Hey guys, it’s Cloe, and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here, please hit subscribe Today’s video is all about every girl’s dream locker and when I say every girl. I don’t actually mean every girl I know every girl’s not the same, but this was my dream locker I feel like my channel and my videos have started to become more and more like my fictional world and This locker is what I dreamt of when I was younger and of course this week’s challenge press subscribe if you’re not already Turn on my notifications, press the like button and comment down below letting me know your main locker Essential in the time it takes me to blow a bubble This is a challenge Congratulations to all of you who completed the challenge. OOH! and here we go! My dog peed on my shirt this morning Same Really? No! Do you like school that much Cloe?! it makes the school day a little bit more fun, whatever Hey, Cloe. Don’t forget your calculator for the test today Okay, see you there! Welcome back Cloe Thank you. Would you like a snack?
Sure that sounds great What kind of music would you like to listen to?Hmm.. Maybe something bubbly. Activating bubbles That’s nice, but can you play something? hey locker? Can you put on YouTube and play Cloe Couture? So let’s skip to the future and begin this video *School bell rings* Cloe, you have 5 minutes to get to your next class Hey, where were you? I just farted really loud, in front of the cutest guy in school I need to use your locker. No problem go go go What was she talking about? Oh she has to use something in my locker. There’s something she needs to use Alright students today We’re running the mile. The mile? But I’m telling you this is going to change your life. This activity builds team strength, team bonding, team spirit this.is.the.mile Cloe I can’t run the mile. Why? Uh, I ran the mile last year Wasn’t pretty. I felt terrible. And when I got there. I threw up, and then I peed my pants Okay, I have something for you I want to show you something, but you can’t tell anyone like I don’t want to spread it around the school okay? Are you ready? Whoa This is your locker. Yes. I love it. Hey locker. Let’s get this party started Activating the party mode Random locker inspection No bricks in your locker. Yeah. No food in the lockers Cloe, I knew that girl’s weird. Okay! So that was it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed make sure to leave it a like, turn on my notifications, press subscribe, leave a comment You guys know the drill. I really don’t need to tell you again, but you know Reinforce the good habits. Also you guys should check out my vlog channel I’ve been vlogging so much recently my vlog channel is Chloe Breena I vlogged the behind the scenes of this video and show you guys like how we made the whole set I took you throughout the entire day, and yeah check out my vlogs for more like behind the scenes of my life fun everything FUN FUN And there’s a lot of pressure to like know how to finish a sentence strong because sometimes the sentence just like fades out You know, but yeah, I’ve been working that super hard on my vlogs, and it’s something that I’m really passionate about right now And I think you should check it out ah oh ha ha *gibberish* so basically the like thought process behind this video was actually inspired from me in Middle school I remember one time I was running the mile And I was thinking like what if I Could literally go inside my locker and hang out in there when I didn’t want to do certain things in school So like taking a test running the mile if I was just having like a bad day and I could like go chill in my little locker lounge a lot of my recent videos have just been inspired by like dreams I Had as a kid so let me know in the comments if you have any cool kid inspired video ideas I was always super obsessed with decorating walkers too for all the og cloe couture fans I did a decorating my locker video when I was in like eighth grade hey guys today I am showing you how to make your locker really cute and Pretty for school and some people are probably going to be like why would you want your locker to look like cute? I mean its just a locker I remember at the time like I was searching all over YouTube for Locker videos of like how to make this perfect locker and I would like research the best shelves and research the best like Wallpapers like I was obsessed if you’re obsessed with decorating your locker, and you’re the only one at your school Who’s like trying to make a super pretty and perfect just know you’re not alone like I was that person it’s so funny because I started this video idea like who I should do like a diy locker Video, and then it turned into this I feel like I’ve really discovered my niche on YouTube And that is just like fantasy like my videos are just this like crazy creation of my mind and I like to create like little mystical magical worlds that can’t exist in real life and it’s cool because I can create anything so if you guys have something you want me to create let me know in the Opportunities are endless, but yeah that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys next Tuesday. Love you. Bye