HI I’m Sean Martin President and Founder
of Donek Snowboards it is what’s the date today guys its March 15th we’re up here
at A Basin not really doing any testing yet this is sort of a brain storming day were
trying to figure out what to do as far as testing this season if you look at the snow
coverage isn’t nearly as good as its been in the past I’m up here with Josh Crow here
in the middle he works for Donek and does a lot of the assembly work and Mark Krass
who should all be familiar with and Mr. Bomber or Finn Doyle actually had to get back with
the shop today he took a few runs with us this morning Alright so for the last three
years most of our prototyping has been dedicated to working on the race boards since we’ve
partnered up with the steamboat crew we’ve got a new partner in Japan that model has
sort of taken on a life of its own we’ve got testing and development that has gone
on throughout the entire season and in the last year that that model has probably progressed
more than it did in the last three years so we’re probably not going to be doing too
much testing on the Rev this spring because we we feel like we’re very very dialed on
it and really close so we’re trying to find other ideas and other fun things we can do
so keep posted and we’ll let you know what’s happening. Snow is good, alright we actually
the snow is really good what is here is really great carving snow so we’re gonna go take
some runs maybe I’ll get a little bit of coverage and did some go pro stuff earlier
and we’ll film me and Mark coming down the hill for you as well.