hello everyone my name is Aditya Kumar Khanna – and I’m from named Ethel Otacon currently I am pursuing my PGDM in core marketing as well specialization and owing to this hard work dedication and sincerity I got faced as America based as a semi officer I did my summer internship from UM motors Gurgaon and the title of my project was managing the sales team and building customer relations I did various band promotion activities as GM was a new brand the reason why I did brand promotion activities was just to know what is the buying behavior of the customers towards a new Kranti IBM organizes various corporate events like CEO meets my inner conversion and corporate events that are held on weekly basis these events not only help me in knowing more about the corporate world but also help me in making good decisions during my essay talking about the mentor I would like to say that miss pooja she Vasa has always been a force of inspiration to me and the main person who helped me in achieving my goal apart from this I would like to thank all the faculty members who also played a very crucial role in my success Thank You Babar sir thank you Padma ma’am Thank You G Praveen sir thank you food Iraqi Thomas since I am talking about faculty members I would like to say that the teaching methodology at P aibum is excellent here we go through various training programs like scps abroad s AP certification Six Sigma Bloomberg finally I would like to say that if you want to make a great and ultra successful career in the field of management then p ib m– is a great place for all of you Thank You P i-beam for helping me to achieve my goal