[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m celebrity makeup artist
Linda Gradin. My clients include some of
fashion’s hottest faces. So I strive to bring them the latest
makeup tips and trends each season. This spring, more than ever,
a beautifully polished manicure is a must-have. On the runways, two-toned manicures
emerged as a key trend. Graphics, a reinterpretation of the
traditional French manicure, are one of my favorite looks. They’re a daring departure from
your basic manicure, but still sophisticated and elegant. To achieve this chic look, the new
COVERGIRL outlast stay brilliant nail gloss does the trick. This nail gloss features a topcoat
within the formula, so manicuring your nails is now easier than ever. Select two opposing shades of
color and apply the darker shade over the nail. Next, using a delicate brush, apply your
design using the lighter shade. I love swirls, a half-moon, or a V-shape
for a colorful contrast. COVERGIRL outlast nail gloss is
available in 45 shades, so it’s easy to select the color that complements
any mood and any ensemble. Plus, with the built-in topcoat, your
gorgeous, glossy color will stay brilliant all week long.