hey guys me ho supers are only very much
tuned in we’re gonna go shopping and I’m gonna bring you guys along it’s our
weekly toy hunt and there’s a hole at the end of it and it’s gonna be warm
hell of already got a boatload of stuff there
some more on the way we’re gonna pick up some stuff while we’re out so let’s go
tell you anything guys I want to bring you guys along I like said stick around
to the end of the video to see this week’s haul it’s gonna be epic super
junior somewhere out there why she gon kick it about somewhere other yeah I
knew you were coming I could hear you a mile away like an elephant should we
take everybody shopping with us yeah let’s go so our first stop of the day is
over at Smith’s we’re gonna see what they have on the shelves look it’s the
new RC drone for the bottle boss which looks really awesome that’s something I
would definitely think about picking up you know it looks a lot of fun it’s
about 50 pounds then they’ve got a new squad pack of dome airs as well I love
the fact that no matter which manufacturer it is they still call them
like solo squad and duo and stuff like that in keeping with the actual game
itself I really like that this was a really cold wet afternoon and I was
really grateful to get out with a freezing it cold rain horrible weather
in England this time of year but they didn’t have the quad racer which is for
the McFarland’s figures and they did also have the RC car for the Jazwares as
well and a bunch of the new six-inch line by Jazwares – they do have the
McFarland’s figures as well but there was nothing that was needing the only
real one from the legendary series that I might pick up would be the Levithan
but again I’ll probably skip him this time round then we’re gonna move on and
it’s time for fall and I again a little bit here and as you can see they’ve got
some really cool stuff in stock as well including the new Jazwares line of
figures and I think they’re the wave three is out now in England I have seen
a few wave for kicking about it’s crazy the scenes
you’re pulling these figures out thick and fast now I did notice as well that
the giant Titans heroes fingers did come in a big pack now and finally The Legend
series for the UK is on the shelves in Smith’s in my local area and they had
tons of them they’re gonna be peg warmers for years now them things and
they’re never gonna buy him anymore in what weird line of figures to come out
and then it’s the red gauntlet which we have reviewed on the channel and as well
as the golden gauntlet both those in stock and then it’s time to look at the
advent calendars yes it’s the most wonderful time of the year it’s
Christmas and we have Harry Potter fortnight Oh some more for night good is
a very including the bomber and the Marvel of figure set as well these are
all the pint sized hero figures brought to you by Funko and as well they had
some Funko mystery minis down below and a giant Olaf how cool is that a giant
Olaf it’s special edition here at Smith’s so that’s a really cool thing to
have and of course they had the water horse spirit as well that’s a nice big
pop as well so that was really cool to have in the collection I was thinking
about game that and then these awesome four pack now these are the adventurers
that are gonna be going on the adventures it’s Elsa Anna Kristoff and
Olaf as they head off into the new land although I’m dropping things everywhere
it’s pick up up worlds off drop things on the floor will tell that’s what Grimm
says isn’t it yeah and then it’s the new Funko board game I’m really thinking
about picking this up you know I think it would be a lot of fun would you guys
like to see some videos and me and mrs. supersorrell and our friends taking on
the Funko verse let us know down below did you have a clearance section on pop
vinyls as well so get yourself down to your local Smith’s as some of them are
marked down in price but I’m here for one thing and one thing only and that’s
the exclusives and sometimes obviously they get stuff early like this child’s
play 3 special edition Chucky I’m not seeing this anywhere else from guessing
this is a Smith’s exclusive awesome as well they have some
of the new Dark Crystal pop vinyls as well and they have that giant pop there from
Harry Potter that that was a New York exclusive I’ve forgotten her name madam
my damn something-or-other I forgot it is gone out of my head but
yeah lots and lots of pops in this star at my local Smith they have a lot on
offer moving on to Disney star and as you can
see they have some more animators packs including this awesome tangled doll it’s
the princess when she was a baby with the Ariel little what do you call it
mobile over the top of her in a little bed so that’s a cool one to have and it
does make noise this was about fifty pounds I think my
soup sauce that this was but it is a very cool collector’s item I think
that’d be worth a lot in time as well yeah just 50 pounds of Levi’s for that
one and it does make noise and things this is called animators collection
origins series where they come out as babies so very interesting I wonder if
they’re gonna re-release Moana in that series as well as the in her baby form
from the movie and re-release that and call that an origins one who knows but
let’s keep looking around the store they do have this giant animators pack which
now includes a baby Charlotte but look what I found
yeah I found the motorcycle set for Winter Soldier and Captain America from
the toy box Marvel line and if we keep moving further down you will see that we
had lots of other things on offer including other Disney Princesses and
Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog finally in stock we’re very happy to
have a prince in the Frog and she knows our favorite movie every time we go to
Walt Disney World we stay at the New Orleans French Quarter Resort which is
based on and the prince in the Frog movie or it is now was it didn’t used to
be including Princess Diana’s Royal rooms and as well we have the Nightmare
Before Christmas if you’re needing that Jack Skellington like I’ve got everyone
was on about the pumpkin King he is in stock and this awesome cool little pussy
from the Christmas collection is awesome I really want him and he’s just 13
pounds to pick up so I’m definitely gonna be grabbing one of those before
the end of Christmas it’s super cute he looks really way as well he’s a little
Mickey I was here it’s dead weird but yeah it’s definitely something I’m gonna
pick up it’s good it’ll go with the rest of my
before Christmas plushies which I have all of them now and there is a buddy the
elf exclusive over at the entertainer and they also had all the x-men as well
of the first class very tempted to pick that line of pops up as well and they
had a boatload of the movie mania so movie minutes I think the cold but I
couldn’t get those they were behind that they were behind the actual till and the
guy on the till wouldn’t let us film subtly so I had to sneak around the
store with my camera hey guys me Oh super sorry very much and I’m here today
with hey supersorrell jr. that’s your name
supersorrell jr. one day in with of Lion King everything the light touches is our
kingdom except that you had me play don’t ever go there that’s DC Comics anyway so guys that’s gonna win today’s
haul we’ve been shopping as you guys know and we picked up some awesome
goodies by the way if you wanted what I wasn’t televisions I could see in the
background is that 70 show can’t be a bit of that 70 show come yeah I forgot
the first to the TV off before I start at the damn video ah right guys so we
picked up a load of boat learn new things so the first thing we picked up
the super swell junior is dying to sit and watch descendants 3 this is the
Disney Channel original movie series about the daughters and sons of the
Disney Prince and princesses following the story of Maleficent’s daughter and
beast son along with the son of Cruella De Vil the sort of Jafar and the
daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White and in this one the daughter of
Snow White their daughter um Sleeping Beauty turns into the
villain it looks an awesome film it’s also got Hades in it as well
it stars some Disney stars that you’re probably aware of like China McClane and
it’s also the last movie of Cameron Boyce who sadly passed away was also
Sophia Carson booboo Stewart and of Cameron and Cheyenne Jackson from
Broadway so that’s going to be a good movie
watch huh you have to come they said you’re gonna be on camera dolly she’s
other side of it so yeah descendants three it’s a bit he’s a kid’s film but
you know what me and my dog actually enjoy watching it with her you enjoyed
oh yeah yeah then we’ve got a package here from DVD Locker now DVD Loffler is
a new subscription service and they do send us DVDs each and every single month
to review and things like that so let’s see what the centers this month I did
choose Horrors like my favorite genre so let’s see what’s in this box so here is
DVD lockers details it says greetings movie a little bit your movies have
arrived from DVD locker code not UK please do go ahead and check them out
guys they have seven is free of charge for a few purposes yours to keep forever
no need to post back build up your personal movie collection and protect
the environment fancy more movies then simply upgrade your package and we’ll
update them rate all the movies and love our service and give us a hairy man
stuff so yeah that’s cool thank you to DVD Locker
they have sent there’s two movies here enough sense missed carnivore werewolf
of London very similar to dog soliders but with civilians one hell of a picture
is 18 certificate it states something evil is lurking in the woods Dave and a
beer ends a cottage in a remote forest in a last-ditch effort to save their
failing relationship what they don’t realize is that fearsome beast is
lurking in the trees just waiting for the right time to attack
does the creepy owner of the cottage have anything to do with the
bloodthirsty creature and will they have ever get out of the cottage alive and
they also sensors patient zero which is actually starring Matt Smith Natalie
Dormer and Stanley Tucci find the disease find the cure so that
one looks interesting as well so yeah find the disease find the cure in a
pandemic thriller patient zero is battling intelligent
adrenaline-fueled creatures born from a virus viral super strain after being
bitten human survivor Morgan played by Matt Smith realizes he is assisted
symptomatic and can communicate with the infected leading the last survivors on a
hunt for patient zero under cure also starring Nathalie Dom from Game of
Thrones interesting couple movies there but no they’re not
I hate list movies but they’re still interesting enough that I’ll probably
give them both more especially that one with me with Natalie Dormer and Matt
Smith didn’t didn’t jump out at me with anyone that I knew in this one this
feels more of one of those like B movies you know I mean like it’s gonna be a
complete ripoff of like a mix of like howling an American Werewolf in London
but we’ll give them a watch and we’ll see what happens so thank you to DVD
lockup for those if you wonder what’s going wrong with my voice by the way
it’s slowly going and I don’t know why in the more I’m talking this video the
more my voice is straining I think I’m gonna be without a voice tomorrow and so
I went shopping guys I like to Smith’s and Smith’s have gotten this awesome new
tricky pop this is Chuckie from Charles Blade 3 and it is a special edition pop
you guys that guys just $9.99 at Smith’s so please do go check them out like I
said a special edition number 7 9 8 in the collection I’m probably gonna give
this a proper review guys if you’d like seal up the channel let us know down
below if you want to see a cookie pop reveal all right moving on guys in
demand ties we’ve got a brand new box from them let’s see what they say let’s
go over this what’s pre-order this is who I say that guys I generally don’t
know what it is until it arrived because I get shipping those notifications but
it doesn’t tell y’all like what was shipped and I have so much on pre-order
it could literally be anything that is shipping so we have Ghost Yoda the brand
new Ghost Yoda in the collection isn’t exclusive I’ve just got no number on it
but I don’t know where from but this is the brand new Ghost
Yoda our fall spirit Yoda yeah mmm Scott what the voice you want hmm
baster thirsty were not hmm what judge me by my size do you
hmm wisdom child does not have mmm Yoda voice I like doing laughs you must
uncle stop laughing so yeah first of you so in being mad today is exclusive not
sure why from but I will find out I will give this a full review on the channel
in the coming days next up guys is square circle box this is a box that’s
provided to us every month free of charge and we do love reviewing this I
will be giving this individual review on the channel guys so please make sure you
come back and check out I believe this month’s box has something from abyss and
other Halloween’s or themed wrestlers so yeah do come back for the night as a
rival I think he’s a little bit late over the October gone
although he’s gone now but still it’s gonna be an awesome crate so open with
it being sort of the darker side of wrestling could that equally pake not
you the red the wrestler page sorry lily has proved pricked up by her name yes
that’s who I named drafted by the way so yeah it’s quite psycho box come back to
see a full review of sweater box the lovely people over at here calm sent us
through some awesome figures to review including McFarland’s fought off hey
McFarland’s 4/5 my figures including at the prisoner I’ve been dying to get this
one this is a such a different looking figure it looks so awesome looks like
something out of Dark Souls so yeah I’m really looking forward to having light
in the collection it comes with the big battle axe y also comes with a really
cool backpack piece and they also go to their smithing Western sauce
six-shooter I’ve been wanting that gun for a long time because I’ve got an idea
where I’ve now got a cowboy hat I’ve now got a cowboy vest
now got a good I’m gonna try and custom a Deadpool’s he’s like a western men
pool so yeah what I’m doing that real soon yeah we do have this awesome finger
to review for here and not only that guys but they did also send us the giant
Ice King as well this is one of the larger ones as you guys remember I did
do the it was called Raven was it was it all mega come over the name think you
would raven and we did review that larger one last time but this time we’ve
got the ice king which is my personal favorite it just looks so badass
so i’ll be giving him a full review on the channel real soon then guys we had a
delivery from amazon what could it be let’s take a look and it’s arrived in
good condition I was expecting a lot worse x-men havoc and Polaris 2-pack
Marvel Legends so happy to have this in the collection guys hi Amazon have this
arrived early the UK stock I’m not sure why I didn’t pay above the odds either I
paid $34.99 with free delivery of them as I’m a prime member so that’s about
the same prices what I would have paid the other the other retailers so I was
happy to go in Amazon on that one get off the boxes they go the Box tally
page let go the box please what’s your back don’t make me shout see
on camera good girl Shh no we did get this list to pack a
little bit earlier guys as I said really happy typing to my collection my voice
is going or worse oh my god I can feel myself breathing really heavy now ah yes
the infections clapping so yeah this is gonna be a really awesome one to review
I can’t wait Polaris and have a finally got a new Polaris I wanna do a body swap
as well and put this new Polaris head on the old Polaris figure see if we can
update that look good kill this child be either way some awesome new figures
there to review from Marvel Legends and as you guys know I’m a massive massive
x-men fan so stupidly happy Japanese and finally guys we went to Disney Store
super Julie’s been dying to know I was in this box
she knows that logo was I say let’s say what shop is up
Disney what I say is it she’s got read yeah boy she recognizes
the logos like I swear I swear they drilled into children because every time
she passes at McDonald’s that you know what that big golden em is it’s
ridiculous grant guys we have Charlotte from Princess and the Frog they’ve given
us a new updated version of the 12 in Charlotte doll Charlotte if you know if
you’re not familiar is the secondary character from Princess and the Frog
she’s best friends with Tiana and in the end actually helps her out
and so again she’s a nice figure to have in the collection miss supersorrell
really wanted to review this one and I really wanted it to review as well
because it’s not they don’t normally do these kind of figures the knowledge of
the princess then and the prince themselves the very rarely give you
other characters it was very cool to see that a finally given as a shower it
really really really makes me hope we finally get you know Lady Tremaine and
the two stepsisters from Cinderella I would love those in the collection or
like the Seven Dwarves to go is Snow White if this sells well I can imagine
them doing other secondary characters but yeah for now we’ll be reviewing this
real soon that Charlotte and mrs. supersorrell has been slowing down her
reviews to her own channel because we’re slowly shifting her back to being
reviews on hee yeah just because we don’t need to
channels so missus oops I will be reviewing all that stuff on this channel
going forward right guys and finally something awesome that you guys have
been dying to see so this is 34 pounds and it is the motorcycle set off Winter
Soldier and Captain America this is from Disney star like a seventies a part of
the toy box range it’s really cool but you don’t see it you’re depressed yeah that is a really cool set as well
and I’ll be reviewing this real soon on the channel and again this I don’t think
there’s a leaflet but I’d like to save as a leaflet in this one out to tell us
what’s coming next break don’t think there is but I will know when we open it
fully on the channel so guys that is everything I hope you enjoyed this
review guys I know I enjoy doing it for you I hope you enjoyed watching right
guys thank you very much for watching as always I’m yo superstar I’m gonna go
drink some lemon tea and try and get his voice so I can review all these items
for you thank you very much for watching Thank You CEO in demand toys smith’s
disney star amazon hyo calm on DVD locker and ringside yeah yeah yeah
circle walks i could remember the name squiggle box thank you very much to
everyone for sending those things to guys as always I’m your host
supersorrell and I’ll see you guys in the next video may the force be with you you