New arrivals from Eileen Fisher. Let’s open it up and see what’s in here. So you’re wondering what was inside of those
boxes we just opened. Here is a peek of the Eileen Fisher we just
got in for April. Beautiful graphite, really a gorgeous tone
that’s not so stark but yet very easy to wear and goes back to all the summer pastels that you
are going to be seeing in the next few months here. So, Eileen is really great when it comes to
styling. They build a full system look and here is
the slouchy pant and the basic tank, all in the washable silk crepe. Really really beautiful, very easy to wear. And it is your foundation for all what’s to
come. Adding over the system graphite pieces is
this beautiful light gauze linen/nylon blend kimono. More of a nod to the kimono. It’s beautiful because it opens up and lays
beautifully in the front. It has two pockets and then there is a tie
sewn into the back, which makes it so easy and very very stylish. And it is that third piece to finish off any
look. When you are styling it is about that third
piece. It puts together the whole look in general. So it is very easy to add in a monochromatic
third piece when you buy all in the same palette. If the kimono style cardigan is not your look. The little gauze cropped sweater, very well
could be. Adding this on top as that third piece, that
really puts the whole look together. Still in the graphite. The monochromatic look. And then when you are styling it you leave
the tank out and not tucked in with the slouchy pant; topped with the third piece that really
just pulls the whole look together. And adds that little bit of warmth for our
cooler summer temperatures and covers the arm. You can also do this look with a pop of colour,
so I’ll show you that next. The India Sky, is Eileen’s colour for March
and April. India Sky is beautiful when it comes pairing back
to graphite. It is ever so soft. It is really feminine and it is that nod to
that modern day lavender that were seeing trend. It’s very easy to wear and if you don’t want
to wear a full look in lavender; you can accent in it rather. So it’s very simple to add back to. Still, our staple foundation garments, which
are the graphite silk tank and the slouchy pant. If you’ve been swooning over last month’s blooming
dahlia, I wanted to show you how beautiful the colour is back to the graphite. It is just absolutely radiant. It is soft and is so current and the easiest
way to wear this colour is back to a solid foundation of monochromatic graphite. Here the column dress, which is one of the
most popular dresses we’ve brought in, in the past has arrived in graphite, which we’re
so thrilled about. So so easy and my number one must have when
travelling. And you can pop anything over top of it, including
the gauze box-top sweater, which is so simple, so easy and really completes the look. So continuing on with this beautiful shipment of Eileen
Fisher that features this gorgeous graphite is this stunning sateen washed graphite silk
pant and top. Which I’m also wearing with a leather jacket. So, you know, who wore it better? Probably the model here. She is just so effortless in this harem style
pant and the easy style tank top, high neck, wide enough shoulder that doesn’t show your
bra. Just so effortless and almost looks like a
jumpsuit when worn together. So styling back to the first cardigan that
we saw in the organic linen/nylon blend; is that kimono style cardigan, which is very
effortless. Love the mix in textures and the monochromatic
look all in graphite. So, very easy to style. If you have shopped in store with us, you
know that we do suggest two to four tops with every bottom and that way your whole wardrobe
starts to work together. That’s what we love about Eileen, is that
everything starts to go with everything from month to month. So, we’d love to see you in store. Happy Shopping! If you loved this video, you can watch our
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