today I just pushed my shot of
mouth against these forms hi all I hope you know
Well, I’m disappointed with the brand sephora
you can imagine why I tell you talk because these fairgrounds recently came out
a colloquium collaboration with its threat that came out of the products have two
palettes and two brush sets that are totally pretty visually
sephora did a very good communication
even his announcement of course but maybe too big for my taste then
the products are out August 27 it seems to me via internet on
so we could buy them so it’s true that the paws were
accessible at 24 euros 99 and the small at 14.99 and the brushes a little bit more
dear so I really wanted to promote the purchase via in store
because already you forgot to dial and the pleasure of entering the
shop and see the product by you even you can see the visual you
can either there are the colors your hand to know if that you
match totally well I do not buy a pallet it’s the
colors are not going at all even though it’s for you to test via the
Youtube channel I will not buy if it’s me
did not correspond so via that I Whereas sephora sow instagram so
the list of stores where we could find products through the shops
it seems to me it was Tuesday 7 September
so I was looking forward to it but could not wait accessible to all 24th 99 it’s really
cheap for me i wanted to test it really so when I saw the cities
speak established by sephora I said to myself I look at the blinds
and many times same quarter times but I still do not see my life
select though it’s wrong reminded his basics big enough
maybe not big enough that the fields-elysées but big enough for
that we find the big brands oh there he does not even have to select
this city they rather favored the larger cities except that all the
world did not reach me for example if I wanted to buy the palette on Tuesday
I had to make an hour of transport either by train are in quarters
and maybe even an hour and a half two hours for paris because these are
the closest and so I had no desire to do more transport
to buy a pallet so that’s why I’m disappointed
that she is not in this city but beware I had not lost
hope to see cowardice and test it and want to see in my own way
except that sephora said good on their site and health that there will be
more rsa products of her nana there it goes s the availability of cents to 34
euros 99 these are the ones available and
apparently sephora will not make restock sephora did a good
communication like jose is starting from video as I told you sephora
should have thought that pallets would not have killed in all cities
selected because in the dcf will have I think in
other lives than mine do not have were selected and suddenly they would have
had to do a restocking on the site remain positive because
soon I’ll be back with new adventures
so stay well attentive fate this game you make big kisses