Hey guys, welcome back! And today I want to respond to some of the comments you guys have been making over the last year plus in regards to our video production. A lot of you have said that the videos have become more top notch, the editing has become more top notch along with the vlog specifically, some of my travel vlogs, in those trade show videos that I have done. And although I always give credit to Ian as you can imagine what a big commitment of two videos a week on YouTube. Ian only has so many hours in a day. So when we started this whole thing, me and him quickly realized that we need help. And that help came from a wonderful
company called video City production. Our world has become saturated, filled with noise. It’s become so easy to get lost. How do you make sure people see you? You evolve, you change, you grow. This is just phenomenal isn’t it wonderful? That’s how we roll. Hope you guys enjoy that little quick
sizzle. Video City Productions or VCP have done a lot of work with a lot of big brand names. Names like Subaru, Five below, they even did a thing with the Philadelphia 76ers and of course myself Roman Sharf. All my travel videos, all my blogs you guys know I shoot that. It wouldn’t be practical for me to travel with a crew of 1,2 videographers to do all that and it would be cost prohibitive. But we do bring in VCP for some of the bigger productions. So one example is the office tour video that we aired maybe about a couple of months ago that was shot by VCP and their crew. And what they did while they were shooting is they take behind the scenes, if you guys didn’t see the Luxury Bazaar
office tour video. Ian is gonna link it up there, pause this video go check that out it’s a two and a half minute video come back and watch this behind-the-scenes video of the Luxury of Bazaar office tour. Let there be light! What did stand out to me? -Yeah, good idea. What is this doing? Action! Welcome to Luxury Bazaar. So I’ll start on my office, hey guys it’s Q&A Tuesday. Okay sounds good, all right let’s roll. Okay, so I’m waiting for action. Can you give him more fog. He walks in like this every day. Of course our bank vault, this is where we
hold our most expensive pieces. Sometimes we even have to use the garage. Sorry about that guys, you serious? You’re on the set! next time, I forgot what I was gonna say sh**! F*ck! I forgot my lines! Cut! Is there an American that f*ckin work here? Americans anyone? Ian? This is Alex, he’s also the fireman, he puts all the fires from all the bullsh*t that we buy. Gary’s office, every piece of jewelry in this office goes through his hands. Last but not least on this side we have marketing and that, what? wait a minute. Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of me vlogging with a 16,000 lbs camera and my arms about to fall off but I’m doing just fine, I think I keep this up with for another 20 seconds but I, okay Ian take this. Somebody has to have the unloaded, the unloaded gun. I can’t stress this enough unloaded Okay, I’m reloaded Is this like the beginning, like that middle to end of every 18 episode where they’re building out the band -Hey Jop! – Yeah? – I’m ready for the next scene If you want talk about major clicks for your BTS I actually shoot him So the content department is a place
where all the magic happens the pictures, the videos, all the creative stuff that you see The content department is where all the magic happens photography, videography and other creative processes of course
before I bring you guys in there I got to introduced into Avi our Chief Marketing Officer We got Amber here she’s in charge of
photography, Matt how are you? And of course we have a green screen here at Luxury Bazaar. Now let me tell you guys something, with the green screen pretty much anything is possible. Say hello to my little friend! Moving right along to Ian’s office. Now Ian is the guy that makes all those magical things happen on the screen like you just saw. Ian I need you to do me a favor, can you quickly buzz me back to my office? Not a problem, see yah! Guys I hope you enjoyed that behind the scene, I thought it was hilarious and we had a lot of fun doing it. John himself the owner VCP is a very creative and a very funny guy. Over the last 6 months I’ve been getting on him to open up a YouTube channel, which he did. Now right now that YouTube channel contains a lot of the work that I have done in the past so you guys can go and check out some of the work that I have done. But I also got on him to start a vlogging to start doing what I do because he has a great personality, his team has a great personality, a lot of the stuff they do is fun, exciting and funny so go over there subscribe and stay tuned they will be vlogging as well and I’m sure you will enjoy those vlogs. Show him some love go over there, hit that subscribe button, comment tell him Roman sent you. Other than that guys thank you for sticking around and watching this. I hope you found this video entertaining, as always hit the like button, share, subscribe, do all those wonderful things that helped my channel grow and I’ll see you next week for more watch reviews and other videos.