– [Narrator] Everyone needs a hobby, but some people take it a little too far. From building a potato
chip map of the world to organizing a ball pit by color and these people give whole new meaning to having far too much leisure time. Prepare to be amazed by these 30 people with too much time on their hands. – Amazing! – [Narrator] Sometimes
when I go to the store, I’m impressed at the displays
they make out of soda or beer cases. But some stores go way beyond creative in designing soda can walls. This tremendous Super Mario Bros display had to have taken several
people a whole day, possibly more to put up. Wouldn’t winning at the game be faster? This LEGO fan decided to make
an elaborate LEGO structure, out of a damaged wall. The Lego building even has
its own holes in the wall, so you can peek inside. We all had that one
friend when we were kids, you know, the one who kept the room clean, without their mom nagging them? Well apparently, today’s
version of that kid, had a leisure day at this
children’s play area, and decided to color code the ball pit. It takes a really dedicated
fan of mathematics and sweets, to calculate pi far enough to cover almost the entire top
layer of this big tree, but someone did it. Meanwhile this shopper at a
big-box store was also hungry, for a different kind of pie. Hey, not everyone can be a math genius, some people prefer simpler
pursuits in their spare time, like Tic-Tac-Toe. This bulldozer operator
apparently had some time to kill, on the job site, when they
carved out a Tic-Tac-Toe board, in the mud and started playing. I’m guessing their boss
wasn’t too Tic-Tac-Tickled, about how they spent their work hours. Aside from the time this
potato chip map of the world must have taken, I don’t
know how this person managed, to not eat all those chips. Betcha I couldn’t eat just
one while making a world map. Working in an office
isn’t always exciting, why not add some intrigue by
spending what had to be hours, tearing paper into tiny strips, and creating the image of a girl trying to escape from the wall. And I thought I was being creative by making that paper clip chain at work, or at home, I would never
waste time at work, really. Sometimes when I’m bored, I
think I might just go bananas. This person kind of did just
that, but they also created a detailed Minions’ portrait
on the outside of this banana. I just hope that wasn’t
all they brought for lunch, it would be a shame to
peel the banana now. Despite the dozens of
bottles in this picture, I have to assume this guy’s buddies weren’t quite as drunk as he was. It must have taken a certain
amount of coordination, to arrange them this neatly. Cheers to these dedicated designers. I can’t imagine how much
time it must have taken to color code this produce department. Worse, just think how
quickly it will get mixed up, once customers start
shopping the fruit section. Sometimes when I’m waiting
in line for a burger, I realize fast food can be really slow. Fortunately, one industrious individual took advantage of having
so much time to kill, and created this Star Wars sculpture. What? No paper mache death star made
out of napkins to go with it? Don’t worry, I found something
for the Star Trek fans too. It turns out man’s best friend also wants to boldly go where no
canine has gone before. This cat isn’t quite ready
to join the dog in space, but someone did have enough time to make their feline friend a plane. I find it funny, but somehow the cat doesn’t look amused at all. Maybe he’d prefer a new car,
maybe a Jaguar to a plane? Speaking of cars, who
hasn’t wanted to cover someone’s vehicle in Post-it notes? I admit it, I have been tempted, but I’ve never found the
time to actually do it, but someone lived out a
fantasy when they did this. Whoever made this egg-carton
couch complete with eggs, not only had plenty of time to do it, but a very delicate touch. Too bad they can’t sit down and relax, now that they’re finished, because that would likely
crush the eggs and the cartons. Coffee art is sometimes so pretty, I wouldn’t want to drink
it and disturb the picture. This cat reaching into a Koi pond is one of those coffee cream sculptures. Does it come with free catnip refills? Being snowed in is really, really boring, but it did provide this person
with the time they needed to build an entire army of snowmen. I don’t know why, but I’ve
got that song about letting go stuck in my head now. Then again, who needs an army of snowmen when you’ve got an entire
dragon made out of snow with the ability to swallow a car whole? Just imagine how destructive
this guy could be at a demolition derby. Stacking firewood is
another potentially boring winter situation, but
this intrepid designer, found a way to make it amusing. This very intricate owl
looks like he is ready to flap his wings and
fly south for the winter. Being a cart collector
at a a big-box store, has to be a boring job. Fortunately, one employee,
found a way to make it fun, by putting all the carts in a circle. At least they didn’t trap
any cars or shoppers inside, but will someone save the trees trapped by the cart corralling? Some people like to read while they spend time in the bathroom, but others get creative and crafty. Like this person, who braided
two rolls of toilet paper. I feel kind of badly for the person who runs out of toilet paper and has to undo one of those braids. But hey, toilet paper isn’t
just for toilets or braids, it’s also for building a fort
in the middle of a store, at least that’s what these guys did. Sure, shopping can be boring, but they used the time to build
a fort right in the aisle. I’m not sure if management appreciated their dedication to architecture. Anyone who’s ever worked in retail, knows how annoying
customer complaints can be. How dare the store sell out of an item a customer might want? Just terrible! Well, someone used this dead insect, to create a tiny complaint
department on the floor, because you wanna take all
those gripes seriously. Very seriously. Breakfast can be boring too. Fortunately, this person discovered a way to make cereal more fun, but
is that a whole grain triangle? How about a peanut butter
puff square to go with it? But wait, don’t forget this
almost perfect grid of Cheerios, perched on a plastic fork. This is like a house
of cards, with pencils, and to know Kevin Spacey. Pull one pencil, the
whole thing goes down, still more interesting
than geography class. Apparently, getting bored
at school is pretty common, this industrious student taped
bread all over the school, because, why not? Even presidents get bored sometimes, and this currency version of Abe Lincoln, decided to take his dog for a walk. Well, he had help from a bored cashier. Another person trapped
at the cash register created this memorable
sculpture out of coins. Meanwhile, this smoothie
store employee used the cups to make a bridge from
the counter to the wall. And this office worker
created a plastic cup person to take their seat. Not only does it take a
tremendous amount of time to de-seed a strawberry, but it also takes some seriously
good hand-eye coordination. With access to video
games, this bored person could do great things with their life. I remember playing with
an Etch a Sketch as a kid, but I don’t remember designing anything, nearly this intricate. I see how to beat boredom now. When you combine a love of literature, with a lot of time to kill, sometimes you get the entire
first page of Harry Potter, written under a staircase. Surely that would earn
you a letter of acceptance from the Hogwarts School, right? I have to applaud Paul
for his stellar honesty, after he spent the workday
making two rubber band balls, to represent Earth and Pluto. And finally, if you thought
anyone in this video, had a lot of time on their hands, then spare a thought for this guy. He’s clearly the winner. Have you seen a shining example of someone with too much time on their hands? Let me know in the comments
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