the fluorescent heart. – Wonderful, that’ll only be– – 20 toy dollars, I know. – Wonderful, wonderful! – Hey, I don’t remember
seeing that Rainbocorn last time I was here. – Oh, yes, it’s my own personal
unicorn from Series 2. – Interesting. – Let me just bag that
Rainbocorn up for you. – So your Rainbocorn has
a gold sequin heart, huh? – Sure does, and it came with
this bracelet with a charm, some Rainbocorn poop, and
even some cool stickers that I put on my cash register, plus more! – Huh. – Well, here you go, and
there’s your Rainbocorn. – Thank you. – You’re welcome! Oh, and don’t forget to open
that bag until you get home. All the way home. – Wanna swap sequin hearts, Avery? – Yeah, I’ll trade you the pineapple drink for the shooting star. – Deal! – [Both] Swap! – They look cute like this! – Well, I’m finally back. – Oh, hey Maya! – And let me tell you that that
Toys R Us lady is cray cray. – Really? Me and Avery were just getting ready to go back to try and find
that rare golden Flamingocorn. I hope she doesn’t give us any trouble. – Well, let’s clip some
of these sequin hearts on our bag before we go. – Great idea, you know, you can
wear them in your hair, too. – How cool! – Just clip it on. – We’ll be right back, Maya! – Okay, guys, I’m just
gonna open my Rainbocorn. (upbeat music) – Another adorable Rainbocorn
to add to my collection, and this time it’s a
grape-scented Lioncorn! I’ve got my charms on, and let’s see what your name is now! It looks like your name is Leo, and I can collect a pink
Lioncorn named Lola. And Lola has a donut on its heart belly. Mm-hmm, the more of these I open, the more of them I want! And there is one more
on the shelf, mm-hmm. (guitar music) – What?
Another stinky shoe? This is getting out of control! – Let’s see what Boo-Boocorn I got! (gasping) No way! I got rare Boo-Boo lion twins! I never thought I’d get twins. This is super exciting. – I can’t wait to get more Rainbocorns! – Oh Leo, here come some more customers! – Oh, there’s only one
Series 2 Rainbocorn left! How do we decide who gets it? – Well, I first did introduce
you into Rainbocorns, so I kinda think I should get it. – Yeah, but you have all of Series 1, and I only have a couple. So, I kinda think I should get it. – I couldn’t help but overhear
your conversation, girls. Why don’t you each get a
Sparkle Heart Surprise instead? They’re some of the newest
plush in Rainboville, you know. – That does sound fair. What do you think? – Yeah, I like that idea. I’ve been wanting to
check them out anyways. – That will be 10 toy
dollars each, please. – [Both] Here you go! – Thank you. And, let me just bag those up for you! Thank you. – Oh, well thanks! – So, have either of you found the rare golden Flamingocorn yet? – No, we haven’t, but I’ve gotten a
Llamacorn and an Owlcorn. – Yeah, and I’ve hatched a
Pandacorn and a Flamingocorn. – Mm-hmm, well, here are your bags, girls. They’re both in there. Thank you for shopping at Toys R Us! – [Both] Thank you! – Mm-hmm, I wonder if that
last Series 2 Rainbocorn is that rare golden Flamingocorn. (suspense music) – Oh, here comes the little one again. Looks like I’m about to find out what is inside that last Rainbocorn! – Okay lady, you did it again! – Welcome to Toys R Us! How may I help you? – You know what you did! You gave me another
old, dirty, smelly shoe. – An old, dirty shoe? (gasping) Who would do such a thing? – You! – Me? – I wanna exchange this old,
ugly shoe for a Rainbocorn. – Oh, I would be more than
happy to offer an exchange! – Well, that’s more like it. – I’ll just need a receipt. – But you never give me receipts! – Oh, I’m afraid without a receipt, I can’t help you then. – But all I want is a
Rainbocorn that I paid for! – Well, I only have one
Series 2 Rainbocorn left on the shelf, so if you want it, you better buy it before
someone else comes in and sweeps it right up. – Oh, fine! – Wonderful idea, that’ll just be– – I know, $20. – That’s right, 20 toy dollars. – Hey, I see you have
a new Rainbocorn there. – Oh, yes, this is my new one
from my personal collection. It’s a Lioncorn. – And what color is the sequin heart? – It’s a crown, and then
a fluorescent heart! – Fluorescent heart, you say? – Yup, and it came with
another charm bracelet, some Rainbocorn poop, Boo-Boocorn twins, and a whole bunch more stickers. – Huh, interesting. – Wow, five surprises hiding inside? – And color-changing Boo-Boocorns? – We’ve got to get these
Sparkle Heart Surprises open. – For sure. – There are six Sparkle Heart Surprise characters to collect. Unicorn, Flamingocorn, Bunnycorn, Llamacorn, Puppycorn, and Kittycorn! – It’s Sunny! And we can peel to reveal what she loves. Aw, pineapples! – And it looks like I have Peach. Let me see what she loves. Ice cream bars! Just like me! – Let’s see what the other surprises are. – Ooh, more Rainbocorn poop. – Can never have too much. – And the Boo-Boocorn. (happy music) It’s a Boo-Boo flamingo. – And let’s see what I got. (gasping) A Boo-Boo kitty! – Should we color change? – For sure. Wow, did you see that change? – Yeah, let me try mine! Wow, that was awesome! – Yeah, the Rainbocorn poop
comes in three different colors. – Yes, fascinating. – Well, you know what,
you already paid me, so why don’t you just
give me that Rainbocorn so I can get it all bagged up for you? – I’m not falling for it this time, lady! – (gasping) Hey, hey, come back here! That’s my Rainbocorn! (growling) (upbeat music) – I can’t believe you
outsmarted her, Maya. – And I’m sorry we didn’t believe you. – Yeah, I feel bad that we were no help. – Well, you girls can help
me open my Rainbocorn, if you like. – Really? – Sure, let’s flip the sequins! – (gasping) It must love soda! – Well, let’s hug it to hatch it. (plastic cracking) – [All] The rare golden Flamingocorn! – Well, if anyone deserved to find it, it was you, Maya. – Agreed. – Let’s put its sequin heart on. There!
You look fantastic. – And you also have stickers and Rainbocorn poop in there, Maya. – And open your bracelet
and Boo-Boocorn charm. – Of course!
Let’s see what I got. So cool! – And what Boo-Boocorn did you get? – Let’s see. (gasping) It’s adorable! – Well, I think we all got
some amazing Rainbocorns. Yup, I absolutely love mine. – And mine are simply adorable. – Series 2 is the best! (upbeat music)
(chimes beat)