Hey guys! So great that you are watching this new video! Today i’m vlogging again! It is super windy outside and yesterday it was my birthday! So that means I got a present and because of that I’m giving you guys a kind of review of this product! This is the Nalanta bridle bitless bridle, and today I’m going to ride with it And I thought it was a great idea to take you with me and share my opinion Because when I was searching on the internet I couldn’t really find honest reviews about it I mean that I only found reviews from famous people and they already made their mind up because they know Jesse and Eva So i though I would give you my opinion so you have a honest one! It is super windy So i really don’t know how Fee is going to be As she may be scared for some sounds in the arena But we shall see First i’m going to groom Fee! intro This is really intens I sprayed it with high gloss and now i’m going to detangle it! this is really a no go haha As I already told you I’m going to ride with this bridle And the last time I did this, it was with a crosslink bridle and she got really mad about it because she didn’t understand So i’m really curious how she will react! When I’m riding I want to give her a good experience, and therefore i have these ‘Algea Bites’ I’m not going to give her normal treats because there’s much sugar in those In the Algea Bites is nothing, it is sugar and grain free And they are super small Look, these are the treats, there not that big and Fee loves them! And she is already standing here like: GIVE ME ONE! Look here is one! Not my whole hand ! So I did a few in my pocket So when she is behaving good she can have some She doesn’t have a bit in her mouth so it shouldn’t be a problem I am going to be riding with a saddle because it is a really long time ago when I did this and also she was behaving like an idiot… I’m now going to saddle her up and I will see you in de arena And some more treats 😉 Not that much! idiot music You’re not getting the frontrow with the bridle I didn’t like the one who came with it, that is just a leather frontrow and is a bit boring So I put this one on cause I liked this one more 😉 Hey, I’m back on the ground Because of the bad weather we’re going to finish this video later in the week cause She has a lot of tension because of the wind So i think it is not fear that she has to focus on this bridle when there is a lot to spook at and i think she needs to have a good experience with this bridle I think it is the best idea to put Fee back into her stable and to do this again next week Her concentration is not where it’s suposed to be and because she never did this before i think it is a good idea to stop for now I only walked a few rounds and it is just no working Not because of the bridle but because the wind everywhere you here some noises and she is spooking at those I’m going to groom her some more and that she’s going back into her stable She has there some haychunks which are her favorite All the horses are not going outside because of the weather And we’re going to do this next week GOOOOOOOODMORNING Who is that?! Who says that always? Gooooodmorning I don’t remember his name anymore Hello Today is take 2 Storm Ciara is over, storm Dennis is over Storm Ellen past this weekend I think I’m not for sure I’m eating some yogurt and we are on the way to the stable Today I’m finally finishing the video where we’re going to ride bitless Actually we did this already two times before Why I’m going to tell you when we’re with Fee Cause then I can show you gus Keep on watching cause the point where I give my oppinion is comming closer and closer! I just told in the car oh you have such a hard life… That I’m going to tell you why we need to ride bitless for now Fee has last weekend No, last week Fee was stuck with her tongue in her haynet So now there is a big wound on her tongue which is healing pretty quickly but it is still there She has been on medication for this but that already stopped a few days and from that point we started riding with the bitless bridle The vet told me that I couldn’t ride for over 2 weeks, but I think she ment with bit and now we’re doing without But now have this great bridle so we can go bitless So I did already used this bridle 2 times before but I’m just going to ride with it for the video and after that I’m telling my opinion about it because I have indeed something to say about it 😉 Are you ready? For those who are curious how Fee her tongue looks like I will put the picture in the screen, so If you can’t stand blood you should look away right now It’s a little gross you should look away right now And I’m going to show you how it looks right now because you can see it from the side look, here , right there there was the cut, and in the middle of her tongue was the wound and it has been healing good, but it is still there So i’m going to ride bitless until it is all gone I will saddle her up and will see you in the arena That was not supposed to happen She has some foam! Now the camara is herder up A positive thing about a bitless bridle is that you can give treats all the time! And fee likes that a lot Fee is chilling in her stable eating some more, and there going outside soon Than my opinion about the nalanta bridle Cause that’s why your all here for I want to seperate it into 3 or 2 categories 1 is packaging, 2 is how it can be used and 3 is my experience The packaging, that was great. I got it in a black plastic bag In there it was a seen trough bag with the bridle in it, with also a lovly picture of Eva and Jesse That was great quality etc. than the bridle itself You can put it on 2 functions On i think the side pull and a little hackelmore and that’s where I had it on She behaved with the crosslink like an idiot So I guessed it would be a good choice to have some more pressure and use the little hackelmore option So that was also great The leather is really soft and flexible I want to have a fur underneath her chin, but that is just for myself so it’s not necassary And than my expercience What i just said, I think the reins are a little too short, and the little blonks on the reins have to little distance That hurts on my fingers, but maybe you like that Fee does really good on this bridle She did act a little weird the first time but she can cause it is! the first time I think Fee does a great job on this bridle Just like I said I had it on the little hackelmore function so I had en little more pressure And maybe your horse does react way different that Fee does So this is really our experience! And my mom filmed the last pard where she foamed! I don’t know if you can see it that well But the last part of our ride she foamed! and they say when horses foam without they associate it with the bit, but I think it’s weird That was for me a sign that she was relaxed! Because this was the first time of the 3 she did this! My heart jumped a little when I saw this! She did enjoyed the ride! Did you enjoy the video? Don’t forget to put your thumbs up and subscribe to my channel Fee is going outside right now and I need to go to school and I will see you guys in the next videi!