[Business of My Members] Do you have any idea how hard I’ve done this? HuH? Surely I’ll be complimented, no doubt Wanna take a look? Yeah, sure Like yeah, you know, Imma show yall Hello, I’m that ‘ice cream’ of NCT DREAM, Jaemin Our fans are showing lots of love to the part where I say ‘ice cream’ Today I’ll be melting your heart with my three flavored ice cream (*Hurray Jaemin Robbins on sale*) The first flavor! (JAEMIN ROBBINS #1) Refreshing strawberry flavor Oh, you’re good at pretending to eat Your heart will melt like ice cream (*Renjun you okay back there sweetie*) Awww so cuuuute (*Renjun disapproves of strawberry flavor*) YEEEEEEET! Well that was bearable (*Chenle suffering through his friend’s business*) (JAEMIN ROBBINS #2) Next up is sweet chocolate flavor Chenle’s face got so red (sweeeet tone) Your heart will melt like ice cream Don’t eat too much, you’ll catch a cold (*pat pat*) (*Chenle suffering INTERNAL EARTHQUAKE*) (JAEMIN ROBBINS #3) Last but not least, cheesy cream cheese flavor Something tells me this is gonna be so intense (WayV WayV) (seductive tone) Your heart will melt… like ice cream… GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (*am i the only one hearing that rubber chicken*) Take it easy, take it easy (*…and Jeno’s vibrato on point*) Hey me, you doin so fine Did you enjoy Jaemin’s three flavored ice cream? Strawberry, Chocolate, and Cream Cheese What’s your choice of flavor? I’ll take the rice (DETERMINED) Warm rice I no longer shall eat ice cream from now No more ice cream from now Why did the songwriter have to put ice cream on Jaemin’s part to have him film something like this… And that, precisely is why our Czennies love it Yeah… we’ll suffer… while it’s for our Czennies Yes, yes We’ll just look elsewhere You’re right Ooh but you’ll have to watch it anyway If I really really really really really have to choose one The second flavor Chocolate flavor? Same here Wanna watch it over? No, no, no, no (*strong denial*) (IF JISUNG INSISTS) Here we go again! Give it up for our confident Jaemin filming this You did well Wouldn’t have been easy to film this This kind of thing is what Jeno’s really weak at It’s Jen-show’s weakest point Why don’t you show us right now Jeno? ThANk yOu eVeryOnE! (*Wrapping up in haste*) Staff: We’ve prepared Jeno’s clip here as well When did I film one? Were you trying to get away with it? What is this! DisGUSTING ALREADY!! disGuSTAnG!? Right here, under his lips, it’s slightly… He should have his make up fixed You know when this is? I do, I do It’s so cringy already!! Well, let’s watch it first, I’m curious Noona, It’s time to go to bed (*Jisung’s eyes expanding*) Ah, you’re going to bed after watching Jeno more? (*tsk*) No (*poundin some wall back there*) You should sleep early to grow taller (*stay the hell away from me*) You can’t get to sleep? Then I’ll sing a song for you to sleep sound Listen up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (*excruciating pain of regrets*) I’ll fall asleep with you noona (*cringe level 200%*) (*tap tap tap*) To be honest Jaemin’s clip hit me worse Really? For me this was worse This one’s just speechless This is legendary Look, look guys Stop it stop it In my case, I’ve always been like that Pretty comfortable with aegyo Like that, I casually do these things (*u see dat look on Chenle’s face*) Right? You’re used to it (*says who?*) But Jeno here, He’s so not like this A Doberrrrmann he is, His body like buff n buff! And all the sudden he goes “goonnight~( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” That makes us *shook* Our Czennies would probably fall for this side of Jeno Jeno frankly enjoys this He practices at home everyday No wonder why Jeno does aegyo to me these days Show us your aegyo, show us Show us There’s something Jeno wants Jen-show wants something Please show us~ There are times Renjun does aegyo to me Then I do the same to him so I wouldn’t see his Then do it No, you, you sometimes do it so I.. (*aegyo to stop one another’s aegyo…how nice is that*) (*screams of torment*) Stay tuned to find out who’s our next target Make him go next! Our maknae Jisung should film next time I strongly recommend Jisung I really look forward to our nextI have faith in you, THE SHOW! We trust you! So far we’ve looked overclip today It was quite unbearable to watch Agreed Why so? It was pleasant to watch (*we all envy your confidence*) From now on No, not from now on Next week, do we have ourfeaturing Jisung? I recommend Jisung! Be careful what you wish for THE SHOW, I trust you to! Trust and watch THE SHOW! Fighting Chenle! (*Jisung’s pick=Chenle*) Good luck Jisung! Look forward to it Bye bye~ Raise your hand if you recommend Jisung Well everyone Hold on A preview for Jisung~ This has been NCT DREAM 1, 2, 3 TO THE WORLD! Here is NCT! Thank you Bye~ Look forward to next week Chenle! Jisung! Chenle please… (*weeping*) Sub ⓒMTV_Diane