ECU’s first mascot was a? Chris – So today we got Pirates Rock the
Mall. Sydni – I think it’s great. It gives us a chance to kind of connect with
the chancellor in a different way, other than just school wise. Chancellor – How are you doing? You all right? Sydni – I think the shirt is a great design. I love it – that’s why I got one. It definitely brings out a more fun side to
the chancellor. Chris – The line has been consistently long
all day for the t-shirts, so it’s in high demand. Sydni – I love the fact that they have the
food truck vendors. Cameron – The food is always, always good. It’s always good. Chris – We’ve got some yard games, very
much like a tailgate. Michael – Not much of a game. Haley – I think he’s a great guy and I
think he has a great plan for our university.