[Intro Music]>>Jon: Hi everyone! It’s Jon>>Bin: And Bin>>Jon: And it’s time to go to Rarity’s Boutique.>>Bin: This is so cool. This is Rarity’s Booktique.>>Jon: When we saw that listing on Amazon,
which is where we bought this, we thought it was a mis-print.>>Bin: But it is not. It is actually a Booktique
because it is set up just like a book. You have the spa. You have the bedroom and
the boutique.>>Jon: It says, “Turn the page, and change
the room!” So this is another really fun looking My Little
Pony play set that just came out for 2015>>Bin: What I really like about it, I mean
we haven’t really opened it to see what the whole thing is, but what I really like is
that Rarity comes with her measuring tape around her neck and her sewing glasses.>>Jon: And you’ll also notice on her hoof
she has one of those zap codes for the MLP app. One of these days we will have to do
a video where we just go over both the Equestria Girl app and the My Little Pony app, to really
take a closer look at them.>>Bin: Yea, we do. We will.>>Jon: So anyway, this set also comes with…>>Bin: All of these twenty accessories.>>Jon: So let’s open this up and play inside
Rarity’s boutique.>>Bin: Okay. Let’s see. The accessories. Well that was fast.>>Jon: Yea, there’s no assembly.>>Bin: Nope. None.>>Jon: Except for Rarity and her dresser,
which you have to pop out of the plastic. Everything else is all contained in a little
baggy.>>Bin: Yea, there just little baggies. There
is one baggy for the accessories, like I showed you, and the Booktique is in one baggy and
that’s it.>>Jon: It comes with the little mannequin,
the little pony mannequin, just like the one she has on the show.>>Bin: Yes. She has this little table of towels
for the spa. Isn’t that cute?>>Jon: And also for the spa, this little bubble
bath.>>Bin: That’s so adorable. And she has outfits.>>Jon: That you can either put on other ponies
or on the mannequin.>>Bin: Here are the cucumber slices for the
spa. I think this is a towel, like a bathrobe type towel for the spa as well.>>Jon: And she comes with this little clothes
rack with two little…>>Bin: Hangers>>Jon: And various little perfume bottles,
also I assume for the spa.>>Bin: Or for her dresser.>>Jon: Oh that’s true. Over here.>>Bin: Yes. I believe this is a sleeping mask for the
bedroom.>>Jon: Bin mentioned earlier she does come
with the measuring tape around her neck and her sewing glasses>>Bin: Both of them are removable. So here is her boutique and there is the code
right up there for the app.>>Jon: And these are just cardboard pages
that you turn. The next page is the spa.>>Bin: And there is another one of those codes
that you can scan.>>Jon: And last but not least…>>Bin: Her bedroom. There’s another code. Before we start playing with it, this folds
up and locks in place and you can carry it. It’s portable and folds up just like the Canterlot
High for the Equestria Girls.>>Jon: It’s almost like a lantern or a lunch
box with this handle.>>Bin: It does kind of look like that. (Laughs) It looks just like it does on the show. I think you can put all of your accessories
in here too. So you can bring them all with you, which is really cool. Is this a hat? I think this is a hat.>>Jon: I think it’s a dress.>>Bin: I think it’s a hat. I think it goes
like this.>>Jon: I don’t think so. I think it’s a dress
Bin. [Laughing]>>Bin: Okay, well I’ll put it on the mannequin. Uh, Spike! Spike! We just got her! (Sighs)>>Jon: I got her back for you.>>Bin: Thank you. Isn’t that neat? You can leave it in the back
of the book. See?>>Jon: She is ready for some relaxation at
the spa.>>Bin: Plop. (Laughs) She doesn’t have a bed (Laughs) to relax in. Spike! You’re going to be in trouble! I’m going to
count to three and you’ve got to get out of here. One. Two. Thr… (Sighs) It’s like having two kids. I really like this Booktique. There are so
many different things you can do. It’s so cute. And I bet you can even use the little
blind bag ponies and it would still look okay.>>Jon: We bought this off of Amazon.com. I
think it was about thirty dollars. And I’m sure we are going to be using it in
an upcoming video probably in the next two or three weeks.>>Bin: Probably.>>Jon: I don’t want to give too much away
but you know there’s one pony on this channel who likes playing inside these play sets. Well if you liked our review of Rarity’s Booktique,
Boutique, whatever you want to call it, be sure to subscribe to our channel for more
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everybody>>Bin: Bye See you could put them all up here. Oops. Maybe not. (Laughs)