(uplifting music) – If you know me, then
you know I am a meat guy. And if you want some amazing
meat in Scottsdale North, come on inside and meet
Roni at The Meat Market. You’re going to be blown away. Hey, we are here a little
bit north of Scottsdale North ain Carefree at The Meat Market. We want you to meet Roni today. – Hi. – Roni owns the Meat Market, and no, this is not an actress. She owns the place, honestly. And this really is an incredible place. I am, I mentioned earlier I am a meat guy. I love meat, but I’ve
never been in a meat market or butcher shop like this. This doesn’t even smell like one. How do you do that? – We keep some good stuff
cooking in the kettle pretty much nonstop. (chuckling) – It is amazing, and they
really have incredible products. So I got to tell ya I think
the most burning question if I’m not familiar with meats is, you know, we got all these big box stores, Walmart, Fry’s, all the big ones out here. How on Earth can you make
a living selling meat when you can go anywhere
on any corner and buy meat? – Quality of our meat. What we bring in here is a
completely different quality, not even in the same playing field as what you’ll get at smaller
or bigger grocery stores. Our grass-fed is unparalleled. Our grass-fed beef, pork,
lamb, veal, chicken, eggs, they’re all raised on irrigated pastures, so there’s grass underfoot year round, which gives them the
nutrition that they need to have good meat, not like something you
would find grass-fed in the grocery store. The flavor profile’s totally different, and then when it comes to our prime, we do top 1% prime, which
is also very hard to find. You’ll usually find that
at a high end steakhouse but not in grocery stores. You find a lot of bottom 2/3 prime. And then we do all of our dry aging here. So we do all of our cutting,
boning, everything here, and that way we can have a
better control of the quality where you’re going into
these big box stores, a lot of times you’re getting stuff that’s precut in packages, and the guys there, they’re
just opening packages of steaks and putting them in the case, and they’re going very fast that way. So we can keep control of our quality. We grind beef fresh several
times throughout the day. We grind pork, lamb. Everything is fresh. So I think that’s the biggest
thing is just quality. Our quality is unparalleled. – And it’s interesting. We just had one of the
customers come in here, had nothing to do with us, and he was just raving about it and the difference in talking
about how the difference in price was really small. – [Roni] Yeah. – [Scott] How can that be? – [Roni] We bring in the whole
beef, whole hog, whole lamb, whole chicken, break
everything down in-house, and we make bone broth. We make lard. We just try to make
sure that there’s a home for everything that we do. – I noticed this. Why do you guys have a TV up here? – [Roni] We’re a custom shop. We like people to come in and order stuff the way that they want to order it, and we like them to be
able to see from all angles what they’re getting. They can watch everything that they do. It’s full transparency. We want to make sure that they’re happy with what they’re getting, and there’s nothing behind closed doors. We’re doing everything out
in the open for everybody. – [Scott] Show us some
of the other products that you use with the animals. – Yeah, absolutely. So we do have two different
types of beef that we carry. We have our, as I was
talking about earlier, our fully grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Right now we’ve got a lot
of, we just put skirt steak in the case, rib eye in the case. We ground beef this morning. I’ve got some hanger steak. That case will change completely by the end of the day today. We’ll have all new stuff
based on what sells. Whole lambs, we’ve got lamb neck, great for winter roasts and such. Whole leg of lamb if you
want to put one on a spit, anything like that, and the pit roasts, those are popular too. And then we also a prime line of beef, and that’s the top 1%
prime I was talking about that we dry age. So you can come in and
really kind of pick. If you’re not a grass-fed person, you prefer the prime, the
higher fat, we’ve got that too. And then all of our pork
and chicken is over here. So we make our bacon in-house. We make our sausages in-house, all fresh, fresh herbs, fresh garlic,
fresh cracked black pepper, all these things. Smoke our bacon. It’s delicious, cut to order. So if you want it paper
thin or cut steak thick, we can do that for you. All of our pork is heritage pork. It’s a breed called Idaho pasture pig. Basically what that means is
it’s bred to live on pasture and thrive on pasture. So these guys are also
on irrigated pasture. They’ve got this wonderful,
kind of nutty fat, and we cut everything to order. So you’ll see the big loin in there. We’ll cut you, if you want,
a three bone thick pork chop. We can cut that for you. If you want a ton of fat
or no fat left on it, we’ll do that too. And then the trim from
that and the shoulder and the sirloin is what
we make our sausages with. So the kind of joke is
you don’t want to see the sausage being made. Here we’re more than happy to show you how the sausage gets made. (Scott laughing)
We like that. And yeah, chicken, all pasture raised. You’ll notice the skin’s got
a really pretty color to it, and it gets super crispy. It’s just the flavor of the fat
in the chicken is wonderful. Eggs, as well, they’re a nice dark orange
yolks and delicious. – Is it likely some
people have never tasted what this would be like? I mean it would be a different taste? – Absolutely, absolutely,
and we do have people that come in and ask why they
should buy pork chops here rather than at a grocery store because the price is pretty
different when it comes to it, but then you also get
people that walk in here and go oh, my God, I haven’t seen pork that looks like pork
since I grew up on a farm in Michigan, in Iowa, in
Nebraska, in the Midwest, and it tastes like pork. It doesn’t taste like whatever
you’re seasoning it as. It tastes like pork. It has structure and
flavor, and it’s delicious. It’s wonderful. – So now we got it for the cooks, and they’re starting from scratch. What about already made stuff? – We do have quite a
few already made things. We’ve got some options for
whatever you’re looking for. We’ve got our prime beef sloppy Joes, which we make with our trim
from our prime tenderloin, prime rib eye, and prime strip steak. So it’s really, really exceptional meat and kind of that family, classic favorite. We make pork green chili. So we smoke our heritage pork shoulder, do a nice, long smoke on that, and then hatch chilies,
tomatillos, really nice flavor. Great for breakfast nachos, one of my personal favorite uses for that. And then our most popular
and our original pre-made ready to eat is our bolognese. Bolognese is 100% of our
pasture raised beef, pork, lamb, and it cooks for about
three to four hours, nice, low simmer. So we take a lot of the
work out of it for you. And here in about a month, we’re going to start bringing
in, as we were talking earlier, local business, Sonoran Pasta Company is going to start coming in, and we’ll be able to sell
their fresh pastas here. So that bolognese on fresh pasta that needs to be refrigerated
is just going to blow your mind. It’s going to be awesome. – That’s great. So you got take it and bake it, and you got ready made too. – Yeah, we’ve got meatloafs. Right now we’ve got our green chili bacon
cheeseburger meatloaf. – Oh! – Say that five times fast. (Scott laughing) And that’s the fan favorite, and then when we bring veal
back here in a couple weeks, we’ll go back to having
our veal mushroom meatloaf with pork belly will be back too. So something for everybody. – Honest to God. (Roni chuckling) Fantastic. We’re also, we’re all
about buying local here, and you’re doing that
here too, aren’t you? – Yeah, so we do have
a small, little section of kind of dried goods, if you will, where we support a lot
of local businesses, a lot of military based business, couple female owned businesses. So we’ve got, Cutino hot
sauce is a Jacob Cutino who is doing wonderful things
in the hot sauce world, and we’re really happy to
have his product on our shelf. Loot ‘N Booty barbecue
sauce is another one that we really, really like. Smitty served for our country, and we love supporting him, and he’s got a great, great,
great line of barbecue sauces. We have local honeys. We have a gentleman
here that has bee hives in just north of here
at a eucalyptus tree, south of here in alfalfa fields. So that’s really fun. And then kind of one of our
favorite things is our soap. Because we are nose to tail, we have a lot of heritage
pork fat kind of left over when we trim the chops and stuff, and we render that down, and we sell rendered lard in the case, but we also sell to the Suppone brothers who make soap from our
lard, which is great, nice kind of start to finish. – That has in interesting smell to it. – It does, it’s beautiful. He uses essential oils in all of them, and they’re all different. There’s lavender, and he’s got one, I don’t know, there’s
a coffee one in there. – Oh, right on. – Yeah, they’re super talented. We love their stuff. So it’s really good. – Very cool. Well, we’ve been here, and a number of customers have come in,
and these are raving fans. I mean you really have some people that are serious about you, but you were mentioning
too that watching some of their kids grow up from pregnancy. – Yeah, it’s pretty neat. It’s something I didn’t think
of at all when I first opened was having this kind of relationship with people that come in here every week, and I’ve watched,
there’s a specific couple that are here almost every week, and she started coming here
as she started her pregnancy, and now she’s got a
little two-year-old girl who is the cutest thing in the world, and it’s awesome to know that
they only feed her our meat, and because of us, that
little girl can have clean, no hormones, no antibiotics, and they know what they’re feeding her, and that’s got to be
awesome for parents to have. There’s no question, and
it’s just really, really cool to be able to watch them grow and just be a part of
everyone’s lives in that way. They get to take a little
piece of us home every day, and it’s nice to kind of have that. – I love people’s story,
and you haven’t said it, and I’m not trying to
put words in your mouth, but I kind of hear that
story not with just with you but with your staff, that
that legacy is kind of a theme or a feeling. Is that right? – It is, it is. It’s really important. So I have a background in restaurants for a really amazing mentor
and chef that I worked for for about seven years. Two of his kind of key components
to his business operation was that legacy, like
you said, and impact, that everything you do has an impact, to really try to leave
a positive legacy behind with everything that you do. So even if it’s something as small as taking a chicken breast home, it impacts the way that
you’re feeding your family and making sure that
everyone stays as healthy and happy and just satisfied. That’s really important to us. – I think you can see
the authenticity there. This is important to them. So if it’s important to you, this is a great place for you. If it’s not important to you, you just like great flavor, this is a great place for you. – Come and see us. (laughing) – So really, this is an awesome place. We talked a little bit about how they even do Thanksgiving meals, and I know they’re going to be awesome. Unfortunately, this Thanksgiving
is already sold out, but for next year, think about it. – Yep, yep. – ‘Cause these guys sell out quickly. They really have raving fans. But Roni, you just blew us away here. Thank you so much for taking the time. – Thank you so much for coming up. It was awesome. It was fun to have you in here and kind of show you guys what we do ’cause it’s a pretty cool spot in here. We got a good family in here, and it’s nice to have
you come be a part of it for the morning. – Thank you. – Thank you very much. – So that’s wrapping us up here. If you find yourself in Scottsdale North and you’re thinking maybe
some meat and wine tonight, we got Brian in Brick, you
got Ronnie in The Meat Market. Come on up here and make
yourself an unbelievable meal. (upbeat electronic music)