[Applause] [Applause] I don't know what the heck I was thinking but I just got back from hiking at Runyon it was 90 degrees and I was like low-key sprinting a little bit super proud of myself for getting and at my workout but my legs feel like jello I definitely want to go to the gym today and focus on ABS since I did my cardio outside I would say it was really low intensity but high incline because I was climbing a mountain you know I mean love that that was a really good workout got a little bit of a tan I just have tan marks tan lines everywhere your girl has been spending so much time out in the Sun so I'm gonna have some coffee right now I'm gonna do some work on the computer and then I don't know if I'm gonna go to the gym now or wait till later tonight I did a late night workout last night I was just a little bit of cardio nothing wild or crazy but as long as I get in my abs like my thirty minutes of ABS I think I should be good to go I don't really care when I get it in but I guess I should work on some work right now since it's still kind of early in the day but my little sports bras from Target this is Nike and then the leggings are fabletics I just took Leigh out fiha so I put on the slides but I had on my hiking shoes so I'll link this stuff down below if you guys want to check it out the glasses are key so of course I always like those as well and I use an Apple watch so you know I'm gonna link that is so I just ran downstairs while me and we went out and I brought my little mug down I've got some coffee today because I need caffeine I haven't had anything to eat and I just completed my workout except pre workout with me on the way to my workout I drank 32 ounces of water while I was working out and as you can see it is 3:11 right now in the afternoon and recently I've been doing a lot of my work right here which is weird but not really I really like the concept of having a standing desk so that's just kind of where I've been editing and doing emails and everything like that so that's like my little hack is to DIY your own standing desk situation yes I'm looking for shoes right now for some outfits that I have pull and I don't know like I need a chunky heel low key like these are everything but your girl can't do with stiletto so I'm looking for some shoes to go with some outfits okay sir you are just like hey boo me enough not say hey mommy I won't being oh okay okay all right your girl is leaving a traitor Jenny why people gotta stare at me like so do you just should have back it uh okay I can't even blog it's just too sunny out here because hero little you know what's weird is driving without music like if you do that we cannot be friends like that gives me anxiety yeah now this lighting in this entire video has been too rash I'm so sorry it's so sorry guys but I just got back from trailer hubs and I am so excited dinner smells amazing I'm a-gonna dis banana I think I got melted on the way home what the heck why's it so squishy that's gross all right so we got some Nana's been loving eggs recently so ah man I forgot salsa sauce on eggs is so good and I first for about something I was trying to get home as soon as I possibly could I picked up this pack of crackers I've been really liking these with a little bit of like turkey and avocado like little mini appetizer some type of thing but I'll eat it as like a lunch so I got those and all of these are dairy free options so I just made sure to read the labels for that and then I just picked up some roasted turkey to go with those try it out it's actually fire and then they didn't have like any French strongly means they don't have any peas or anything that was frozen other than this organic green beans so I like having frozen if green veggies on hand all of this time so I think I might have some of that with dinner tonight if I decide not to have a salad and it's so hot like everything is defrosted I got some frozen mangoes for my protein smoothies and I got two bags of the broccoli and you know school ah they were actually out of a lot of stuff today my location so I didn't have my other favorite salads but that's okay I can eat those before it goes bad I got some mixed berries this is what I like to use in my acai smoothie and of course we got some blueberries these around fella Lili Lili come here he's like watching the people like a fork well there is your good on that come you berries I also got the blueberry coconut milk yogurt these are phenomenal I love having those ethnic snacks throughout the day I could get something naughty by Nadi I mean like frozen food stuff which is why I try to stay clear of that because of the sodium and the processed foods but these are so good I don't have these in a while they are the mini vegetable it's some oh look it's an Indian thing I don't know don't come for me but these are amazing they have such a nice spice and ice by all the Indian dishes that they have a chair joes are so good from the ones that i have eaten that are all dairy-free so yeah like literally it's so flavorful if you want something that's like a pastry little Carvey little veggie little spice these are amazing you guys so that's good if you pair it with like some rice they're like a chickpea curry on the side which I'll usually do I got a bag of lemons of god of avocados those are essential and then I also just got a couple of potatoes for the week and then the last two things are some black beans I think it'll be good to do like a Mexican style baked potato so I like to be not with a primitive salsa of course your girl forgot the salsa so have to go to the store midweek again that's okay almost finish my smoothie I got gross fun so I wanted to try some music man I always like to try something new that's like a type of thing but these are the organic popcorn it's made with extra virgin olive oil and it's super simple it's just organic popcorn Organic abo oh and some sea salt so I think this will be good okay I was just anticipating for that thing to fall but you know you know these are fire guys these are great by the pool if you want like a spicy chips something with a little bit of a kick to it using the ghost pepper potato chips spinach it isn't my little ciabatta rolls which I like to have as like a side to like my salads or something or I'll just have it whenever I was like a snack you know so instead I got the sourdough low I'm just gonna slice it up and then freeze it because I can't eat this whole thing by the time it goes bad in two days like what where do you do that cuz I don't know so there's a little hack if you get some bread slice that ish up put it in the freezer if your solo dolo and you live alone like me don't waste your food don't we say that like my many mini mini grocery haul let me see if I can get a thumbnail don't know what happened to this banana I don't want to go to waste Leah ride you love banana – so I think half of it is good you want lil Nana you want to know Nana come get you minutes oh my baby yeah I don't want to waste this whole thing I think it just got gross and the car chew your food cleaner chew it stop swallowing things whole oh look at those TVs Oh baby chew it oh okay well there we go all right