everybody welcome back to my channel
so usually on Sundays I do an unboxing but I don’t have an unboxing to do so
I’m doing a haul that I recently did so if you’re excited to see that then
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I got notification Abell I upload a video every single day of the week and I
don’t want you to miss any so this haul is on name-brand groceries
that I got at my local Smith’s which is a Kroger affiliate for really really
good prices so let’s go ahead and get started ok so they had Captain Crunch
for a dollar a box they don’t expire until 2018 I think it’s because of like
the ESPN college box is that they hadn’t closed out for a dollar so I got six of
these really really good deal I never get it buy a new brand cereal it sounds
super excited I got some organic valley hazelnut half and half and I got em sell
for a quarter and it’s really really good which usda organic non-gmo i like
my coffee blonde so I really really have enjoyed this I like that it’s not like a
coffee creamer with a bunch of chemicals and stuff in it it’s really really good
and you know at 1/4 you cannot beat it another great thing that I recently got
it was a shopping trip maybe two days apart but anyway it was um hostess
there’s a basket full of hostess and I got some banana flavored Twinkies some
peanut butter hohos anyway they had boxes of the mini muffin so you’d have
get like 6 pouches and they might sell for 75 cents a box so really really
really good deal yeah I still have a few of these left over it’s good because I
like to take this kind of stuff to work for breakfast in the morning with
Nana or something I also got some jennie-o turkey breakfast sausage links
for a dollar 29 but we do like to do breakfast for dinner
some nights and you know these are really really tasty you know a little
bit lower fat for you and you know for a dollar 29 I mean that’s really really
cheap so and then yeah let’s see the last thing I did get is I got this big
old big huge bag it is one point six pounds of the hairbow sour gold bears
for 319 really really good deal they don’t expire until June 2018 these
are usually about like a $6 bag fo got my cap off but yeah these were just some
of the items I got on my haul for name brand groceries I don’t go do name brand
very often so super excited when they do have name brands on sell for super cheap
cheaper than a store brand that is awesome
but you guys hope you enjoyed my little food haul I will be having some
unboxings to do pretty soon so yeah make sure you just keep watching my videos
and I’ll have some unboxings to do again but you guys thank you so much for
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for another video have a great one guys