[Music] Mellon has created something unique and special for our shops and customers they’re really loving the concept of customization imagine a product we didn’t have to guess where your customers wanted each season a product that’s puts design into the hands of your customer with stock provided in real time based on what you’re actually selling no large pre-orders no discounting no leftover stock and no waste inspired from collective lifetimes exploring our outdoor playgrounds we saw how to create the most technically advanced eyewear to suit our active lifestyles beyond that we wanted to bring creative freedom and personal expression to the table no writer is the same no style is the same definitely no taste so why should you write away with the same the result is melon optics our mission is to create the world’s best customer experience tried and tested range of winter goggles comprised of three frame shapes size lenses and over eight thousand possible design combinations riders want to express themselves not only and how they ride also how they look and off the rack products don’t always make this possible after three years of success with our melon optics calm web-based customizer we decided it was time to move beyond revolutionising the direct consumer market and to make a change on our eyewear is offered in retail to the melon optics install custom concept brings the full customer experience to your store by incorporating our unique customized app and install point-of-sale display I use a friendly in-store customizer means customers can design their own goggle with or without health your store stuff and take you away there and then the unique components pack melon supplies which contains each color component and a small startup investment of around only 30 goggles provides all the possible eight thousand color combinations to serve every consumer taste after decades of working in retail we know a custom system is nothing without solid retailers support scheme which is why as a melon optics custom partner you’ll receive the very best Ryota support service once sarah’s made in store your shop staff can choose to reorder the sole pass directly in the app melon receives a notification locally-based fulfillment center sends the required parts to the shop so within a few days a component pack is full again no miss sales no excess stock too much time is spent forecasting and worrying about sell through in retail mal removes these uncertainties by ensuring you and never out of stock and always have a good ratio of carryover products with at least 80% of our colorways being carried over into future seasons the remaining 20% are changed out each season to keep things fresh and exciting you don’t have to care about colors or about anything as you have all the models you got in this stock yeah and then with the reorder that’s working automatically we don’t have to think about anything we only can sell them and yeah everything in the end afterwards is automatically yeah so that’s this for us pretty good innovation never stands still and neither do we 20 2017 we will run the very first brands on the market to do size sonar lens technology across our entire goggle line giving users an unparalleled visual experience to heighten contrast and depth of field this will be complemented by the introduction about 360 degrees venting system across our entire goggle range and of course an ever improving customer retail experience from our app all the way to our retail support systems we believe it is time for the industry to adapt how we create products and approach retail join the movement and discover what you’re missing out on it’s time for change it’s time for melon you [Music]