♪♪ Mike:Today, wefound ourselves
in sunny Solvang, California.We are headed over
to the farmer’s market
and we’re going to
play a little game
“Reverse Negotiation.” Emilie: How does this work? I’ve never played this game. Will:Well, somebody’s going
to try to buy something
and we’re going to bid it up.Emilie:Oh.Reverse negotiation. Will:Crazy talk.Emilie: Got it. Okay, let’s-how about
this lady?
Will: How much are you
paying for those? Woman: $2.50 a pound. Will: $2.50 a pound? Emilie:You’re paying $4
for that?
Will: You’ve got to pay what
these things are worth. Emilie:I’ll give you $5.Will: No, I’ve got $6 on it. $6. Man:Together, or, what?I don’t understand?Woman: No, this is mine. Will: I’ll double whatever
she’s giving you. Emilie:I’ve got $8.17, 18, 19, 20.We’ll- we’ll almost
double it. Will: A $20. Emilie:$20 for that.Man: What is that? Emilie:For all that.Will:To buy it.I can do whatever
I want with it.
Man: Sure thing. Emilie: I gave like half of it. So, here’s your other half. Will: You have a good day. Man: I don’t even understand
what happened. I was just going
along with it. Emilie: So not that one. The out-bidding doesn’t work. They don’t like it. Will:Well, we could
try it again,
we just need to
reveal a lot quicker
because it makes
people feel weird.
Man: No, this is $4. Emilie: I’ll give you- I’ll give
you $8 for that. Will: Well, it all fell
apart there. Emilie:So close.Will: So close. Emilie:Okay, how is this
going to work? Will: We don’t have to
give them more, just like, simplify it and be
like“You know what,I want to buy those for you.”Well I’d like to do
a kind deed
and buy this man’s
apples today.
What are we looking at?Man: Get out of here. Will: Yeah, I’m serious. Man: Why? Will: Because. Man: Do I know you? Will: You look like a good guy. Man: What’s going on here? Emilie: There’s $10 for
those apples. Man: Is this for real? Emilie: Yeah, this is for real. You look like you really
wanted those apples. Man: I did. Well thanks, guys. Golly. Emilie: So the last guy
was really wary because all these TV shows are
kind of mean pranks, and this is a new
way to do it. Will: Random Acts. Emilie: Nice pranks! Can I buy that for her? Shop owner: I won’t argue. Emilie: Yeah. Will: I’m going to say
double her celery. Please double her celery and
get another $2 in there. Emilie: Yeah. Why don’t you just
keep the change? Shop owner: Thank you guys! Emilie: You’re welcome. There’s $20 for those. Look at those flowers! Woman: Really? Will:Take care.Emilie: I’ll buy your hummus
for you. Woman: Really? Emilie: $6, right? Yeah. Will:I’m gonna add $7, so
you can get two, three!
Emilie: Yeah. Woman: Are you guys serious
right now? Will: Yeah, totally serious. You’ve got a lot of kids,
that’s a lot of hummus. Woman: Wow, that’s so incredibly
sweet of you! Thank you! Emilie: You’re welcome! Kid: Thank you. Woman: Bless you! Will: I’d like to buy you
some almond brittle. Woman: No! Isn’t that nice? Will: Let’s get this man- Man: You’re the best. You’re the best. Woman: Just random, I’d like to
buy you some almond brittle? Will: Absolutely. Woman: [laughing] Why? Emilie:Random Acts.Keep that change.Will: Thank you so much
for your service. Woman: You are
beautiful people. Man: You’re awesome too. Emilie: Aw, thank you. Emilie:You guys, we’ve had
so much fun today.
Will:We did nice things
for people
when they weren’t
expecting it.
We created a lot of
cool memories.
Emilie:Not just for us,
but these people.
We bought them groceries, but
they gave us smiles and hugs.
Will:We gave some smiles
and we
got some smiles. See? Guys, I am going to
“branch” out to you right now and ask you to
subscribe to the channel. Uh, don’t “leaf” yet, uh,
because it’s “tree” to subscribe to the channel. Wow, that was a lot of
ridiculous puns and I apologize, but I seriously
want you to subscribe to the channel. Go ahead, do it. Do it now.